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What a view! Right before the wrist sprain...I guess nobody said these differents would be painless 🤕 #rockclimbing #dayfiftynine.
#90daysofdifferent #orcabookpublishers

I’m grateful for my weird laughs, my genuine smiles, my big heart, and that I share this earth with so many dogs.

couldn’t have made it through this week with out my wonderful sisters. also, shoutout to our great vps @k8_wins and @kl_sanch for putting up with our breakdowns and shenanigans, to @dancingbyrd and @abbchapp3 for doing so much for us in follies, and to @annaclairee7 and @deemmareld for their hard work on eveything. i am so bleST #100daysofhappiness #dayfiftynine

Summertime with our staff 💦#tsolutions #staffparty #100HappyDays #DayFiftyNine

Almost two months done..And it feels like we have been here forever.. Throwback to batch photo day. #dayfiftynine

So I did a thing today. This little guy, that I named Adam in the short term, was wandering around the parking lot that I use at school. No tags, just the little blue collar. Not knowing how far he could have wandered, and having a desire to help in some way, I decided to try to get him to the Humane Society where he could be taken care of and found. I'll say this though, he did not like driving! 😂 I had to secure him under a box so that he would stay calm. So with one hand on the wheel, one hand on top of the box and Siri spewing directions at me, I finally made my way to the shelter. They got him into their system as fast as they could and hopefully his owners will pick him up in the next couple of days ☺️ It's little random moments like this that I live for. Just doing whatever I can to help make the little corner of the world I've been given a better place! #100DaysOfHappiness #DayFiftyNine #LostAndFound #ArentWeAll #PrettyKitty

#dayfiftynine a double posting needed to fly off #iphone6 #gdlmoments #badboy

I am such a big bully. Poor Ginger, swimming like a turtle. This is in Laos while we were doing the Bike Loop from Thakhek. Hahahah we know the truth behind the lens. Thanks Johnny for capturing this moment! @ontheroadwithj5 ☺️👍🏾#zaratheragingsoloist #dayfiftynine #liberationmuddafuckas


Day 59! I have the deluxe set from Target but as I don’t have a CD-rom I broke down and bought it on iTunes lol. I love the album, I’m into all the songs. Definitely gonna blast these when I work out. 😍😊😏 #happy #happythoughts @taylornation @taylorswift #taylorswift #day59 #dayfiftynine #100happydays #100happydayschallenge #music #itunes #reputation

After school shopping 💸 Jurassic Park 🐾 & tie dye 💙 #dayfiftynine

I’m grateful for my weird laughs, my genuine smiles, my big heart, and that I share this earth with so many dogs.

"Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment." -Buddha.
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Off to Luton this morning to visit new colleagues - early start and plenty of coffee! #dayfiftynine #80daysofhiv #hiv #hivawareness #work #colleagues #charities #charity #thirdsector #travel #London #stpancras #train #trains #trainstation

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