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Loads of fun with this motley crew last Thursday testing DAWtomation and the production SumBus ACA mixer. Bart looks a little angry though? #capigear #capisumbusaca #dawtomation

Oh man! Its an audio wet dream over here!! #dawtomation #capigear #capisumbusaca with @kylemanner @bartbusch @coltcapperrune @jforizzel at Station West.

#dawtomation at Station West, Berry Hill Nashville. Killin’ it! Even @kylemanner approves!!! #jsteig With @coltcapperrune @bartbusch @jforizzel

No Mom, this doesn’t go to 11, this doesn’t stop at 32 either (it’s not HUI). This goes to 128! DAWtomation SOLO8 rear panel artwork for screen printing. #dawtomation

(Hopefully) final artwork version of the DAWtomation SOLO8 GUI. User selectable clear anodized or black fader panels. 💥 #dawtomation

Will the DAWtomation SOLO8 system be ready to show during the NAMM studio parties next week? Good question. Tomorrow will tell when @kylemanner and @bartbusch help me put the latest beta software thru the wringer. #capigear #dawtomation

Coming soon.....#dawtomation #solo8

Getting closer, day by day. #dawtomation #solo8

Everyone needs a BOB Filter....right? It's actually just our abbreviation for Break Out Box. Each PSU will run three SOLO8 eight channel VCA 1U's. Getting closer! #dawtomation #capigear

@kylemanner getting creative until the "fader bank" version is ready. #balanceengineer #dawtomation @bartbusch

Testing 1, 2, 3. #dawtomation with @kylemanner and @bartbusch

Beta standalone #dawtomation app for developmental testing only. Double checking 16 channels of audio before the big field test this Tuesday. Absolutely ZERO artifacts or zipper noise to be heard. The long slow fades are easy but shitty artifacts can show up on the big quick moves. I'm happy to report a massive 👍 #JSteig #capigear

The latest DAWtomation SOLO boards are ready for a real world test. We'll be putting them thru the wringer next Tuesday. #capigear #JSteig #dawtomation

The future of analog mixing is like Christmas! Just around the corner! #dawtomation

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