Hey y’all! I’m Kandace @kandacebmcvicar. I’m 26 years old and I live in Clovis, California ☀️ I’m a WAHM to two girls. Olivia is 3 years old and Emily is 4 months old. I love to cook, binge watch Netflix and spend time with my family. My days consist of constantly nursing and holding a clingy baby and keeping up with my energetic toddler all while trying to run a household (and keep myself from losing my mind 😝)

Thursday will be somewhat of a busy day in the McVicar house so I’m excited to share it with y’all. I’m even more excited to see all of your days! Sign up in the comments below and tell me a little about yourself 😊 I can’t wait to talk to y’all! #momtribe #motherhood #motherhoodthroughinstagram #mama #mynameismama #wahm #momlife #dayinthelife

m a l i ☼ b r e w

So I was asked to do a practice management post by a colleague- here’s my Monday. I’ve been here for while- in the top pic, @jcre3z ‘s baby and I are giving him some massive side eye; he’s also the first pic on the bottom. They were working out @beachfitness and came by to relax after. The middle picture on the bottom is admin @nikolaimarson teaching me about the words “deadass” and “chill to pull ratio” (5:5 for sure, I guess), while I do charting. The last pic, courtesy of one of my patients, is what I see when I come check on you. The infrared light looks ominous. #acupuncture #acupuncturist #dayinthelife

When you lose your 3 year old at the hockey store and find him decked out in goalie equipment hanging out with creepy poster Brent Burns lol. #dayinthelife #hockeymom

Olivia is a 129 Youth in Development volunteer and she is also doing our #takeovertuesday today! Follow her day in her Phu Thai community in Kalasin!
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For those who know me and who have seen my feed before know how much I love the ocean. I remember the first time my dad taught me to body serf, i dreamed of it all night and the next day I asked if he could take me again. It is such a thrill for me to see my children playing in the waves with such confidence and for hours on end.
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As I've been sharing my day in the life, it makes me realize how glad I am that I took this leap of faith almost 3 years ago 🙌🙌 Many times I worried about wanting to start something like this. I kept wanting to wait until the "right time". I kept pushing off opportunities because I needed it to be the right one. I thought I needed to know everything before starting otherwise who would want to follow this clueless girl over here just following her dreams?

One thing I've learned over these years is there will never be the right time. There will never be the perfect time to say yes to an opportunity like this.
It just takes you DOING it. 👊

Saying yes, even when you don't know everything. Even when it's not the "right time". If you keep waiting for that right time, it's never going to happen!! It will continue to pass you by until it's gone and you've missed your chance.
Please girl, don't let it happen to you! I know you have big goals and dreams for your life. I see your desire for something new.
One of my FAVORITE events as a coach is coming up tomorrow night and I would love for you to join me! 😍😍😍 /Tomorrow night we will have a little sneak peek into what its like to be a coach. If you've ever wanted more information on what I do to determine if it's the right thing for you, this is the event you need to check out! Take one hour out of your day tomorrow spend some time with us. These ladies have so much knowledge and wisdom to share with you.💕 No pressure to join, I promise! \

Do you want to see if this coach life is for you? 🤔🤔 👇👇

I have an awkward smile. I also can’t be serious at all. I have no idea what I’m doing in this photo but I like it. Oh right also I’m in the forests :) -S

This comes up all the time. ✨
We’ve all done it at some point. ✨
With awareness comes change! ✨
When we go at the externals for happiness or approval, we literally go away from the place happiness and contentment are created; inside each of us. ✨
What is that for you? ✨
Buying stuff at the store? Clothes, food, cars, houses, drugs, alcohol, etc? ✨
With most of those things, there’s nothing wrong with them. It’s when it’s set up as a “need”. That’s when to re-examine it. ✨
You don’t anyone’s permission to succeed and you don’t need anyone or anything to complete you. ✨
You are enough. ✨
Sure we can all grow and lean into our strengths but that’s a whole other conversation! ✨
To be continued...✨

Busy day at JC! Runway, photoshoots, team bonding and getting ready for class!!! Come join the fun! #johncasablancas #busyday #dayinthelife #models #actors #selfconfidence #fun

We all make mistakes. Once in awhile we are sold out of something that a customer has ordered and if that happens we include a little “Oopsie Daisy” card in with your box, we know it’s never fun to miss out on something you’ve ordered but we hope it helps just a little if Simon breaks the news. @cocoa_daisy . #cocoadaisy #cocoadaisykit #cocoadaisykits #cocoadaisysneaks #daisydayplanner #daisydori #dayplanner #dayinthelife #planner #planning #planneraddict #plannerkit #planwithcd #plannergirl #plannerlove #plannercommunity #washitape #scrapbooking #scrapbookingkit #memorykeeping #projectlife #travelersnotebook #simpledori #plannerinserts #simonspotting #oopsiedaisy

There is no force more powerful than a woman determined to rise ✨

Day in the Life Session | Manhattan

Intended to just make tonight's quick dinner, but filled the pan and instead got leftovers for later this week, too. Because I KNOW there will be a day I wanna say, "eh, I'll let it slide today and start back up (AGAIN) tomorrow." NOT THIS TIME!

Honestly making extras is the BEST way for me to keep on track with my nutrition. I love all the amazing recipes this nutrition ONLY (can I get a hallelujah) program provides and inspires me to create. Focusing on KEY concepts to weight loss makes a world of difference even without workouts.

So if this is something that sounds intriguing to you (I'm SERIOUS about no workouts WITH weight loss) give me a shout. A couple coaches and I are running a support group JUST for this. We'll guide you with our personal tips, tricks, and recipes... but also those from the nutritional expert who created the program.

Skip the diets, pills, wraps, cleanses, and fasting. Embracing eating MORE while losing MORE. With basic, easy to follow concepts keeping you in track daily. We're getting into the busy back to school season and if fitness is one thing you DON'T want on your plate, then I guarantee this IS!

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