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At the end of the AT to Morocco, after attending visits and/or conferences during the day and concerts at night for 8 days, i allow students to relax and go quadding in the dunes around the Castle in the Sand that inspired Jimmy Hendrix to write the eponymous song. At the end of the day, Jacob Weaver suggested we did a pyramid which may become the signature of this AT. With Fadi Alwazani (on top), Andrew Reed, myself, Andrew Buncher, Jacob Weaver, Samuel Miller and relaxing, Thomas Doyle. #FUSTuesdayTakeover #FranklinUniversitySwitzerland #DayAtFUS

How many professors does it take to click a selfie? Too many.....so we asked a student! Winding down with tea after a long day of teaching. #franklinuniversityswitzerland #FUSTuesdayTakeover #DayAtFUS

Views from my reading day run!

Finishing off the day with curry and friends #franklinuniversityswitzerland #FUSTakeoverTuesday #DayAtFUS

Spontaneous lunches downtown #FUSTuesdayTakeover #DayAtFUS #franklinswitzerland

Dr.Marcus Pyka, Professor of History at FUS, says in his HIS 105/Global History course that the border between the Swiss canton of Ticino (where we are in Lugano) and the Italian region of Lombardy is one of the oldest land borders in the world. But, Franklin students can easily cross it every day as they walk across the bridge in Ponte Tresa into Italy. We go to buy groceries, eat at the great all-you-can-eat sushi restaurants, and enjoy another town on the shores of Lake Lugano. As a History major at FUS, I really appreciate living in a region so steeped in history. #franklinuniversityswitzerland #TuesdayTakeover #dayatfus #italy

My first job of the day: sorting mail, answering phone calls, and practicing my Italian at the FUS reception desk #work #FUSTakeoverTuesday #DayAtFUS #franklinuniversityswitzerland

starting my morning by catching up on my BUS 135: Introduction to Business Systems readings! This year, I declared my marketing minor and I'm thankful that I get to take classes outside of my Visual Communication Arts major! Franklin's belief in a diverse, liberal arts education allows me the chance to understand the world from different perspectives and that's why I chose to come to Franklin in the first place 💕#fustuesdaytakeover #dayatfus #franklinuniversityswitzerland

We start our last day of Academic Travel at the Ulster Museum. Today we are discussing The Troubles, the period roughly between 1968-1998 that was marked by civil conflict in Northern Ireland. #FUSTuesdayTakeover , #DayAtFUS , #franklinuniversityswitzerland #themoreyouknow #theulstermuseum


The Alumni Council Sponsored Boat Cruise last night was a successful celebration of our graduating students, complete with perfect weather and wonderful company! Don't forget to follow #FUSgrad17 for all the goings-on of this graduation weekend! And check the link in bio for a live stream of graduation on Sunday! #franklinuniversityswitzerland #dayatfus

Happy #ThrowbackThursday to our graduating students! Here's to the class of 2017, enjoy these photos from your very first semester at #Franklin! Don't forget to hashtag the weekend's festivities with #fusgrad17 to celebrate! #dayatfus #franklinuniversityswitzerland

A toast to our graduating seniors, and to all of this year's accomplishments. What a lovely way to celebrate all we've done this school year! Check out a great wrap-up of the semester on our newest #AdventuresAtFranklin blog post. Link in bio! #dayatfus #franklinuniversityswitzerland

The best place for watching a sunset 🕶 #franklinuniversityswitzerland #fustuesdaytakeover #dayatfus

After a long day of instagramming photos I like to treat myself to the best gelato in town! #franklinuniversityswitzerland #fustuesdaytakeover #dayatfus

Next up.... Parco Ciani! A classic Lugano photo opp for this graduating senior 📸
#franklinuniversityswitzerland #dayatfus #fustuesdaytakeover

Next stop... The Monestary!
A beautiful place to come and enjoy the sun with friends after finals 🌞
#fustuesdaytakeover #franklinuniversityswitzerland #dayatfus

As a tribute to my last Tuesday in Lugano I'll be going on a victory lap to all my favorite spots...Starting with my favorite view from my favorite dorm, New Building! #fustuesdaytakeover #dayatfus #franklinuniversityswitzerland

For our final #FUSTuesdayTakeover of the semester, please welcome Jamie! She's graduating in just a few days and happy to share her Lugano experience for today 🇨🇭 #dayatfus #franklinuniversityswitzerland

We are pleased to share that Clarice Zdanski, Instructor of art history and studio art here at #Franklin, will be in Venice this weekend to inaugurate a group show she will be participating in, happening at the same time as the Venice Biennale. Congratulations on this exciting opportunity to share unique work! #franklinuniversityswitzerland #dayatfus #franklinfaculty

It's almost time for graduation! In preparation, we interviewed some graduating students about their plans after Franklin, and they're off to great things! Check out the newest blog post on #AdventuresAtFranklin to see what they'll be up to! Link in bio. #franklinuniversityswitzerland #dayatfus #FUSgrad17

Views from my reading day run!

Congratulations to the CLCS and Literature thesis presenters! Great job today!! #FUSTuesdayTakeover #DayAtFUS #franklinuniversityswitzerland

Happy #FUSTuesdayTakeover everyone! Get excited because we have some special people running the Instagram today: Dean SSB, our Dean of Academic Affairs (and professor of CLCS) and her trusty sidekick, Stevie the beagle! Follow the hashtag to see what this dynamic duo is up to today. #dayatfus #franklinuniversityswitzerland

Happy second-to-last week of the semester! Good luck to everyone as we finish up the year with papers, final exams, and presentations. We're rooting for you! #franklinuniversityswitzerland #dayatfus

Lilly Carr helping me finish my final project for Introduction to Sculpture for Professor Margaret Glass. Professor Glass is a renowned sculptor with works on display at Museo d'Arte Mendrisio. I was so fortunate to take this class in the last semester before her retirement. #tuesdaytakeover #dayatfus #franklinuniversityswitzerland #art #sculpture

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