(2/7) Hugo Vega mood board! I’m so tired right now lmao, how are you guys?
!!!it’s ok if use this, just please credit me!!!

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(1/7) I’m super tired and I’m gonna crash after posting this, but I’m starting some dream daddy mood boards! :D here’s rival dad Brian. :))
!!!it’s ok if you use this, just please credit me!!!

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hello, everyone! i know i've been totally awol on this account recently, and i promise i'll be back regularly again at some point, i'm just tied up in a lot of things at the moment. but, uh! i wanted to post a canon call for myself, so!
i'm joseph christiansen from dream daddy! i'm 15 (nearly 16), and i'd prefer if only people under 18 contacted me. i don't mind doubles! in my canon, all of the dads in the cul-de-sac were polyamorous and all dating each other. the dadsona and amanda never moved in (unfortunately!). mary and i divorced shortly after crish was born and she ended up moving to europe and i had full custody of the kids. i haven't found anybody yet, so! i'd love to contact any of the dads and, of course, my kids! and i would rather not contact the mary from my canon, for obvious reasons, but any other mary's who just want a joseph to hang out with are totally welcome to contact me! so, if any of this sounds familiar, hmu on my account @irl.archangelgabriel! (sorry this was so long!)
- mod julian 🖋

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i promised this like forever ago but heres a brief kin list!!! this isnt all of them, but I'll probably post about these more
not in a specific order, but bigger ids will be towards the top
(edit: these are all p big so order actually doesnt matter at all)
Jeremy Heere // no doubles unless i know u // i found my canon rich but nobody else!!!! i have a lot of mems tho if you wanna compare canons

Brooke Lohst // doubles okay!! // i havent found anybody in my canon but i have some specific mems, especially about chloe and my relationship with her. she was squipped before jeremy but after rich. i also have mems w rich

Newt Scamander // NOOO DOUBLES except for one whomst i love // no canonmates and im okay with that but i am. literally newt thanks dont refer to me in third person pls i am he he is me. i discovered i was aroace after marrying teeny and she accepted it and we stayed married but our relationship was platonic after i came out

Mary Christiansen // iffy on doubles // i have some general mems and some specific mems but theyre mostly nsfw so i wont put them here. hmu if you wanna compare canons!! i think i have my rob tho

Horace Somnusson // NOO DOUBLES AT ALL TYVM // but im rly lookin for my enoch mostly but i have no canonmates and a few specific mems, and a few general mems

Hekapoo // ehh abt doubles // no canonmates surprisingly!!! but i have v specific mems with tom n marco!!!! Pidge Gunderson // zero doubles thanks u // i dont have many mems but i. just know that im them

Jo (lumberjanes) // fuck off doubs // i have a lot of mems w April and no canonmates!!! Scree (neokosmos) // doubles can eat my ass // a few mems

Sucy Manbavaran // ehh w doubles // no canonmates, a few mems

Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer // doubles okay // no canonmates, a few mems ------- PLEASE HMU IF U WANNA COMPARE CANONS I LOVE FINDING CANONMATES AAAAAA
but don't hmu if you ship/support abusive/pedophilic/age gap ships, any sort of shaladin included

#buzzardkinfo - lucien { PARENTS }
I don't remember a parent figure besides dad past the age of five. When i was 20 or so, dad got together with robert.
I dont have many memories yet but i miss my dads.
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goin on a spam of posting my kins today so hi in lucien
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