I've been having a hard time lately. Been feeling like such a lost little without my daddy. I miss him so much. Leaving him was the most painful thing in the whollllleeee great big giant world. Today this was in the mailbox waiting for me. From DADDY!!!! I just luff it sooooooo much!!! I haven't stopped smiling all day. My daddy knows just what to do to make my whole world better. Even when I don't deserve it....which is almost always. I'm such a lucky little muffin to have his love. I love him so much!! More than the greatest biggest giantest hugest bunches!! ~princess🍭
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Force me into little space just so you can violate me as I play innocent⛓💖

Pwincess needs a tether🍼

This is a huge appreciation post for @kinkystuffies 💕👍🏻
Skylar is literally the nicest shop owner I have ever met in this Community. She runs sales all the time, constantly has new and original ideas, is super accommodating and sweet, and really is just the perfect example every business owner on this site should follow.
She doesn’t show preference to follower count, what kinks you’re into, or anything. She treats everyone as equals and has a steadily growing business that just shows how well that works.
I’m beyond excited to get my stuffie and officially own something this amazing human has taken the time to, not only create, but *help* me buy.
If you don’t follow her, you should.
If you haven’t bought from her, you need to.
10 outta 10 💕💕💕💕💕💕

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