Hey @universityofvictoria @openspacevic @ubcbsu Coast Salish Territories BC Canada, thank you for hosting me last week. I had a phenomenal time and the talk-backs really helped me to clarify my research at Goldsmiths. Guess where I am headed in January 2019, right back to you. I’ll be playing the International Push Festival the week of January 14 and I would love to give some Classroom Talks, Workshops and Lectures while I am there. Best to plan in advance. So if you you want to hear some Dub, let me know. Looking forward to hearing from you BC. @leehendy
Big up Che Kothari for the pretty pic from the past
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About to board the plane back to London. The quick visit is over and my heart is sad. And happy all at the same time. My boys and brother are growing and growing and growing and I indeed have many things to be grateful for. Ase Ancestors. Ase Esu. Ase Orishas. Ase Spirit Guides. #blackgirlmagic #dbiyoung #dbiyounganitafrika #airport #london #goldsmiths#readingweek #universitytour

From Dub Poetry to Dubbin Theatre: An Auto-Ethnographic Study of the Anitafrika Method #research #blackgirlmagic #dbiyoung #dbiyounganitafrika #dubpoetry #theanitafrikamethod

So check this out! While on this University Tour I came up with a working title for my PhD: Blackening The Theatre Performance Degree: An Intersectional Black Queer Feminist Curriculum-Based Response to the Study of Dead White Men. The research pays particular attention to The Watah Theatre as a Case Study in alternative Theatre-curriculum building, using The Anitafrika Method. What do you think?
The goal is to create a NEW theatre curriculum! Now what University will give me a package, once I’m done my Masters, to teach in their Theatre and Creative Writing Departments, while I do my research on the Anitafrika Method and create a new Theatre curriculum; mirroring the work we were doing at The Watah Theatre for the past 10 years...I wonder... BTW, I refined the MA title some more: Oya (Re) Presenting: An Auto-Ethnographic Study of Mother/Daughter Archetypes/Relationships in Dub Poetry and Dub Theatre by Black Womxn from Jamaica and its Canadian and British Diasporas

I am really asking the question: What would a Black Theatre Program grounded in intersectional feminist anti-colonial anti-homophobic Pan Africanist thought look like...We were aiming for that at Watah. I am also asking the question: how would Black practitioners do in such an environment. And how would other POC and Indigenous practitioners do in such an environment. How would people who are white do in such an environment. At Watah the room was mixed and there was no question that the space centred Blackness. We were able to create a safe space and we were able to have really challenging conversations together across numerous differences.

The Jamaica School of Drama, now named the Edna Manley College for the Visual & Performing Arts is fertile ground for such experiments...I am a forever dreamer...but I am open to any invitation anywhere that is enticed by the idea of radicalizing their current Theatre and Creative Writing Programs...how very exciting a thought indeed... #blackgirlmagic #curriculum #newtheatre #newtheatretraining #anitafrikamethod #dbiyoung #dbiyounganitafrika

Meet some of the magical folks from last night at UBC. It was an incredible evening acknowledging our numerous approaches to social change...the university campus has so much potential as a place of profound knowledge-sharing. We are hungry to actively listen to each other. We are hungry to learn & grow. Thank you to Dr. Henry & Simangele & Savoy & Jade for being so incredibly warm and welcoming. Thank you to the Education Department at UBC and thank you to all who came out ❤️❤️❤️. I will be back in Vancouver in January 17, when I open the Push Festival. Hope to see you then. #blackgirlmagic #dbiyoung #dbiyounganitafrika #universitytour #ubc #anitafrikamethod

The show at UBC was amazing! My new friend Greta took this photo at the end of the night...clips to come ❤️ @gretaisac #blackgirlmagic #dbiyounganitafrika #dbiyoung

Mood Right Here. Just about to go onstage at UBC and this is my mood. What say you? #blackgirlmagic #dbiyoung #dbiyounganitafrika #respectabilitypolitics #anitafrikamethod

Good morning Vancouver. I got in last night after missing the 7pm Ferry because I simply couldn’t leave Victoria (I can’t get Victoria off my mind...no really...what’s happening? Can I live in London and live in Victoria too...how?) Now look here at the University of British Colombia. Why do I feel like I am experiencing Coast Salish Territories for the very first time in my life. I am so innerwhelmed by all this beauty that all I want to do is to see Moon and Phoenix playing tag in these forests...I have a talk tonite @ UBC...come out to it if you can...more info to come... #blackgirlmagic #coastsalishterritory #dbiyoung #ubc #dbiyounganitafrika #vancouver #memoirofanuglyduckling #dubpoetry #blacktheatre

Having fun editing these clips for you as I talk to folks who came last night. This clip is the first one from the poem bloodclaat. Made friends with one of the womxn working in the restaurant of U of Vic’s sexy graduate students lounge. Had some lentil spinach here soup that is keeping me soooooo happy right now. Only a few more hours in Victoria so I am stretching it. Enjoy the clip...more to come ❤️ #blackgirlmagic #bloodclaat #openspace #universityofvictoria #openword #dbiyoung #dbiyounganitafrika #anitafrikamethod #bleed #womxnsrituals

Hey family here is a small clip of one of the sessions yesterday at UVic. Here I am talking about the impact of traveling on my artistic and human growth... The next and final offering in Victoria before I head over to UBC tomorrow is tonite at #OpenSpace at 7:30pm so come if you can ❤️ #blackgirlmagic #travel #growth #theclassroom #victoriabccanada #dbiyounganitafrika ##dbiyoung #anitafrikamethod

Just outside the University Club at UVic. Toronto I’ve gone and fallen in love with Victoria. Now you may say ‘D’bi you ALWAYS fall in love when you travel’ and to that I would respond ‘Hmmm yes I do...I do indeed’

It is so beautiful here, I hardly know what to do with myself. My Supah host David Leach and the folks here have been amazing! I have a day and a half left before I have to tear myself away. I spoke with two classes yesterday and I was so invigorated by the questions the students asked. I was reminded of how transgressive the classroom is. The lecturers I broke bread with at lunch were so inspiring, dedicated and kind. It made me think ‘I hope I get to be in a university setting with gooood people.’ Then I thought ‘I wonder if UVic has any openings...’ lol. Forever dreamer.

Thank you life for making yourself available for me to live ❤️ See you soon Toronto ❤️ #toronto #victoria #london #dbiyoung #dbiyounganitafrika #anitafrikamethod #uvic

Open Word: d'bi.young anitafrika
d’bi.young anitafrika
Tuesday, November 6, 2018, 7:30 pm
Tuesday, November 6th at 7:30pm, Open Space and the University of Victoria's Department of Writing present Open Word: Readings and Ideas with dub poet and playwright-performer d'bi.young anitafrika.A triple Dora award-winning published playwright-performer, director-dramaturge and emerging scholar, anitafrika is also the creator of the intersectional, decolonialist praxis, the Anitafrika Method. She is the founding Artistic Director of the Watah Theatre and the Anitafrika Retreat Centre, where she teaches artists from around the world. Addressing issues of gender, sexuality, race, class and the human experience through her vast field of artistic knowledge, anitafrika is about to embark upon postgraduate studies in London UK where she will be researching the Anitafrika Method and Theatre of Ritual-Self-Recovery as outgrowths of Dub Poetry and African-Caribbean Theatre.
Starting at 7:30pm (doors open at 7:00), d'bi.young will share from her forthcoming autobiography, Memoir of an Ugly Duckling. The reading will be followed by a conversation with UVic Writing Department Chair and non-fiction writer David Leach.
Admission is free / by donation.
Open Space respectfully acknowledges that we are on unceded First Nations territory. The City of Victoria and the surrounding areas lie on the territories of the Coast Salish and Lekwungen-speaking peoples, including the Esquimalt, Songhees, and W̱SÁNEĆ First Nations.
Open Space is not wheelchair accessible and is accessed by a flight of 23 stairs. There are two gender inclusive washrooms, one multi-stall and one single stall with a urinal. If you have any other questions or concerns in regards to accessibility, please contact office@openspace.ca or 250-383-8833.

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And now I’m on a ship...Modes of transportation taken today: Bus...Train...Plane...Car...and now Ship...oh and of course the Foot-Mobile is always in effect...at the end of this Ferry-ride to Victoria, I get back into a car before I finally arrive... Travelling from London to Victoria BC. It’s been a lovely journey especially gaining so many hours but I am truly ready to sleep all day tomorrow, which I can because I don’t start lecturing till Monday... Hello my sweet Toronto...so near yet so far...not to worry...ina few weeks I’ll be there giving a talk/performance at U of T on Black Techno Science with one of my favorite playwright-performer @najlanubyanluv ❤️ For now it’s finding the vibes on this boat.

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On my way to the airport...really hoping I don’t miss this flight #londonfog #airportliving #tour #unilectures #dubpoetry #dbiyoung #dbiyounganitafrika #blackgirlmagic

Hanging out wid my bredrin before I leave tomorrow. Packing and ting. Almost done but gonna get some Zzzzzzz and finish in the morning cuz I’m hella tired. Flying tired is never a good idea 🙂 #londonJAgyal #vancouver #blackgirlmagic #mood #dbiyoung

Reading Week is next week...I have made it through half of the first term...three and half terms to go... I just finished writing out my thesis title and I have to send a big shout-out to Healthy Junkie who provided the context for me to get to this first draft title. It is - Drum Roll Please - Oya (Re) Presenting: An Auto-Ethnographic Study of Black Mother/Daughter relationships in Dub Poetry and Monodrama by Black Womxn from Jamaica and it’s Canadian and British Diasporas. I am paying particular attention to 1. Matrilineal lineages of African Oral Storytelling Traditions 2.The impact of the TransAtlantic Slave Trade on Jamaican Black Womxn Identities of Mother and Daughter 3. The incantation of three prominent Orishas: Yemoja (the mother goddess), Ochun (the goddess of love, the erotic and child-birth) and Oya (defender of womxn and goddess of life, death, magic and the marketplace) in works of Dub poetry and monodrama by Black Jamaican womxn and Canadian and British womxn of Jamaican descent.
This is my working title. My approach is Practice-as-Research, so I will be creating a play and writing an accompanying essay. Let me know if you have questions, suggestions, feedback. Your know that your participation is an integral part of my process 😁. So I am looking forward to hearing from you.

I leave ina few days for BC so come out and hear the talks if you can. See you soon.

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My house warming party is over and everyone has gone home. What a beautiful vibe. And I introduced the proposal for ‘bl.ac’ (BlackArtsCollective) and everyone is hyped. Now it’s time for bed. Class early in the morning...classes all day long. See you in a few days Vancouver. #dbiyoung #blackgirlmagic #theatreteacher #dubpoetry

Heading back to Canada 🇨🇦 in a few days to give talks at U Vic and UBC on my work here in London. Today’s Research Methods seminar helped me further clarify my research questions. I can’t wait to share with you. Also working on ‘bl.ac’ BlackArtsCollective and someone who didn’t know me said ‘you’re working on building a school aren’t you’ and I thought of you Toronto and Watah and how I have always loved the idea of ‘education’ and experiencing it as a journey towards self-knowledge. I am often emotional and teary-eyed over here because this crossroads is a true gift from the ancestors and Orishas and I am deeply grateful. See you in a few days Vancouver and Victoria. #cominghome #blackgirlmagic #blackwomen #dbiyoung #dbispeaks #anitafrikamethod

Here’s a 3rd and final clip from my first official show in the UK yesterday and wow...what an action to participate in. Thank you to everyone in attendance for the audience participation. Thank you to the @fxrumweekly team. You are LOVED & APPRECIATED ❤️❤️❤️. I was a part of The Fxrum Weekly intervention at #nationalmaritimemuseum in #greenwich. It was Phenomenal!!! On Saturday 27th October, The FXRUM staged 'the first takeover of the National Maritime Museum's Atlantic Gallery: Slavery, Trade, Empire. This takeover is an intervention to commemorate and rethink the legacy of Black Atlantic history and culture. 'The Joy in The Punch' refers to the experience of having to interrogate structures of oppression and the need to simultaneously punch through its limits.’
#fxrum #blackgirlmagic #london #dubinnainglan #dbiyoung #anitafrika #anitafrikamethod

Another episode from my first official show in the UK yesterday and wow...what an action to participate in. Thank you to Professor Henriques for passing me the mic. Earlier in the evening he presented a brilliant lecture on Dub. We were a part of The Fxrum Weekly intervention at #nationalmaritimemuseum in #greenwich. It was Phenomenal!!! On Saturday 27th October, The FXRUM staged 'the first takeover of the National Maritime Museum's Atlantic Gallery: Slavery, Trade, Empire. This takeover is an intervention to commemorate and rethink the legacy of Black Atlantic history and culture. 'The Joy in The Punch' refers to the experience of having to interrogate structures of oppression and the need to simultaneously punch through its limits.’
#fxrum #blackgirlmagic #london #dubinnainglan #dbiyoung #anitafrika #anitafrikamethod

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