This morning, a soft orange glow pressed itself against my window. It bled through the curtains and stained my sheets. It curled up my chest with a gentleness that made it bloom. And as it kissed my eyelids, I awoke to my first thoughts of things I find beautiful. Things I hold close to my heart. Like the way coffee aroma makes love to my synapses. And the kind of kiss that is impossible to pull away from. I thought about hand holding and slow dancing. And I know winter is far from over but I thought of long walks in the summer rain. I felt the rush of climbing up to a treehouse and absorbing that view from the top of the world. I eavesdropped on a tin-can telephone conversation. And for a moment I heard laughter. I thought of acoustic guitars and that song that plays when fingers are running through my hair. I thought of the smell of paint on my hands and forehead kisses. I thought of poetry and jazz playing in the middle of a storm. And I thought of wind chimes, old typewriters, front porch swings and homemade things. All at once, everything I find beautiful flashed in front of my eyes. So if you're wondering, the answer is yes. This morning when I woke up, my first thought was you.

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It's 3:57 in the morning and I'm leaving this voicemail to tell you that it's been raining ever since you left. I keep telling the sky that crying won't bring you back but it won't stop. I should be sleeping, but sometimes I think about someone else telling you good night and I don't sleep for weeks.

I called to make sure you have enough water and wore your seatbelt and smiled more than you thought you would when you woke up today. I called to tell you I pulled away when he tried to hold me. I think you left magnets in my hands the last time you held them and he's not you. Ever since you left, I haven't been able to stare at sunsets or anything beautiful because I don't want to watch them end the way we did.

Just tell me if it's better now. Tell me if driving got easier since you stop letting me ask you if you made it home safe. Tell me if you're happier now knowing you can fall asleep without saying good night and start your day without asking how I slept. Is it easier knowing you can look at the sky without me standing there saying "wow, the only thing more incredible than this is you." It's still true.

Some days I forget. I get in the car and I'm halfway to your front door before I remember that you're not my home anymore. But I just want to tell you everything good doesn't mean half as much to me when I can't share it with you. I wanted you to know that I finally turned the porch lights off, but I won't stop leaving the door unlocked just in case you change your mind. I'm leaving this voicemail to tell you that I hope you're still finding reasons to wake up happy even if I could never be one of them.

I was calling to say that I knew I loved you more than anyone else I had ever loved. In that moment I knew you were my once in a lifetime.

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If you had asked me 6 months ago if I'd be sat on a moped playing silly buggers in my pyjamas at 6 in the morning after hiking to see the view of a lifetime.. I'd say fucking cool where's my plane tickets..
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Monroe - All I ever remember was looking into the familiar horizon. Windswept streets gave birth to the smell of Christmas, and nothing can be heard in the morning but the chirping of birds and the laughter of children playing tap, tap, goose. My bones trembled to the yawning of age. I cannot run like that anymore.

Whenever I look at the sky at dawn I see a face of a person unnamed -- and wished for that image to be unclaimed and unspoken to -- I want that image to dance with the clouds for always when the tired frame of life rests its body on a bed of red truer than blood. I see someone laughing, slouching, possibly going to a place and doing the 8-5 without the hint of exhaustion from the drudgery of it all. This is the quintenssence of this morning to my eyes - its connection. I like what it does to me. It makes me think of you, and how far you have long gone and wondering if you would turn your feet and propel yourself into the arms that you once lost, then reuniting yourself with some old scars and new pains -- frayed by the sight of the senseless moon's endless thrall -- he sits and sways his feet into the dark of the night as the dogs howl and then sojourn into the sleep of their woebegone paws. We want to be old enough to be wise, we want to be young enough to be deemed a fool and acceptable in our own blunders. We want to love far more than what our hands can do, we want to hate lesser than what we already do - such a triviality, looking at the stars as they were hidden behind the brightness of the sun rising. I wonder about their pains. I wonder if anybody else is looking at them, nursing a figment of what has ceased to be. I wonder if anyone really dances a fancy behind stars and I wonder what if God sits behind it all, watching us at our sentimentality.

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The dawn of another tempest and the twilight of another's sleek extinction.

Ungodly hour question: What is the difference between silence and a war song? Why does my heartbeat sound different at 5AM?

Oh love, please sing me the song of the sea in the morning, sing me the song of September, sing me the song of the dawn - a roaring fire, the sound of the sun rising, of new life pushing up through the dirt, a bird taking flight. Like the weeping wounds, I am lost in the labyrinth laden with (existential) crisis. All I want is to exist alone in eternal silence and peaceful solitude. But no one in my family, not one of my friends realized that I am going through life asleep. I've been floating in a sea of all the feelings I thought I attached to anchors long time ago. Feelings are escaping through a hole of this heart; I don't feel myself lately and I can't remember what myself is supposed to feel like. All I can feel is another shift: current mask slipping, a new one forming to take its place. I wonder who I'll be this time. If sadness makes for a beautiful poetry, this day will be a masterpiece.

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1. Silhouette: When the air darkens so you can only see a memory, the edges of space, collecting light around time.

2. Breath: What we memorize the first time we sit next to them.

3. Fear: What prevents us from living, what prevents us from dying.

4. Elusive: The idea of what we want even though we've never had it before.

5. Liminal: The moment you move on after enough, the change after an idea, the constant state of the artist.

6. Composer: The writer of emotions that cannot be expressed in words.

7. Trust: The shape of your palm along the soft curve of their head, the ability to believe every word after "I love you".
8. Passion: The quiver of your muscles when climbing trees, the sway of the innocent, the details of your mouth when you've found love.

9. Crush: The need to fill your car with their scent, wondering what they look like brushing their teeth, a phantom limb to your emotions.

10. Love: The well kissed birthmarks, the ironing of your shirts, the warmth of your hand on a weakened life, the details missed by others.

11. Unearthly: When he walks into a room and you no longer recognize the air you breathe.

12. Scar: The physical evidence of survival, the emotional landscape of living, the way we connect with those we fall in love with.

13. Longing: Lingering in a place no longer in the past, present, or future.

14. Feather: Touching those too tender to feel, the silk caught in wind, the breath of flight.

15. Unflinching: The steady hand on familiar skin, the routine of coming home to each other, those prepared for broken hearts.

16. Loneliness: Turning a corner knowing no one will be there, realizing no one knows how well you love, creating purpose others don't see.

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Rise and shine, winter dawn

when you've got nothing to do at 3:00 in the morning. #SleepyNotSleepy #Saturday #DawnMadness

If i showed you my flaws, if i couldnt be strong, tell me honestly ..
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since im bored and sum1 wud love watching me wearing red lipdtick then here it is!

it's not easy to smile when there is pai inside.

Pretending im fancy and stuff

Vain much with the pretty gal at my back. #Dawnmadness #Friend #Selfie

The meaning of life is not simply to exist, to survive, to move ahead, to go up, to achieve and to conquer.... Life is like a wheel sometimes ur on top and most of the time at the buttom, however that's only a trial. You've got to learn to survive a defeat. #lumalaban #flatpamore #dawnmadness

goodnight ;)
godbless us all...
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No more midnight snacks left.
Papapakin ko na lang tong strawberry jam. Pantanggal lungkot na dala ng madaling araw. Hahahahahahaha.

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