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오늘 @8seconds_kr 왔던 인서들 고생했고 못 온 인서들은 너무 실망하지마 금방 또 자리 만들게 !!#DAZED#1월호#기대해#강포토의비하인드컷도#공개예정#📸

The @rosefieldwatches gift box perfect for holiday season. Save up to 15% off by pairing your favorite watch with a matching bracelet or strap. #ownthewrist #myrosefieldmoment • ad

last night in Joshua Tree w/ @marisamcglynn

Long days, big dreams ~ Kate in Malibu ✖️

Create whatever you guys want to create & don’t second guess it. When you focus on what you’re stoked on / inspired by is when you’ll create something that lasts. 🌹

DAZED ❤️💕 Pre-Fall 2018 Exclusive Editorial + Interview @dazedfashion, shot in Brooklyn by @lillieeiger, styled by @alisonmarieisbell #NYC #CushnieEtOchs #CeOPF18 #Dazed #PreFall #PreO @modaoperandi 12/15 11PM EST.

While doing major website overhaul recalled this ad for Links of London jewellery this year- still a mark for me in terms of beauty and softness.
Artfully directed by @mitchofjam
Begrudgingly produced by @ollie.perrin
Skilfully operated by @steadibainbridge
Beautifully coloured by @jasoncolourist
I love the look we made. We used Cooke S2s, Black Satin diffusion and ultra soft lighting on set using tungsten Brieses and Octodomes, and then in the grade increased the glow of the skin and increased saturation of the skin in the top highlights using yellow, until it sits right on the edge of clipping. Tungsten lighting also super key for getting the purest skin tone.


#Dazed 🎬📽️📺

Let me hold both your hands in the holes of my sweater


"D a z e d."
Siempre que me llega una idea para escribir esta viene asociada con una palabra específica. "Aturdida." Al leerlo siento un nudo en el estómago y el atisbo de la náusea. Casi pudiendo tocar el abrupto golpe de la ceguera parcial que impacta contra el suelo y su eco alcanza mis tímpanos. Me ciega, me carcome, me absorbe en la total oscuridad de la impermanencia. . . . .
#dazed #notafckigmagazine #nottoday #sickness #nausea #shortstory #blurry

faded flash backs

lost lovers

artistic depiction


Dazed & Confused #dazed #fridays #selfiegame

Why Yes Its A Fake Tree, thanks for asking! 🎄

#Repost @hotsmcnaughty (@get_repost)
Another holiday manicure with @darlingdivapolish Yes It's A Fake Tree and @glitterdaze Dazed topped with @funlacquer Jingle Bells #nailsofinstagram #manicure #holidaymanicure #glitterdaze #dazed #funlacquer #jinglebells #darlingdiva #yesitsafaketree

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Jamming to jazz 🎶




@bape_us logo tape caps are dropping tomorrow... Retail Price $129 #PrimarySource

Currently sick. Thinking about my bed. ✌🏻 #dazed

cold war

ancient aliens

maybe i should adventure today but i just feel like staying home and taking life in

Sometimes no mater how precise and disciplined is your movement through life, reality just turns upside down and shakes you and shakes you...so all the things that need to be let go are just falling out. Saturn & Mercury, perfect time to become new ..... #grateful Your #wuwoman

we are on a wet rock in the middle of space

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