jason todd 💀
- i hate him but i love him at the same time
- dt; @allensblythe

big ass s[crap]
ac. I forgot sorry

Grant Gustin Is The Best❤️

Ac: @barrys.iris
app: ccp
actor : grant gustin

Dt : in tagged
#omgpage #slayingspeedgrp

the better dance ✧*:・
issa remake of an old edit so enjoy uwu
my audio and my coloring
for the 5some hoes
#karagrp #karamelgrp #𝐝𝐢𝐚𝐛𝐨𝐥𝐮𝐬𝐠𝐫𝐩

's edit

i can't wait to see them together again.

ac. drizzyaudios

for eleanor, jessica, andréa, linnéa, darlene, agathe, delainie & adeline ♡ {@chylerhearts; @charmingchyler; @mellacywhy; @zaturn.s; @darlene._.13; @heavensxwyer; @chylersflo_; @xprettyllx.}

— underrated japanese legend

3859 | #omgpage

booster and ted || you get me so high
“ Truth is, I wouldn’t want the pain to go away. Because if it did, that would mean I’d forgotten him. And that’s one thing I won’t ever do.
As long as I live, as long as the river of time runs ... I’ll remember”
missing them hours are 24/7 in this house 😔🤙🏻
cc: celestial
my audio but ib/rm of: a_thryn
song: the neighborhood - you get me so high (slowed/pitched)
comics: injustice 2 / convergence: booster gold / convergence: blue beetle / booster gold (2007) / justice league international\america (1987)(1989)

my parents who deserve the whole world (not barry allen murdering their daughter or having the same argument over lyla being sketchy every single season)
for daphne and mili
yes i started this in april. no i don’t take any criticism. -
#overwatchgrp #nightmarecult

— the end of gotham
ac prickherfinger
cc arsegard

happy bday sis @scarletxcanary PARABENS AMORZAO TE AMO
ac: omamxri
cc: nunchi

I hate this but
for jack and ays
ac: I forgot

owned titans with one episode he’s THAT powerful
for mari, van, ann, addie, arooj and ju <33
tag @curdog !!

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