Be Passionate in Taking Care of Yourself! .
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I don't look so bad for a sick girl.

Thanks for letting us perform in your cafe last night @dcupcoffeerepublicph ❀ So much love for all those who support #local artists πŸ’• #dcupcoffeerepublic

Kaffe Pandan β˜•

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There is more to Vision Board far beyond the concept of visualization as one of the most powerful mind exercises you can do.
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Creating a dedicated space that display your vision allows you to expand your focus on things that truly matters to you. β €β €
Go beyond the power of visualization … join Coach Maureen Mestica tonight at 6pm for Coaching through Vision Board!
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What do you want to experience more in your life?
Join Kapehan Night with Coach A later @ 7:30pm … Discover Your Unique Super Power to achieve your dreams, needs and desires.

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Hi friends! Join me for an afternoon of creativity on August 19, 2–6 PM at D’Cup Coffee Republic Pioneer, for my first ever basic brush pen and modern calligraphy workshop! ❀️ 4 hours of learning the basic strokes of writing in a fun and artistic way in this beginner-friendly sesh! ✍️ Swipe left for full details!

My yummy gatas at pulot on a cold weather with a personalized note from Coach A herself πŸ˜πŸ™ Thanks Coach! 😊

Always looking forward to every meal served with these personalized notes. In fact, I'm attaching every notes given to me in my journal. 😊
I'm also looking forward to share you a personalized note coming from me. 😁

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The ultimate choco-craving for rainy days … choco-indulgence is a sure inspiration and comfort!

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Good Friends are treasure, Good Coffee are pleasure.... @macel_amamio
Be Full of Mercy

"If you are humble nothing will touch you neither praise nor diagrace because you know what you are. "
-mother there's
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Either by blood or affinity, let's celebrate today all the fathers in our life! Express our love and thankfulness for all they have done for us.

Happy Father's Day to all the Dad, Daddy, Tatay, Papa, Ama … no matter how you call them, they are our heroes!

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Holiday off ba kamo? Hihi. Miss you dcup πŸ’•
Photo by @jeangabrielpacis πŸ’œ
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"Dress for Success" is one of the most overused concept in job-hunting, but also one of the most underutilized by jobseekers. Working professionals also struggle with "power dressing" concept.

What's with dressing? What is beyond the clothes we wear? Let's do some checking of the closets and see our choices of clothes is leading us to success or clouding our potentials for greater opportunities.

Join Ms. Guia P Bengzon, Country Manager of Points of YOU Philippines for our weekly Career Talk this Monday, 18th June, 7:30pm.

This is a FREE talk and order of food and beverage will be highly appreciated as a blessing to the venue.

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