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As an actor, it's rare that you go to work on set and make long lasting friends with your costars. For us it's a job that lasts maybe a couple months, and then we go back to our lives and drift out of touch. So when I walked into the hair and make up trailer and met Jesse, I had no idea that I was meeting a brother. Jesse you are a beaming ray of light that is filled with so many beautiful colors!! Your energy and attitude is infectious and refreshing in this superficial world of acting. I love that I can laugh with you, act a fool, and then actually ACT with you. Like, go to work- do what I love- with people that I love. Day 5 is family and I LOVE YOU JESSE!!! happy birthday, babe 😌👯💃🏽🕺🏼 #happybirthdayjesse #day5 #portaransas #jessepickedthisphoto #iswear

• Another day in London 🇬🇧 #londondays #mylifestyle #day5 #influencer #londonvibes

The fifth day in the hospital, oh i need more sleep 😖
Tetta kakekku tersayang please cpet sembuh, sdkit dropmi cucu ta..
Dan berikan kami kesehatan, ya Allah.. Kuatkan saya jagain kakek terus d rumah sakit, amiin.. #day5

Have a great long weekend, friends ❤ Hari ini #Day5 dari #MeiraHomeWorkoutTutorial #15DaysChallenge. Masih ada yang ngikutin gak sih??? HAHAHAHA.. Mamak insekyur! 🙈 Video menyusul yaaaa.. Lagi libur jadi agak susah mo masuk kamar dan #homeworkout. Untuk yang masih pegel2, jangan lupa #stretching yaaaa..


#Saturday 💚 #30watchesin30days #day5 😘😘💨💨

Laying here at the end of #day5 #lh14daychallenge and my husband asks "are you ok?". I'm all, "yeah! I'm supposed to be doing this!" All the other days I've had to skip the final relaxation part of the workouts to tend to needy babies. My husband is home this evening, so I took full advantage of being able to just lay on the ground for 2 minutes. Oh, the little things 💕

Your favorite barbie 💁🏻 #Day5

#london #day5


I volti del Bayon

Keeping it real simple for lunch with some brown rice vege sushi 🍣✌🏼️ Just realised I did 5 hours on the XTR in 5 days 😳 looks like I'll be doing a BBG workout tomorrow instead of any more cadio! Did do a rather intense HIIT session on the battle ropes today that almost made me sick 😷 That's when you know your body is working 💪🏼💪🏼 Hope everyone had a good weekend! Xx


#30daysmission #doodle #Jiang

Vice Prez of US was there too. 🙆🏻 #sydney #operahouse #Day5

Sick kids are no joke... 😣

Kale scrambled eggs & crispy bacon 😋 yummy Keto breakfast 🍳 #irishblogger #followerswelcome #highfatlowcarb #kerrygoldbutter #ketosis #day5 #weightloss

French toast stack 🥞🍯. This morning I woke up feeling so fresh so did a little hiit at home workout and afterwards I was craving something sweet for breakfast so made this stack by whisking 2 eggs and dipping 2 slices of the new hovis live good bread (60kcals per slice) then fried it with a little frylight. I topped with a drizzle of honey banana coins and sliced grapes and honestly it tasted like a little slice of heaven 🌈 #fulldayofeating #projectcomeback #day5

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