🎶Standing here the old man said to me:
"Long before these crowded streets here stood my dreaming tree" .

Below it he would sit fir hours at a time.
Now progress takes away what forever took to find. .

Now he's falling hard, he feels the falling dark.
How he longs to be beneath his dreaming tree conquered fear to climb.
A moment froze in time when the girl who first he kissed promised him she'd be his.
Remembered mother's words there beneath the tree:
"No matter what the world, you'll always be my baby"🎶
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You came and crash
Into me

☀️cruising down the coast #sundayvibes #davematthewsband #guideme

This date 1991, #davematthewsband played live for the first time. #earthday #charolettesvillevirginia

I remember being OBSESSED with this song in 4th grade (2002).. It was in a NBA commercial.. #2002 #davematthewsband #nbatv

Defo not the only one still playing Jon! I just got a bit sidetracked...
Album no.4 would be this beauty. Discovered around 1997/1998 and lent to me by a friend in class. Changed my life for the 4th time :)

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Ok ...still in progress....I'm just about done with the heart and about to decide on what lyrics to use.
So far I've done burning hearts and broken hearts and the feedback I always get is " that's so depressing, you should add something that shows there's hope". I agree because if we have to acknowledge the bad, we should remember there's good too because that helps us cope...or it helps me cope anyway.
Well, I always use white to indicate angelic presence and you can think of that however you want. For me, it's angels or simply Love.
During these moments of extreme grief and confusion, sometimes it helps to know there is something stronger than us looking out for us.
In this painting, there is that presence embracing all good things in us as we are being tossed and twisted and it follows us into the grey, never leaving us alone.
Up in the right corner, there is a small area of darkest dark. It's small cos it's simply a reminder that our light of protection is already going to greet the darkest hour, ready to rekon with it on our behalf so we are not consumed.
Since this is a DMB inspired creation and so many of us know how DMB have saved us in one way or the other from going over the edge and being consumed, I made the white forming the DMB letters to pay homage to that spirit of brotherhood and empathy and how that spirit has reached out to us in those strong ways through Dave's writing and their music.
I wanted to make the letters all the same size but I'm happy the way they are. I think they have kind of a look of being in flight even.
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Anyone still rocking the original Dave bumper sticker? #davematthewsband #amioldnow #jamband #charlottesville #richmondva #floodzone

Thanks a lot @dos_peas for such a great photo. Love it 😍

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