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#DavidWilcock is a liar and a scammer. In case claiming he was from the future on Art Bell's WWRC in Washington DC wasn't enough. And that Area 51 would become the new capital of #America. He claims to be the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce. He claims if you only have positive thoughts for exactly 13 years you will ascend. He claims all schizophrenics have insomnia. He claimed disclosure in 2009, 2012 and now has a new date for a new 'consciousness' between 2018-2024. He claimed things like telekinesis, time travel, levitation, and telepathy would be as common as everyday breathing. If you trust this man, please unfollow me.

Watching this weeks episode of #cosmicdisclosure--a very #eyeopening series. #gaiamtv #davidwilcock #coreygoode

COSMIC DISCLOSURE : SEASON 4, EPISODE: 6 "THE DARK FLEET" Featuring Corey Goode & David Wilcock •David: You also mentioned a military faction, the Dark Fleet. Now, what is it about the Dark Fleet that earns the name “dark”? •Corey: A number of reasons. Well, in Black Ops, when there is a dark program, it is completely compartmentalized to where no one receives any intelligence. The other Secret Space Programs received very little information about the Dark Fleet's mandate, what they were doing, what they were up to. •David: Really? •Corey: Their bases were completely autonomous. Other Secret Space Programs did not get to go to their bases. Their craft were of a different design usually. •Corey: They had several different types of vessels that you would see that you would associate with them. •David: Well, could you describe some of what made these vessels different? What were their characteristics? •Corey: Yeah. And one of them is a very large wedge-shaped that is very much like Star Wars – the Destroyers, I guess, very much like those, but they're a little bit more sleek. •David: What about the little thing on top? Is that there? •Corey: Similar. •David: Really? •Corey: Similar, but not as high. •Corey: There's also a very large diamond-shaped vessel that they have. •Corey: They have a very large pumpkin seed-shaped vessel. •David: When you say 'very large', now, what are we talking? •Corey: Over 600 feet [183 meters] across. •David: Okay. •Corey: But those are smaller than the large wedge-shaped vessels. •David: Right. •Corey: And all we've really known about them is that they fight . . . They're an offensive force. They are for going and doing offensive type of work alongside the Draco. They go outside the solar system on, I guess, conquests or defending Draco territory, helping the Draco on military expeditions. •David: Let's go into the Draco, and then we'll go back to the human support that they get from the Dark Fleet. (OPEN COMMENTS TO CONTINUE) #coreygoode #davidwilcock #cosmicdisclosure #secretspaceprogram #fulldisclosure

David Wilcock discloses evidence, gathered by the world’s space administrations, which may prove the existence of ancient civilizations.
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Finally was able to find my new favorite book 🍃😌 #AscensionMysteries #DavidWilcock

👁💎🌎👽Here's that file: https://vault.fbi.gov/hottel_guy/Guy%20Hottel%20Part%201%20of%201/view #secretspaceprogram #coreygoode #davidwilcock

4bidden technology, such as #Stargates, extended life spans and #FreeEnergy will change the world once it is freed from the concealing clutches of the #cabal. Until that time, professional skeptics will continue demonize and demoralize anyone daring to defy the will of the cabal. #DavidWilcock exposes hypocrisies within the controlled media as it flips flops on international politics and what is possible through technology. WATCH THE VIDEO ON MY CHANNEL. LINK IN BIO. http://gaia.com/4bidden


I wonder if Neil Degrasse Tyson's purpose will be to provide disclosure about ET's? Not ready to jump on his bandwagon yet. Carl Sagan, and Stephen Hawking were huge disappointments in this regard, and we deserve to know the truth.
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Angels or aliens ?

What I'm on

The Merkaba is a vehicle of finite infinitude. Find it at the beginning of time and the farthest ends of the cyclical universe, it is ever persistent, never having been born nor died—a remnant of the Transcendental Object at the End of Time.
If you are lucky to ever have seen it in Hyperspace, you will know that it is intelligent and alive, somehow aware of your presence into its realm, full of boisterous love and sophisticated humor, it shifts and spins against the neon fabric of time inside that elusive space between life and death. 🔮 #merkaba #tetrahedron #tetragrammaton #sacredgeometry #wearegaia #rainbowbody #floweroflife #metaphysical #buddhism #tibetanbuddhism #ascension #nassimharamein #davidwilcock #terencemckenna #psychedelic #dmt #hyperspace #spiritualknowledge #psychonaut #enlightenment #resonancescience #starchild #indigochild #spiritualquotes #vectorequilibrium #vibration #frequency #om #aum 🍄 Follow and repost @5d_awakening_consciousness

Working with me helps you to become coherent which is essential if you want to move beyond what we know to be possible... Incredible book that describes research and findings of science that is still suppressed :( but allows us to live a life that is way beyond what you can imagine... #greatread #greatbook #book #science #research #quantumphysics #sourcefield #wearepowerful #changeyourlife #makesyouthink #davidwilcock #reality #spacetime #timespace #coherence #studies #proof #wakeup #brightfuture #weareone #gratefulheart #joy #bestbook

•David: So if the universe is 13.8 billion years old, the Earth formed four billion years ago. It cools down for liquid water 3.8 billion years ago. That's when microbes first appear. So we know that's going on.
We know the Earth was a watery planet 3.8 billion years ago. So theoretically, somebody could have landed on it that far back, but what do we know about the actual habitation of our solar system? What's the tangible evidence? What's the oldest stuff that we know about?
•Corey: Well, according to the smart glass pads, the tangible evidence that is around is in the form of ancient ruins. And they begin to label these ruins as the Ancient Builder Race ruins. And they weren't able to accurately date them because they were so ancient that it was in the hundreds of millions, if not billions, years old.
•David: So you're saying that these ruins appear, and you said they were excavated? They're digging stuff out from where? Where were they excavated from?
•Corey: On different planetary bodies in our solar system anywhere from Venus all the way out to the Oort Cloud.
•David: So they were sometimes underground. They'd been buried, and they had to be dug out.
•Corey: Yes, sometimes they're deep. Sometimes they're on the surface covered in debris, and sometimes they're deep inside whatever planetoid or planetary body that they're excavating.
•David: So what are we seeing with these ruins? What do they look like?
•Corey: Well, they were finding a lot of the, what we described as, a transparent alloy, aluminum-type alloy. This was also a technology. They were finding that . . . I guess, they were impregnating this alloy with other small technologies that could make the glass go opaque or dark or maybe even display technology. So it was pretty advanced technology. And a lot of the times, they didn't know what they were finding at first. Sometimes they were finding stone-like artifacts that turned out to be technology, but they didn't understand what they were finding.
•David: And what's the timeline when these were first being discovered? (OPEN COMMENTS TO CONTINUE)

QUESTIONER = Dr. Don Elkins
RA = RA/BlueAvians/AncientBuilderRace
Orion Group = Draco
• 16 . 11 Questioner: Is there a harvest of entities oriented towards service to self like there is a harvest here of entities oriented towards service to others?
•Ra: I am Ra. There is one harvest. Those able to enter fourth density through vibrational complex levels may choose the manner of their further seeking of the One Creator.
•16.12 Questioner: Then as we enter the fourth density there will be a split, shall we say, and part of the individuals who go into the fourth density will go to planets or places where there is service to others and the other part will go into places where there is service to self.

Is this correct?
•Ra: I am Ra. This is correct.
•16.13 Questioner: Well, the Confederation established its quarantine I understand seventy-five thousand years ago. Has the Orion group been attempting to contact any part of this planet prior to that or… did they… how long have they been attempting [inaudible] contacting this planet?
•Ra: I am Ra. Approximately four five thousand [45,000] years ago an attempt was made. It was not successful. Approximately two six oh oh, two thousand six hundred [2,600]*, years ago the group sent an entity of social memory complex to this planetary sphere. This effort met with some success but was in the space/time continuum lessened in impact. Since approximately two three oh oh, two thousand three hundred [2,300]*, years ago in your measurement this group has constantly been working upon the harvest just as the Confederation. * Ra corrected these dates in session 17. They should be 3,600 and 3,300 years ago, respectively. (OPEN COMMENTS TO CONTINUE) #TheLawOfOne #DavidWilcock #WisdomTeachings #CosmicDisclosure #SecretSpaceProgram #RA #BlueAvians #AncientBuilderRace #Yahweh #InnerEarthCivilizations #HoneycombEarth #Orion #Draco #TenCommandments #extraterrestrials #Harvest #Rapture #TheGreatYear #SSPDisclosure

THE LAW OF ONE SERIES "The Law of One series - five books that were allegedly obtained by intuitive means from 1981 to 1983. The Law of One series consists of 106 dialogues between a credentialed physics professor, Dr. Don Elkins, and an allegedly higher source of intelligence speaking through his companion Carla Rueckert while she was in an unconscious trance state. Jim McCarty was also present for each session and transcribed all the tapes. Through Carla, Don was apparently speaking to a large group of people who were once like humans on earth but who had since merged into a single consciousness. From a biblical perspective, they would likely be classified as seraphim or cherubim - among the most evolved of the types of angelic presences that ever appeared on earth. The word 'angel' comes from the Greek word 'aggelos,' which simply means "messenger." These people no longer had physical, flesh-and-blood bodies as we now think of them but had long since evolved into a form of life that is energetic in nature." (CONTINUE IN COMMENTS) #thelawofone #lawofone #ramaterial #carlarueckert #trance #channeling #meditation #thesynchronicitykey #davidwilcock #coreygoode love #light #spirituality #floweroflife #angels #religion #jesus #christianity #servicetoothers #weareone #sspdisclosure #creation #youare #secretspaceprogram #extraterrestrial #energy #ufo #illuminati #cabal #CosmicDisclosure #wisdomteachings

COSMIC DISCLOSURE: SEASON 7, EPISODE 24: "DARKNESS ON THE FAR SIDE OF THE MOON" Featuring Corey Goode, David Wilcock & special guest Niara Isley •David: For the purpose of our viewers, let's assume they haven't read your book yet. They probably are going to want to after seeing this.
You started out in the military. •Niara: Uh-huh.
•David: So this is how you got into that. So could you just give us a little backstory of how this ended up happening to you?
•Niara: Well, I was in the Air Force from 1979 to 1983. I was an auto track radar specialist. That's a surface-to-air missile and anti-aircraft artillery radar.
•David: Okay.
•Niara: And there's a sweep-the-sky radar, like an air traffic control radar. And then it calls up different radar sites and said, “You have an incoming aircraft at such and such degree of elevation and azimuth and this range, and please point your radar in that part of the sky and see if you can pick up this guy, track him for five minutes.” And then if we tracked him for five minutes, it was considered a kill.
•David: Right.
•Niara: And basically, an auto track radar paints a very tiny target on an aircraft. And it's a targeting point. So then if we were an active SAM site, surface-to-air missile site, then we would push a button, fire a missile, and blow that plane out of the sky.

What we were doing was teaching pilots to fly against radar to increase their survivability in a wartime setting.
•David: Ah! And where did this start? Where were you stationed?
•Niara: I was stationed at Nellis Air Force •David: Nellis? Wow!
•Niara: In Nevada.
•David: Now that's one of the ones that, if you've ever studied UFO lore, we hear a lot about.
•Niara: And then I was part of a group that was bused up to radar sites in Tonopah and Tolicha Peak once a week, every other week.

And then we would go out and do our job. And it was during that time, when I was at Tonopah, that I was taken in the middle of the night out to test the radar on “special aircraft”, which were extraterrestrial or back-engineered extraterrestrial craft.(OPEN COMMENTS TO CONTINUE) #coreygoode #davidwilcock#secretspaceprogram #cosmicdisclosure#ufo#extraterrestrial #sspdisclosure

#DavidWilcock is a liar and a scammer. In case claiming he was from the future on Art Bell's WWRC in Washington DC wasn't enough. And that Area 51 would become the new capital of #America. He claims to be the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce. He claims if you only have positive thoughts for exactly 13 years you will ascend. He claims all schizophrenics have insomnia. He claimed disclosure in 2009, 2012 and now has a new date for a new 'consciousness' between 2018-2024. He claimed things like telekinesis, time travel, levitation, and telepathy would be as common as everyday breathing. If you trust this man, please unfollow me.

As we evolve into transhumanism we will lose our innocence or in no sins or Enoch ascends as he ascended into heaven. And gain ConnEctivity and ConVerse with the Elect in an Electric UniVerse & ReVerse the cycle of Death by Transcending and Meditating as a Medium to find a Middle MetaPhysical Path and achieve EnLightenment and Bal(Baal)ance the best Medicine to Mediate Conflict and achieve Har(hor)mony with the Eye of Horus as we gaze upon a new Horizon. And Celebrate our Celestial existence as we eccentrically exit the physical realm into Metaphysical and achieve Syn(sin)chronicity in the Cen(sin)ter. #transcendentalism #electricuniverse #akashicrecord #massconsciousness #ascend #eyeofhorus #nikolaitesla #stringtheory #metaphysics #transhumanism #stringtheory #davidwilcock

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