@brandon__curry guest posing in Hungary 2 weeks out of the Ferrigno Legacy Classic (part 2)

As the year 2017 is slowly coming to a close, especially the bodybuilding year with only a couple of shows remaining while the major ones are already done and over with, we can start reflecting on the 2017 competition season's ups and downs, highs and lows, happy and sad moments.
One of the coolest (for me) moments this year was @sas_heirati 's amazing showings in NY and in his third ever pro show, the California Pro (pictured). He didn't get the placings he was after, nor what many of us thought he deserved, but that doesn't take anything away from his physique. It speaks for itself. To each their own, but I honestly think he has one of the best put together physiques competing today. Amazing structure, not one thing missing or lacking, great conditioning and a filled frame.
Can't wait to see this guy return to stage. (Oh and he's an ex fat-kid, so seeing the junk he eats in his stories really is inspiring for some of us)
Pictures are from @npcnewsonlineofficialpage

Who's excited about the rematch?
This weekend these two are going to be battling it out in Barcelona at the Arnold Europe. Last week at the Olympia both these guys beat eachother. Bonac beat Ramy at the prejudging, Ramy beat Bonac at the finals. This could go either way, it all depends on who nails it on D-day.
@big_ramy vs @williambonac
The giant vs the giant-killer
Pictures by @perbernalphoto
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In honor of #throwbackthursday here is a #mostimproved post.
@nathandeasha has been improving by leaps and bounds since he went to Kuwait.
The future is promising for the Prophecy.
Pictures are from team-andro.com and rxmuscle.com.

@philheath :"I said i was gonna' retire in the next 2-3 years.. i just don't know"
"I've been asked to do a lot of shows outside of the Olympia, that might happen."
Interview from @npcnewsonlineofficialpage by @tonydohertyoz

@brandon__curry 's amazing transformation. All this in one year!
We've already seen a Brandon 2.0 at the Arnold Australia, there he rejuvinated his career.
Now he showed us, that nailing it in down-under wasn't a one-off.
Conditioning and size with bursting fullness are going to be in his repertoire from now on.
Coahced by @abdullah_84otb ,team @o2_gyms
Pictures are from @teamandrocom
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#mostimproved posts are coming!
In the meanwhile..
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Which is your favorite? Mine are 2011 and 2016.

What you have to know from prejudging:
@william_bonac and @big_ramy are in the top 3
@philheath had a gut
Phil improved on his front double from last year
@flexatronrhoden and @mrolympia08 slipped out of top 3
@nathandeasha (improved a ton) and @brandon__curry (bamboozling improvements) are the unexpected challengers to the top 6 along with @roellywinklaar , Rhoden and Dex

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