So as promised will do a Quick review on Suicide Squad (2016) by David Ayer. ------------------
To date #David made sure he created two layers of Fans who loves it, and Critics who hate the movie, but well, its setting good numbers on #BoxOffice!! Here's what i think of the movie!
I loved that movie, every bit of it! For these following cases, portrayal and performance of Characters like Harley Quinn, DeadShot, #Katana and Captain Boomerang was on point! Harley and Floyd made this movie to rock! El Diablo was a character we didn't know or read until we saw a trailer and he didn't disappoint! I hope to see him next time cause we all sure he didn't die on that explosion!

#KillerCroc was given a little bit smaller body compared to the comics, animations or video games but his acting was good! They should have made him bit bigger! He originally is like that!
Character build up was great, short and neatly done! Would have been boring to be given a straight character introduction! The Death Race kinda intro.

Joker's performance is the Dark Knight Returns 2 crazy kinda Joker. I liked him except his mouth, i love the stretchy mouth kinda Joker, though they would have needed to include CGI to achieve that but its perfectly fine! His hand gesture to make him look like he's laughing was so awesome and creative! His voice and laugh was hilarious!
Storyline overall or lets just say the plot wasn't that surprising! Just an easy one though the process to find the bad guy was dope! Didn't want though for the #Huntress to be the main villain!
Amanda Waller, Viola Davis was so good, i love that woman! Though was more used to #AmandaWaller as fat chubby woman as in comics, not like this one or the Arrow TV Series, Amanda is tough and bossy all the time!

Actionwise, sick actions! Sick executions, natural and enjoyable humor! Soundtracks were great, "You don't own me", "Purple Lamborghini" and "#Heathens" blew my mind. We had something different.

I'd rate the movie 8/10. Its an awesome Movie, damn, i read too much comics!
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