A child’s physical well-being is directly related to his or her performance in the classroom. We love being able to give the students a fun day of fitness! ♥️ #getyourheartrateup #stepitupkids #dayofawesomeness

With your help, we are going to raise over $500,000 for schools in Colorado this year!

Contact us today to schedule a 15-20 minute meeting or to book your 2018 event.

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100 degree temps in Vegas this week!🔥. Cool down in our Chill Zone with a Kona Ice! #dayofawesomeness #stepitupkids #lasvegas

Apparently, it’s #DayOfAwesomeness ! Being a badass runs in the veins of ALL of us. Celebrate? Why not. Let’s stand up and recognize the awesome that exists in each of us today and everyday. 😎 Did you get up this morning? Hell, yes. You’re awesome. ✨Let your awesomeness shine on!✨

Awesomeness begets Awesomeness!!! So glad Giovanni got to meet this awesome guy.
As it's the #DayofAwesomeness here's the incomparable wisdom of Bill Murray... "The only way you'll ever know what it's like to be you is if you work your best at being you as often as you can, and you keep reminding yourself that's where home is." (hear his full answer to "what's it like to be you?" in all it's inimitable glory right here: http://bit.ly/1CMjV93)'

Are you made of awesome?
Of course you are - you're reading our post right now! Today is the #DayOfAwesomeness - so go and enjoy yourselves by doing something awesome!

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📷: @davidlance1 "No Fear:
This day was a lifetime of what i needed to learn about fear crammed into a few hours. Thank you @brittanybstyling for capturing this moment of freedom and experiencing it with me. It was 30 years in the making." March 10, 2018 #kcdaily #internationaldayofawesomeness

Live everyday as a #dayofawesomeness

To celebrate #DayOfAwesomeness we want you to share your best trampoline tricks to be in for a chance of winning a cross-over pass for you and your friend. Make sure you tag us 👌📷@headinthecl0uds

🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 #dayofawesomeness

#dayofawesomeness 🎁🎂🎈🎉🎶🍾💃🕺🤣😎

Who’s awesome? You’re awesome! We’re all awesome! #dayofawesomeness #beawesome #internationaldayofawesomeness #IDOA2018 #heedyourcalling

#todayis #dayofawesomeness and here's and here's an incredible trip to space to discover #awesome #scienceweek

We’re off to space with Dara! All aboard the laughter shuttle! A bonkers ride to space, launching now from your fave comfy chair. Stop looking down at your phone! Start looking up over your head! Yep: that’s space, and we’re going there right now with funnyman Dara Ó Briain. Seriously – why not? I mean, right here on Earth we can walk around, breathe, drink tea, eat chocolate and read books. It’s lovely! In space you can get poisoned or crushed to death just by going outside. But on Earth you can’t see flaming stars from (kind of) close up, or zoom through the Milky Way, or walk on the Moon. Right? £4.99 (RRP £6.99)

Are you made of Awesomeness? Of course YOU are!
Awesomeness runs in the veins of all of us and we all have periods of EPIC Awesomeness, you just have to see it and recognize it.
Did you get up this am? Hell yes, your awesome!
Did you get the kids feds? Awesome
Did you accidentally mix the reds with the whites and now have an amazing pick shirt you rock! Absolutely awesome!!
Today is the Day of Awesomeness, it celebrates the awesomeness that exists in each of us everyday! So go out and be awesome today!

In AZ gardening means patience and resilience. Human-patience , plants- resilience.
Let’s see if this lavender makes it through summer #lavender #gardening #desertpalette #nofilterrequired #dayofawesomeness

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