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thursday thoughts #davidbrooks

Dinner with #DavidBrooks in DC
Life, politics, creativity, performance, character, and philanthropy. There is so much to learn from different perspectives in life. A challenging perspective will either change or re-affirm your beliefs. Never shy away from new. Great to meet you Mr. Brooks! -DG

No this isn't the head of window displays @gucci This is the late 1960s radical Abbie Hoffman. He was a hero of the counterculture I grew up in back in the day. Today's must-read is David Brooks @nytimes "The Abbie Hoffman of the Right: Donald Trump." Next time the president makes you crazy? Invest in a democratic- blue baseball cap that says "Make America Great Again" --the war of the ball caps-- and consider this, by #davidbrooks "...All that matters is that Trump is shredding the culture and ending the dominance of the meritocratic establishment. He continually goes after racial matters in part because he’s a bigot but also in part because multiculturalism is the theology of the educated class and it’s the leverage point he can most effectively use to isolate the educated class from everyone else.
He is so destructive because his enemies help him. He ramps up the aggression. His enemies ramp it up more, to preserve their own dignity. But the ensuing cultural violence only serves Trump’s long-term destructive purpose. America is seeing nearly as much cultural conflict as it did in the late 1960s. It’s quite possible that after four years of this Trump will have effectively destroyed the prevailing culture. The reign of the meritocratic establishment will be just as over as the reign of the Protestant establishment now is.
Of course Donald Trump is a buffoon. Buffoonery is his most effective weapon. Because of him, a new culture will have to be built, new values promulgated and a new social fabric will have to be woven, one that brings the different planets back into relation with one another. That's the work of the next 20 years." #abbiehoffman #davidbrooks #politics

Getting ready to open tomorrow afternoon !
#occupymana #hanshaacke #samdurant #cliffordross #davidbrooks

This is gonna be long day~ #puspalibrary #DavidBrooks #thesocialanimal

My David Brooks Edit #megs #sufc #sufcpictures1889 #davidbrooks #davidbrooksfanclub ⚔️⚔️⚔️

I’m honored to be sharing at the @qcommons event in CDA on October 26th in conjunction with @qideas. If you are near CDA and would like to attend, check the link in my bio. Space is limited. I will be sharing the stage with 2 other local presenters and then there will be a live feed from the main Q Conference featuring @prophiphop and #davidbrooks

Sugestão semanal de leitura!
O caminho para o carácter #DavidBrooks

Absolutamente delicioso!

Man Power 💪💪 Man ago there Forever Me know gone know Weh a true me fine out me a someone dem wanna be right now me a make dem want and can't see me true " Word's of the Great and Powerful #mavado #GullyGad #davidbrooks @generalrado @mavadogully @armzhouserecords #foreverriddim #forever #Godknows #GullyWorld #armzhouserecords


4-2🔴⚪️🔥#sufc #davidbrooks #blades

On the other hand It isn't hard to guess what is gonna happen provided that you criticize someone never accepting criticism before so tell them how right they are one more time if you wanna get along with #criticize #davidbrooks #america #education #inspiration #challange #brainstorming

My David Brooks Edit #megs #sufc #sufcpictures1889 #davidbrooks #davidbrooksfanclub ⚔️⚔️⚔️

¡Viernes con actitud! ⚡️#TheRoadToCharacter el discute en detalle cómo las experiencias de la vida, las negativas y las positivas, dan forma a quienes somos como personas. #DavidBrooks explora cómo un sentimiento de humildad y pasión es absolutamente fundamental para el éxito y para hacer una vida significativa para nosotros mismos. Después de todo, en nuestros funerales, ¿desearíamos que nuestros elogios se centren en cuán motivados y enfocados estamos en el trabajo, o queremos que la gente nos recuerde de otra manera, tal vez por nuestra amabilidad, valentía y fidelidad? #PotenciaTuVida #Potenciando #Coaching #Motivacion

That's another bonfire pissed on #davidbrooks #utb

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