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Cualquier parecido con la realidad es simple coincidencia. #frasesdeobesidad. "Mire doctora lo que me pasa es que cuando me veo gordo y veo la pizza me digo, si ya estás gordo, termina de comértela, total igual estoy gordo ya". Y así comienza una entrevista donde entenderemos como se establece una relación dañina con nuestra alimentación. La honestidad es clave!!! #cirugiabariatrica #dayhospital #adiosobesidad #draPadillaBariatrica

Vídeo educacional: nossa última pciente da semana passada 90minutos após a cirurgia de silicone.
Recuperação mais rápida e com menos dor segundo vários estudos está muito associada a menos complicações e a qualidade da cirurgia.
#drthiagocavalcanti #breastaugmentation #jantarfora #fasttrack #dayhospital #cirurgiaplasticasantacatarina

I can't save the world, but I can sure as hell help one dear soul at a time ❤💪🏼. #backcare #loveyoback #khayelitsha #dayhospital #physiotherapy

#DayHospital 👩🏻‍⚕️🛌🍀💉🏥
#GiàDimesso ✌🏼🚀

Um novo conceito de Hospital Dia chega a Santos. Com projeto inovador, o ATZ Day Hospital conta com uma nova estrutura para o atendimento de pequenas e médias cirurgias. O complexo oferecerá atendimento humanizado com conforto e rapidez em todas as etapas do processo.

Leia o texto completo no nosso site. #revistastudiobox #saúde #dayhospital #santos

Sabadinho e turma reunida, #dayhospital #centrocirurgico


Goodbye :') A new beginning's just started!! 💜

As quartas feiras continuarão rosa na DX. Iremos manter os preços e condições especiais.
Ligue e agende seu exame.

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Please excuse the mess, but this is the dress I wore yesterday. I went to the women in mind group again with my STR worker, and it only cemented my view that it's not the group for me. Although I want to be in a group surrounded by people with similar life experiences and struggles as myself, I don't want it to be that's all it's about. For the first hour people take it in turns to complain about their week, which maybe they need because they don't get the chance elsewhere. But I do, and I want to go somewhere with a positive energy not a draining negative one. I don't want every aspect of my life to be consumed by mental illness like it is at the minute so when I go to a group I'm looking for a supportive environment but just light hearted social interaction where the goal is to make friends and spend time with people not therapy. Does that make any sense? So anyway, me and C have made a list of other local groups and activities that seem to be more what I'm searching for. Then yesterday evening me and my mother went to see my aunt who I haven't seen in two years, and it was lovely to see her because I actually lived with her in the month before I got sectioned when things with my mother were bad, and we've always been really close. We ended up helping her write an essay length personal statement that although boring I actually quite liked because for the first time in ages I was able to put my writing skills and vocabulary to good use. And she seemed happy with the end result. She's even offered to take me and my mother out for a meal if she gets the job to say thank you. And today I have my recovery education centre interview and my 1:1 with D. I have a really bad migraine though so am struggling today. #mentalhealth #mentalillness #recovery #bpd #eupd #personalitydisorder #depression #anxiety #dayhospital #dress #ilooklikeanun

Dia mundial sin alcohol: ¿conocías todos los efectos que produce el alcohol en el cuerpo?

Hoy, 15 de noviembre, se celebra el Día Mundial Sin Alcohol. Esta fecha fue instaurada por la OMS (Organización Mundial de la Salud) y tiene como objetivo invitar a la reflexión, desde todas las instancias, sobre el alcohol y sus consecuencias para la salud.

Nuestro país se caracteriza por tener un alto consumo de bebidas alcohólicas, precisamente se ubica en tercer lugar en toda América en cuanto a consumo de alcohol: 9,1 litros per cápita. Este dato es alarmante, sumado a que, actualmente, se observa un mayor consumo desde edades tempranas en adolescentes y jóvenes.

El consumo frecuente de alcohol es considerado un factor de riesgo cardiovascular, junto a la mala alimentación, el sedentarismo, el tabaquismo, entre otros. Este aspecto nos debe hacer reflexionar acerca de nuestros hábitos y estilo de vida, ya que en nuestro país las cifras de enfermedades cardiovasculares y accidentes cerebrovasculares (ACV) es altísima y va en aumento.

#DíaMundialSinAlcohol #Licor #Prevención #Riesgo #Salud #DatoCurioso #DayHospital #Anzoátegui #Venezuela

Avete mai notato come, nei posti in cui sono richieste terapie impegnative, ci siano sempre bellissimi quadri di fiori? Anche in hospice da mia mamma c'erano.
Cmq, qui la maggioranza è composta da donne... Facciamoci una riflessione..
#fighter #fightforlife

Difícil achar uma equipe tão boa quanto a que trata de mim como a da @apice.clinica
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Please excuse the mess I look today. This smile hides approximately 1000s of tears, my fringe is hiding the massive red patch under my eye which is so sore from being rubbed constantly to stop the fallen tears. Anyhoo, finally sorted things out with my friend yesterday evening. I think after a very angry text from me, and then a very regret filled one he finally understood what I needed from him and he provided. He was much more understanding, although he did threaten to cut ties with me after finding out about the self harm. But I sweet talked him out of it. He made me stay at his last night, which to be honest was the best thing for me. I needed to be around a person, I needed a hug. But I've barely slept. I went to day hospital this morning for the recovery group. We did values and it was difficult because one person was quite passive aggressive and then turned very snappy at everyone who spoke to her, but spent most of the group talking so people had to respond to her. It was like walking on eggshells but obviously everyone there has their issues so o don't hold it against her. It just made for an uncomfortable group. Didn't help that I was feeling a state anyway. I broke down talking to D, and it's now been agreed that I'll be going in for 3 full days a week for the time being, as well as my 1:1 each week. And having a weekly STR session as well means I'll now be busy every weekday which will help a bit. She's gonna try and help me put more stuff in place so I'm not alone with my thoughts so much, because that's one key problem. But this time I need to make it stick. I just had to admit that right now I'm in a bad place, there's no rhyme or reason to it but it's the way things are and I need some stability if I'm going to get through. I also got told basically to not leave my flat without someone or unless I need to because the likelihood is I'll do something stupid. I feel like I've been grounded but it makes sense. #mentalhealth #mentalillness #recovery #bpd #eupd #personalitydisorder #depression #anxiety #crying #dayhospital #struggling

@unamamitaloca feliiiiiiiz martes. Sobran las palabras. Diliana graciaaaaaaaaas por elegirme como tu #cirujanabariatrica. Un honor ser testigo en primera fila en tu retorno a la salud! Te visualizo plena plena plena de felicidad. Lo has trabajado y lo mereces! Bendiciones para ti y para tu hermosa familia!!! #adiosobesidad #bypassgastricolap #mangagastricalap #bariatricavenezuela #mangagastrica #gastricbypass #perderpeso #drapadillabariatrica #dayhospital.lecheria

O Ultrassom Morfológico do Segundo Trimestre Gestacional é um exame fundamental do acompanhamento pré-natal, realizado por médicos especialistas em Medicina Fetal ou médicos radiologistas, que possui o intuito de avaliar o desenvolvimento morfológico do bebê a fim de identificar possível alterações.
Esse tipo de ultrassom tem uma data específica para ser realizado, devendo ser feito entre a 20ª e a 24ª semana de gestação, período denominado como segundo trimestre gestacional.

#DayHospital #Diagnostico #DX #DXdiagnostico #Indaiatuba #Ultrassom

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