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• It bothers me when people criticize Superman for being depressed or too gloomy. People fail to realize how human Superman really is, how lonely he is and the pain that he feels. Batman stated that in many ways he is more human than we are, his emotions are deeper and purer. Sure being human is about being happy, joyful, and hopeful but life isn't all sunshine & rainbows. It's okay to be sad or feel despair or grief. Why is it that when we see another superhero or character being sad it's okay but if Superman feels that way, we get bothered?
• We need to understand Superman's sadness from his point of view instead of criticizing it from our own. In reality he is a very lonely character, he feels like an outcast despite the fact that humans praise him. Loneliness is a terrible burden for anyone, even for Superman. He hears everything - the cries for help, the cries of the sick, the broken, the dying.
Every moment of the day he has to deal with that which means he is constantly in pain because he hurts for us deeply. He feels like no matter what he does, it will never be enough. He was bullied, beaten, and rejected as a child. He never fit in, an outcast, an alien. Sometimes he doesn't know what to do in certain situations because his first thought is about his love for us. He gets conflicted, goes through battles just like we do, and people still criticize him for not smiling every second of the day
• Yet all this pain he deals with never interferes with him helping others, whether it's stopping a World Engine from destroying the entire world or saving a cat out of a tree. He loves every human being without judgment. In the end he always does the right thing, he believes that there is good in all of us and that no matter how uncertain today may seem, there is always hope for a better tomorrow
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Mobil ikonik milik manusia kelelawar ini punya bentuk dan detail yang sangat mirip sama aslinya di film Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Mobil ini punya skala 1:24. Eksterior-nya dibuat cukup detail. Di depan mobil ada senjata yang bisa berputar 360 derajat. .
Menariknya, kita mendapatkan figurin Batman yang terbuat dari besi. Sayangnya, figurin ini cuma pelengkap, enggak bisa dimasukkan ke Batmobile. O,iya, kalau diperhatikan bentuk bannya agak kurang presisi, tapi tetap bisa berputar dengan baik, kok.
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