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Gary tells Sarah that he's falling in love with her. Sarah explains that she feels the same and not wanting to kick off their romance with any lies or secrets, she lets slip that David put Anna in the coma, by the crash he caused a few weeks back.
Gary marches over to the salon and confronts David. He immediately sees red and punches him for all he's caused.
Whose side will Sarah take? And will Gary be able to put this behind him and focus on his new relationship?
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"Para qualquer lado que nos voltemos, linhas de batalha estão sendo traçadas: casamento tradicional versus casamento gay, grupos pró-vida versus grupos pró-escolha, liberdade individual versus protecionismo estatal. Parece que a cultura mudou do dia para a noite, a ponto de o certo e o errado não mais serem definidos pela verdade universal, mas pela opinião popular. E, à proporção que conversas espinhosas sobre homossexualidade, aborto e liberdade religiosa continuam a despontar no local de trabalho, na igreja, na escola e nos lares, cristãos de toda parte fazem a mesma pergunta: COMO DEVEMOS RESPONDER A TUDO ISSO?" (Sinopse Editora Vida Nova) ▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️
▫️David Platt. Contra Cultura. Edições Vida Nova. #contracultura #davidplatt #vidanova #livrariaruach #lerébom ❤️💡📚

A sneaky peek inside the Platt's kitchen! #DavidPlatt #BehindTheScenes #Corrie

From the episode where Bethany takes an ecstasy pill 😳

Requested by @lozalu1234 🐢

That was so stupid of David to stash drugs in Bethany's doll, like of course she was gonna find it! 😒

Next scene is gonna be about Gail, so be excited! 😱 (Bad quality sorry 😬) #coronationstreet #corrie #bethanyplatt #davidplatt

"Estamos cediendo a la peligrosa tentación de tomar al Jesús de la Biblia y torcerlo hasta obtener una versión con la que nos sintamos más cómodos." - #DavidPlatt #Sanadoctrina

David Platt crashes his car trapping Lily and Gary aired 21/10/2016 🚙 #coronationstreet #corrie #davidplatt #lilyplatt @coronationstreet


Kalau kau ingin mengenal PribadiNYA yang sangat jarang orang inginkan... kalau kau ingin mengenal siapa sesungguhnya DIA? Saya rekomendasikan kedua buku ini, keduanya adalah pasangan "kerub" yang luar biasa. Ini bukan hanya membuat setiap engkau mengenal The True HIM, tapi ini juga membantumu mengerti kita ini hidup di musim seperti apa... apa yang RAJA mau untuk kita kerjakan di musim-musim terakhir ini. Silahkan langsung eksekusi di Gramedia.
#radical #theendofme #newyorktimes #bestseller #davidplatt #kyleidleman #book #books #booklover #bookstagram #jesus #yeshua #christianbook #christianity

Pauline wasn't here so I'm the current OCCC BCM director! @otripbcm . @bcmguy would be proud of me. || This is today's crowd for Bible Study today. || #bcm #occcbcm #BibleStudy #davidplatt

Jesus is enough. If you will get Jesus all other things will provided its own way. #Jesus #Need #Radical #DavidPlatt

#radical by #davidplatt , needs to be read by every man in #MenOfHope .

I've never listened to an audio book before but so far I am loving it. It is perfect for in the car, on a run or while cooking dinner. This book is through our local library's online check out and to say it's convicting is an understatement. It's convicting in the best way. I need it.
How often do we take from the Bible what we want too and leave what we don't like to read on the pages. Not wanting to believe "that part" or twist the gospel's words to what we want to believe. Especially in this crazy world and what it says is right. We can love a God but not God. We can mold Him into what we want to believe He is and what this world says is ok. God is what the Bible says. Plain and simple. It's not for us to decide who He is on a given day. #radical #davidplatt

Join us this Tuesday at 8:00 PM as we meet together in small groups. We will be discussing what it means to follow Jesus. Young Adults (Ages 18-30) meets in the Cafe! #cfwkya #smallgroup #followme #davidplatt

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