This guy. He started a BBQ company just over 3 years ago. This Friday his food will be featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. We’ve been keeping this big secret until we knew when our episode will air, so set your DVR for THIS FRIDAY! I couldn’t be more proud. (📷 by @lucasmobley) #ddd #bbq #dinersdriveinsanddives #seattle

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Happy long weekend! 😃🏕☀️🇨🇦

"Porra Romim, bora ouvir um kamelot aí "
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【CROSSROAD vol.18 ナンバー紹介】
Jazz Hiphop/Girlsナンバー
@LEX TOKYO roppongi
13:00 OPEN/ 13:30 START
18:30 CLOSE
1,500yen(1 drink)
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Afgelopen zaterdag stonden bij tijdens het Oud Eindhoven Toernooi (OET) in Eindhoven, sport en muziek is een topcombinatie: één groot feest! 🏑🎧
Last Saturday we played during the OET event in eindhoven. Sports and music is a top of the bill combination: one giant party! 🏑🎧
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Posing with two clowns #DDD

"You can never be overdressed or over educated." -Oscar Wilde
Lumbar degenerative disc disease (DDD) has nothing to do with being over dressed.. but the better educated we are on disc anatomy and physiology, the better we can understand this pain. Unlike most "diseases", DDD is an anatomic finding that does not always cause symptoms. .
Before we dive deeper into discogenic pain, let's take a step back and discuss the disc itself. The disc sits between the vertebral bodies in the spine and works as a shock absorber. The discs allow movement of the spine and absorb impacts. I always explain that discs are like jelly donuts because there are two parts- the tough outer shell (anulus fibrosis) and the squishy gooey center (nucleus pulposus). The jelly of the donut has many inflammatory markers and can cause significant pain or irritation to surrounding structures. And much like a jelly donut, if you put too much force or pressure in the right (or wrong) locations- the tough outer shell can give way and allow the jelly to leak. .
The discs also have a hydration component that naturally decreases over time. This means that discs get flatter over time. I generally explain this as the grey hair or wrinkles of the spine. .
We should all be so lucky as to develop dehydrated discs.. it means you've been around a while 😉. Stay tuned as we dive deeper into discogenic pain...

Dedication and planning is what greatness is made of. That’s why our bakers plan ahead, to make desserts that pair perfectly with our ever evolving menu!🎂
Let us know, what is your favorite dessert combination? 😋

Being Desi is hard enough but being Desi and Muslim, you find that all the standard cultural things are imposed on you but with the extra addition of sly guilt tripping by using religious sayings/concepts completely out of context.
For ex, the deen over dunya concept.
This is a concept in which people imply that they are choosing Religion over Worldly things which is all well and good until people start telling you that you need to get married and that your education shouldn't be the priority because marriage completes "half your Deen."
Or when you're told to divert your attention away from your career in order to find a spouse as this is a religious "priority."
I find it to be very ironic when in this same religion the word "Read" was the first word to be revealed to the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, in the Q'uran.
Not marry.
Not birth children.
Not listen to your parents.
Not even pray.

What is your opinion and how do you respond to this type of mentality?
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injera is ❤️.

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