Coconut vinegar is said to be even more nutritious than Apple cider vinegar! Read up on it today. It is perfect in my collard greens for tonight with a little Dave’s insanity had sauce. I love Israeli couscous and I am a topping it off with some jerk marinated mushrooms 🍄 and tomatoes 🍅 🍅 . 😋😍Yum!

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Had to grab some more #davesinsanitysauce the other day. I love it. Except the time I got some somewhere bad.

This review was fun! My buddy Tommy suggested I see what I think of Dave’s Insanity hot sauce, and I love trying new ones, so I got a bottle. The sixty second video that makes up the second half of this post represents my first taste and my very first impressions. In short, I wasn’t wild about the flavor but the heat is really big. I called the heat a 7 on a 10 scale and that is about right. The heat lingered for a solid fifteen minutes after the wing. I wasn’t surprised to read the ingredients and see that this sauce uses extract. Later I read on the internet that the sauce was the among the first ever to use pepper extract, and the heat is a very aggressive 180,000 scovilles. The label is non-distinct about both the source of the extract, and about the peppers in general. The ingredients list simply says “hot peppers.” I couldn’t discern any specific peppers in the flavor, just the heat, a vaguely chipotle-like smokiness, and the artificial quality of the extract. But my main complaint is that the heat doesn’t build. This is typical of extract sauces. The heat doesn’t flirt or play with you. It just punches you in the face. So, big heat but a flavor I didn’t really enjoy. But, hey! The only way to find out if you like a sauce is to taste it, and I’m glad I tasted this one. Thanks for the heads up, Tommy! #peppersauce #hotsauce #hotsaucereview #davesinsanitysauce #davesinsanity #darwenushotsauce

Love a great hot sauce. I forgot how flavorful and hot this stuff is. Loving every minute of it. #hotsauce #davesinsanitysauce

Can you stand up to a nuke? Here is just a pair of nuclear strips, to see if the peeps in the kitchen can really handle the heat! 🔥🔥🔥 #pickaxepizza #nuclearchicken #nuclear #davesinsanitysauce #totalinsanity #ultimateinsanity #scorpionpeppersauce #ghostpeppersauce #insanitysauce #ghostpeppersalt #fuego #chickenstrips #chickenstrippers #idahosprings

Made some wings the other day, and wanted them a little warmer than I usually do... May have added a little too much Dave's Insanity with Ghost pepper. #hotaf #hotwings #davesinsanitysauce #wifesaiditwaslikeknivesinhermouth

A picture of us right before we started the quarter moon (Dave’s insanity sauce) challenge. All three of us won our tie-dye shirts!
#fullmoonoysterbar #hotsauce #davesinsanitysauce #jalapenos

I think my fridge is trying to tell me something! #davesinsanitysauce #hotwingstonight #180000scoville #hotlikeamotherfucker #toodamnhot

Ordered a mild, 180,000 SCH Habanero Pepper sauce to spice my chicken wings up ❤️ #chilli #chillis #habaneros #hotsauce #davesinsanitysauce #blowyourtitsoff #chillingadventuresofsabrina #chilli

180,000 SHU. This was an introduction to my son for beyond jalapeno heat. He is 12. He did very well. 30min. later and no drink of any kind. My 10 yr. old daughter tried it and she moved around a lot, got a little worried but powered through with milk. #peppers #hot #davesinsanitysauce @jairajswann we need product. Do you have an online store? We ready for chemical weapon pepper. @davesgourmetinc

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