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There’s a new hero in town! Please join me in welcoming the new #Supergirl to #DCUO #promo

Washed all the Marvel figures a few months ago. Now it's time to do the DC figures. Next week I am calling DC figure photo week where all my pics are going to be of the neglected DC UNIVERSE CLASSICS line.

Been absolutely SMASHING #DcUniverseOnline with @aussie_superman after a few years off from playing. It's CRAZY fun (and free). I've literally spent hours just creating characters! Check it out! Definitely worth your time. #DCcomics #Ps4 #DcUniverse #DCUO #FreeToPlay #Superman #Smallville #TheFlash #Speedsters #Kryptonian

#dcuo #dcuonline yeeeeeep I like this game #spaceghost we need a 4th colour

I fell asleep on duty playing #DCUniverseOnline #DCUO and some nice fellers decided to join 😆

#dcuo never dissapoints me #ageofjustice #mmo #esquire #eupc cant wait to play....

If at first a lion is not successful at catching its prey, it refuses to stop hunting... It forever stays hungry #DCUO #DestroyDelVal #TerrierTime #StayHungry

I am the controller of DeWayn Blaze. #dcuo #dcuniverseonline


Dorky, chubby, picked on 13 year old me, sitting on his bed devouring any comic he could get his hands on, never dreamt he'd be contributing to such an iconic universe. I get to write stories people play for #dcuo and artists like @nicolascottart create amazing pieces of art for and actors like @susaneisenberg21 as Wonder Woman says words I wrote. Not everyday is unicorn rainbow farts but... this doesn't suck 😜🤘🏻#wonderwoman #dccomics #mmo #videogames #writer #geek #justiceleague

#wish picture

Live in Alabama? Well, then it's your lucky day cause I'll be at QuestCon in October! PUMPED. http://www.quest-con.com #RWBY #PyrrhaNikos #LisaLavender #RvB #AgentCarolina #Day5 #CampCamp #WomenInCaskets #DCUO #HarleyQuinn #Artemis #Hecate #Lashina


Samantha Jacobs, couldn't sleep. Her sheets soaked with sweat as the young doctor tossed and turned. Her mind raced a million miles a minute, her stomach knotted as she struggled with a dilemma. Having been employed at LexCorp for the past three years, she had been privy to many aspects of research and development the giant company ran. Only recently had she been moved to a new project codenamed Uplift. Her talents as a molecular biologist gave her a unique look at how the smallest fractions within a cell could create something new, something powerful. Three days ago, an email popped up in her inbox. An message that was obviously not intended for her eyes as she opened it. Dr. Jacobs learned first hand what project Uplift truly was. It terrified her, caused her to almost instantly become sick. She had left work that day, without returning. Now she fought with herself. "How? How can she stop it?" Her constant questioning finally revealed an answer. On the desk lay a copy of the daily planet newspaper. Lois Lane, ace reporter had once again interviewed Superman. A story about the heroes adventures in space. That's when it dawned on her. She would give the information to Lois, in the hopes she could get it to Superman. The only problem, her secured email account was still at LexCorp. She would have to retrieve the evidence first. The thought made her sick, though knowing it was up to her she steeled her nerves and left the bed. 💡

An hour later, dressed in a stylish skirt and blouse, black heels and white lab coat. Her hair twisted into a bun and her glasses on her nose. Samantha portrayed every bit the model LexCorp employee. As she strode along the marble foyer scanning her ID badge and reaching the elevators with only a single nod to Cliff the security guard at the desk. Her heart raced uncontrollably as the elevator slowly took her to her office. A small yet luxurious space on the sixty-fifth floor. She could feel a bead of sweat trickle down her back. The single drop of nervousness glided along her smooth skin tickling in irritation. Finally, she arrived. Swinging open the door to her office, she froze. (C.I.C.)

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