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COSMIC DISCLOSURE : SEASON 4, EPISODE: 6 "THE DARK FLEET" Featuring Corey Goode & David Wilcock •David: You also mentioned a military faction, the Dark Fleet. Now, what is it about the Dark Fleet that earns the name “dark”? •Corey: A number of reasons. Well, in Black Ops, when there is a dark program, it is completely compartmentalized to where no one receives any intelligence. The other Secret Space Programs received very little information about the Dark Fleet's mandate, what they were doing, what they were up to. •David: Really? •Corey: Their bases were completely autonomous. Other Secret Space Programs did not get to go to their bases. Their craft were of a different design usually. •Corey: They had several different types of vessels that you would see that you would associate with them. •David: Well, could you describe some of what made these vessels different? What were their characteristics? •Corey: Yeah. And one of them is a very large wedge-shaped that is very much like Star Wars – the Destroyers, I guess, very much like those, but they're a little bit more sleek. •David: What about the little thing on top? Is that there? •Corey: Similar. •David: Really? •Corey: Similar, but not as high. •Corey: There's also a very large diamond-shaped vessel that they have. •Corey: They have a very large pumpkin seed-shaped vessel. •David: When you say 'very large', now, what are we talking? •Corey: Over 600 feet [183 meters] across. •David: Okay. •Corey: But those are smaller than the large wedge-shaped vessels. •David: Right. •Corey: And all we've really known about them is that they fight . . . They're an offensive force. They are for going and doing offensive type of work alongside the Draco. They go outside the solar system on, I guess, conquests or defending Draco territory, helping the Draco on military expeditions. •David: Let's go into the Draco, and then we'll go back to the human support that they get from the Dark Fleet. (OPEN COMMENTS TO CONTINUE) #coreygoode #davidwilcock #cosmicdisclosure #secretspaceprogram #fulldisclosure

David Wilcock discloses evidence, gathered by the world’s space administrations, which may prove the existence of ancient civilizations.
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Watching this weeks episode of #cosmicdisclosure--a very #eyeopening series. #gaiamtv #davidwilcock #coreygoode

So pumped to meet my heroes from Gaia.com! Check out #davidWilcock and #coreyGoode'S shows on Gaia! #cosmicdisclosure @spherebeingalliance @wearegaia So thankful for your work fellas!!!

Great 4 days hanging out with the Ancient Aliens @contactinthedesert with #robertbauval #grahamhancock #robertschoch the people from #gaia as well as #whitleystrieber #alangreen #davidwilcock - my brain is now fried, so off for some open road adventures!! #arizona #california #desertgirl

Bring #DavidWilcock back so we can have proper grammar again!


this has got to be the most ridiculous numerical #synchronicity to ever come my way⚡

thanks #davidwilcock

There's so many people in this world whose consciousness is still limited to mainstream physical material density or just narrowed to what they have culturally or environmentally learned, without a curious wonder or philosophical thought as to what the Universe is and our connection with it. The more I engage with the higher vision, the more I grow weary of the fact how our civilization's media and culture seeks to promote an ignorant dying rather than to enlighten us from remembering our infinite potential as Human Beings. It kinda sucks to think about in this moment in space, but at the same time it's everything guided by the way. So much soul fulfilling knowledge and wisdom available today. I'm just super amazed to be here breathing and soaking it all in. #gaia #cosmicdisclosure #metaphysics #higherconsciousness #wisdomteachings #vibrations #thirdeye #extraterrestrials #innertemple #meditation #peaceandlove #om #spaceprogram #sacredgeometry #humanpotential #davidwilcock #coreygoode #9

✨Currently, as 3rd density beings, we have access to octaves and octaves of perspective and emotion...imagine the possibilities once ascension begins 👏✨#ascension #davidwilcock #perspective #secretofthefloweroflife #wakeup

#regram from @the_law_of_one 🌠Reject no part of yourself.
"When one is faced with an aspect of oneself that one does not desire to have be a part of one’s being, this is an opportunity for the seeker to look into the mirror, to ask itself, “Why do I not love that part of the Creator as much as any other part of the Creator?” As we have said before, there is no right and wrong, no good and bad, but that which you bring into the situation, whether you are bringing love into the situation or turning your back on love, whether you are walking toward the light or shying away from the light.

It is useful for the seeker to recognize those things which are not helpful to the seeker’s journey toward the Creator. However, it is also not helpful to despise those things which it does not find helpful. As this instrument’s teacher has said before, embrace the wolf at the foot of your bed. If you run, the wolf will only chase you. You can only become friends with the wolf if you sit down before it and put your head in its jaws, as it were.

All things are aspects of the Creator. Those things that are not as helpful are within the seeker’s right to ignore. It is more helpful to allow those things which one would not prefer to exist peacefully and set them aside, when it is not working for the seeker to work with those things, than actively to despise those things. When the time is right the seeker will work with those things which it does not find helpful. And little by little those things can be dissolved, until they are not seen as the great tragedy that they may have seemed in the beginning.

We would advise the one who is looking to relieve him or herself of an addiction to acknowledge the addiction, to work lovingly with the addiction and to know that all will be well whether or not the addiction continues or subsides.

It is to be admired when one can look at oneself and say, “I’ve found something in my life that does not serve me.” It is to be admired in that person when he or she can look at that thing and say, “I love that part of myself as I love the Creator.”
-Laitos -The Law Of One

Devoured "unacknowledged" , an authentic information jewel, in barely a week and just in time I got my new mystery unraveler. #unacknowledged #drgreer #stevengreer #siriusdisclosure #disclosureproject #bookbetterthanmovie #reading #bookstagram #davidwilcock #hiddenscience #secretdiscoveries #misteries #themoreiknow #themoreiwannaknow

#JoshuaTree #sunset. What an incredible 5 days #camping out and learning about some crazy shit that goes on. 😝 But I'm not surprised. This #world is full of #mysteries waiting to unfold...👽✌️🌵☀️ #ContactInTheDesert #JoshuaTreeRetreatCenter #socal #california #vortex #energy #spiritual #davidwilcock #coreygoode #ClydeLewis #travel #desert

COSMIC DISCLOSURE: SEASON 7, EPISODE 21: BOYD BUSHMAN'S DEATHBED TESTIMONIAL "Corey Goode and David Wilcock analyze footage from Boyd Bushman’s testimony which highlights secret reverse engineering programs and details alien physiology. This may have been the deathbed confessional of an insider who was a senior scientist for Lockheed Martin and has worked on things that we can only imagine. Not only does he share his own personal experiences, but he brings photographs of the aliens with which he interacted. This is all part of the ongoing disclosure to bring forward the truth to everyone. This interview with David Wilcock was originally webcast on May 23, 2017."(WATCH COSMIC DISCLOSURE AT: BLUEAVIANS.COM) #coreygoode #davidwilcock #secretspaceprogram #cosmicdisclosure #ufo #alien #extraterrestrial #sspdisclosure

💭For more quotes, subscribe our YT channel: "Everyday joy", link in the BIO! 💎💯#davidwilcock #quotes #life #truth #teaching #isha #india #guru

The #pyramid tunes the #vibrational frequencies of #energy into a higher vibratory signature from which it heals, grows, and manifests at a more accelerated wavelength. Studies have shown that #pyramids can get rid of cancer, diabetes, all known diseases, and mental health problems. Food kept under a pyramid will stay fresh for two or three times longer than usual. #Kirlian photographs show the aura to be significantly brighter after a 15 minute exposure period with positive reactions. Within #meditation the theta and alpha brain waves are increased from the produced #resonance or frequency inside it. Pyramids generate negative ions in which it helps reproduce and repair body cells, they're transmitted into the body through the air and are circulated by the blood generally having balancing effects on the body's #electromagnetic field.

💭For more quotes, subscribe our YT channel: "Everyday joy", link in the BIO! 💎💯#davidwilcock #quotes #life #truth #teaching #isha #india #guru

And with this beautiful sunset, day 3 of @contactinthedesert comes to an end. Big thanks to the staff & crew of #contactinthedesert for another amazing conference -- 'till next year! ✌🏻👽 #citd #coreygoode #davidwilcock #clydelewis #groundzero #ufo #alien

Beautiful and inspiring weekend with my man & bcffs (best camping friends forever) at @contactinthedesert. So happy to share these moments with people also seeking wisdom and understanding for a better world / universe / multiverse. Thankful for being able to share resources and collaborate on bomb af camp stove delights and baller vegan sandwiches with 3 kinds of tofurky & provolone 😆👽🌵👽👽👽✨🌵🙏🏽🙌🏽 #contactinthedesert2017 #joshuatreeretreatcenter #camping #lindamoultonhowe #robertschoch #grahamhancock #davidwilcock #cosmicdisclosure #coreygoode #robertbauval #gaiatv #holographicuniverse

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