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#day3of30 and #day4of30 completed tonight! Holy crap! @mom.break

Jantinha na correria antes do curso: creme de abóbora e ovo cozido! 😋
É gente, eu não me canso de ovo! Não mesmo!! Ainda bem né, porque ovo é mega saudável!!! #whole30 #whole30brasil #desafiopessoal #day4of30 #refeição03

A flashback to my middle school years!
Here is a sneak peak of #day4of30 see the full video at the #LinkInBio
#somethingGreen #maskOffChallenge
Mask off - Future (Song Rated R)

Getting this body right at the @fit4less_canada Gym. #day4of30 Let's Go!!!! #DontMindMySurrounding😁

"Csatt Fitness Success Story"

This is my second challenge and I couldn't be any happier that I decided to sign up again! After my first challenge I took a month off because of exam finals. I tried to go to the gym as much as I could but it just was not the same! It wasn't the same life style that Cody's 30 day challenge gave me during my first challenge so I decided to sign up again!
Cody's daily blogs, following him on snapchat, the 30 day challenge Facebook group where we all stay connected as the FITFAM truly keeps you motivated to keep pushing every day! This challenge motivated me to keep staying on track and to truly live this life style! This healthy, strong, beautiful life style, MY lifestyle!

This challenge I lost about one inch off of my waist, I lost over 5 pounds and I feel stronger, healthier, and more awake than I have in a long time!
THANK YOU, Cody Code, Csattfitness, Csatt Team, FITFAM and to everyone who help support me along this incredible 30 day challenge! This is only the beginning!
Once again, this is 100% my favourite quote in the world and favourite quote that Cody shared one day and it's a quote I live by each day! "Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is a spiritual experience of living ever minute with love, grace and gratitude - love the life you live"

Thank you everyone for helping me LOVE the life I live!

I SAW it
I DID GRIND (for 30 days)
I GOT it

My transformation was:


If I can do it, so can You




Morning All🏋🏾 #day4of30

Post-workout glow after a brutal 60 mins weights & core circuit with @plew39 this AM. His idea of active rest? 2 min runs on the #dreadmill! 😩😩😓😓 #idontdweatisparkle #teamNOsugar #day4of30


Waking up early is not just for the birds. Get up, Get moving, Get your ish done and then go enjoy this bright, sun-shiny day. That's my plan anyway 😎
Day 4 of 30 and I am still in love with Shaun T 😍

#day4of30 #shauntfitness #motivation #earlybird #funinthesun #keepgrowing #intentionalliving

Jantinha na correria antes do curso: creme de abóbora e ovo cozido! 😋
É gente, eu não me canso de ovo! Não mesmo!! Ainda bem né, porque ovo é mega saudável!!! #whole30 #whole30brasil #desafiopessoal #day4of30 #refeição03

Versão mais enfeitada do jantar de ontem (e menos queimada da abobrinha 😝). Almocinho de ovo, abobrinha e vinagrete. Simples mas gostoso e total #whole30 #bichoeplanta #lowcarb #paleo #natural #saudavel e o que mais a gente quiser rotular!! Heheheh!! 😃😃😃😂😂😂
#whole30brasil #day4of30 #refeição02 #almoço #desafioww #desafioomelhordemim #desafiopessoal #tavanahoraja

#Day4Of30 #30DayFitnessChallenge
I've never been more proud to call him my friend @lebogang_shange.
Being the #SAWalkingchamp is one thing, but this new record is worthy to be celebrated. Winning the #3000mWalk at the #PTSMeeting this past weekend with a new PB of 11:14:49 is one hell of an achievement that all SA should celebrate.
Sharing your story will motivate others:
You walked into my life from #OrangeFarm with just a backpack in your possession & all you said was "I just want to walk & I am going to be a world champ"
You confessed it with your mouth right through to the ears of the universe & you never gave up. #MadLoveForYou #SAChamp #WorldChamp #LeaderOfThePack #RaceWalking #RaceWalker #SAsGotTalent #WitnessTheFitness #LifeOfAnAthlete

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