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como si fuera esta noche la última vez #daviddelfin

Bajo tierra no, sobre el cielo #DavidDelfin #bimbabose #always

La #modaespaña amanece triste. Nos sumamos a las condolencias por la pérdida de #DavidDelfin. Descanse En Paz.

Los Jardines del Museo del Traje de Madrid se convirtieron en escenario de un homenaje muy especial a David Delfín. Fue un día muy emotivo, lleno de sentimientos encontrados, en el que tanto la familia, como la pareja y los mejores amigos del diseñador se dieron cita para recordar su figura y premiar su alabada carrera profesional. #daviddelfin #homenaje #pablosaez #museodeltraje

Los genios nunca mueren. Ahora tu estrella brilla en el cielo
DEP ❤❤🐬

🐬💙#daviddelfin DEP Siempre tocando el ❤️

Así os quiero siempre sonrientes 😊 #daviddelfin #bimbabose #davidybimba #davidybimbaforever

Repost from @monicacenoej using @RepostRegramApp - Bon Voyage amigo! Que los delfines te lleven hasta Casa. Siempre estarás en mi corazón. #daviddelfin #davidforever 🐬🐬🐬🐬❤️❤️❤️

Yesterday my dear friend and client David Delfin passed. I wanted to take a moment to memorialize his life and give you a sense of his warm heart, keen vision, and love for life. David was probably one of the hottest guys I ever met - he would walk in a room and command all eyes every time. He always talked of love, art, family and music. He once got braces because he loved the way they looked and he wanted to have a space in his front teeth - because he loved a "gap". I spent countless hours with him and his partner Gorka. One season he made a collection that was only mint green. All the models wore orange wigs! The editors said - What the fuck is this?!! We loved to hang at the Beatrice Inn - we even rocked it one night with my friend Malcolm McClaren and Bimba. Two more souls who are no longer here. I am not sure why some people leave this earth early and some stay too long - I am not sure what the entire meaning of life is. I DO KNOW ONE THING FOR CERTAIN - I KNOW THAT WHEN I DIE WHETHER IT IS LATER TODAY OR IN 50 YEARS I WANT TO SAY ONE THING ONLY - I BELIEVE IN LOVE - I BELIEVE IN MAGIC. As for my sweet Scorpio Brother David Delfin - He believed in Love. He believed in MAGIC!#daviddelfin May the divine mother be with us all with every breath and after breath. -Kelly


#tbt I need holidays!

#daviddelfin #everywhere 🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬

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