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Quase um ano e meio após sua morte, @DavidBowie ganha mais uma homenagem. Desta vez, cientistas deram o nome de "Stardust" para uma nova espécie de vespa extinta há mais de 100 milhões de anos. O anúncio foi feito em um artigo na última edição do Journal of Hymenoptera Research. Saiba mais no RadioRock.Com.Br #davidbowie #89FM #aradiorock #vivaorock #therockneverends🎸🎶🎸🎶🎸


despacito short cover (@justinbieber's part) 🙌

We just told Harper, my 3 year old, that David Bowie is dead...
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Ok why i'm so desperate---
Anyhow, i use all the sketchbook papers that left to print these oml
And the printer is failing on me,it said that there's no ink left, but there are actually tons, aaaand the ink dropped all over my hand, so yeah, gr8 :^)
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I had to talk David Bowie down from the roof of this building some time in the mid eighties. We were standing at the bar having a drink when Dave accidentally knocked into a guy carrying a few Rums. When Dave turned to apologise the guy took one look at his freshly bleached hair and said "Who do you think you are?.. Status quo". He was away before Dave had the chance to reply. He starts slowly knocking back the tequila and half an hour later disappears, only to he discovered on the roof. I couldn't make out much but he was crying profusely and mumbling something about anybody but Rik Parfitt. I managed to talk him down by doing my Tommy Cooper impersonation. An act which helped me out tremendously when I was around him. The worst of it was that I thought the Status Quo line was comedy gold and had shook the guys hand when I had ran into him in the toilet.

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"Look up here, I’m in heaven
I’ve got scars that can’t be seen
I’ve got drama, can’t be stolen"
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The Blues. You dare not utter the word without mentioning the name Billy Boy Arnold within the confines of the same breath. Transcendent and mystical, Arnold is a snake charmer for the hips, a re-animator of the soul and a lyricist unparalleled, whose hypnotic harp drones and shamanistic rhythms will teleport you to the truth of this much-misunderstood musical art form. Like his former band mate Bo Diddley, Billy Boy helped draft the blueprints of the British Invasion with the stop-time “I Wish You Would,” which the Yardbirds promptly covered. But there’s no substitute for the original. #TheGories #TheYardbirds #DavidBowie #EricClapton #BillyBoyArnold #ChicagoBlues #GarageRock #Harmonica #UnsungHeroes #BoDiddley #VeeJayRecords #Alligator Records #PrestigeRecords

Bowie you're the best. ❤️ love ya. 😘 have a bowieful day my fellow Bowie fans. 💕

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"It's a man confronting the realization that life is a finite thing, and he can already feel it, like itself, actually going from him,ebbing out of him, the weakening of age." David Bowie. 'Heathen (the rays)' and 'Lazarus' are two songs that talk about death. Like in a cofession the person is telling another, who is in silent and doesn't reply, that he doesn't have so much time. It's over. But he doesn't want to leave this world without leaving a message. Something that stay when his body goes away. Even when he knows his destiny,he isn't scared just in hurry because he had to finish his work after his end.
In the video of 'Lazarus' we can see David writing and thinking quickly. There's something out there that is coming for him. There isn't so much time and he wanted so badly to make something worthwhile.(obviously there is a relation between this part of the video and the recorded of Blackstar, the Lazarus musical and the shooting of Blackstar and Lazarus videos because he did all of this in approximately one year being ill). Something that make a impact in the world and leave a lesson. (We know he did it. I wouldn't been writing this if he didn't.). He wanted to maintain his soul floating in others mind.
Is interesting to think that he did the same thing 14 years before. Was it a premonition or just David being conscious that he was getting old, that he wasn't a god just a common human being? In Heathen album he talked about what was going to happen when he leave this world. The idea that the immortality doesn't exist and we are just passing subjects.
In the back cover of Heathen we can see David's hand ripping out a sheet of a book. There are two interpretations to it: firstly, related to Lazarus video, that he is putting his thoughts into paper and he can erase what is wrong so he rip out the sheet and start again. Secondly, that the sheets he is ripping are from a books that exhibits the old theories about life (I think it's the Bible). On the course of Heathen album, there is the idea of the loss of a transcendental god. There is no one outside the world who can save us.
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Good Morning, hope everybody are having a pleasant & enjoyable weekend! ❤️#DavidBowie #Bowie #Icon #BowieForever #BowieLove #Legacy #Legend #Iconic #weekend #Immortal #Eternity #DavidBowieForever

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