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through all the stages of my life, i’ve never had such a diverse, goofy, loving, and wild family. i honestly never thought i would make it to see the day i turned 18, but i can’t wait to see many more with this sweet family. praying the Lord lets me keep all of you until i’m old and gray and can’t physically say “God’s a cool dude” anymore. thank you. #day85 #100happydays #thebriellewest

#day85 of #100daysofpractice Trying re-train the Moeller motion in my right hand. It’s tends to utilize way more finger than my left hand. Here’s an exercise called “Jacks” that I enjoy using. Anyhow, 15 days left in this journey. #progress #workingitout #tryingtogetmyquadchopsback #ohandimbackhomeforspringbreak #itslit

#day83 & #day84 & #day85 of #100happydays
Отдых. Это очень классная вещь. Иногда она бывает нужнее, даже чем все дела👌

Day 85 - I was looking for a wagon for my overweight foster dogs and this wonderful stranger who’s name was Carrie gave me a old one she had. Just needs a little clean and it’s perfect ! Thank you wonderful stranger! #100daysofhappiness #day85

Openingen zien.
#Day85 #40

Fabulous day spent with some of my lovely family 💙💜 #day85 #100daysofhappiness #myfamily #mumbles #beautifulsunset #verdis #hottubtimes #sistersister

Хотелось написать, про то, как сильно я люблю путешествовать и как ещё сильнее не хочу никуда лелеть.
Тем более 9 часов 40 минут. Тем более из Москвы, где бутылка воды стоит 735 рублей!!!! Да да!!! Не 73,5. А 753 рубля!!! *
Но поскольку я стараюсь думать о хорошем, то, как прекрасно, что закончились 4 часа ожидания на пересадке. И как чудесно провести ночь в дороге в совершенно неизведанную страну Японию!!! И как прекрасно, что не надо будет платить 12 тыс руб за такси из токийского аэропорта, потому что есть автобус всего лишь за 1500.
Надеюсь знание двух слов оригато и коничува мне помогут выжить
#happinessisnow #day85 #lovetotravel #давыохренелистакимиценамиваэропорту

Hitting the smoothies after working out 😋😋 #jdgyms #smoothie #day85

I did my makeup for no reason other than to take pictures and I’m almost done with my CL stuff:) #day85 #100daysofhappiness

TODAY WAS FUCKING GREAT OMG. Ok so the beginning was boring and simple but in fourth period Mr. Pinto came to pick up Ethan and Gavin for chess and decided to come visit our class!! I missed him so much he did so much for me with my mental health and my confidence in my grades and such I appreciate him so much even though he’ll probably never see this. After that math was average and when I got home I got to talk a bit with Alisha, she should be asleep rn but I doubt it lol. My dad and I got pizza for dinner and then we went to see Little Shop! Literally @robby_goodman was so good like holy shit guys if you have the chance please see it at aoa the whole cast did great and @modernwolff44 was 100% the star of the show, give him a tony.
(Also shout out to summer for drawing me)

Love is uncontrollable drooling #365daysofrhaegar #day85

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