Get those thumbs workin and twerkin for some Vietnamese sandwich action. #daveeats

Lots of fun in the Croatian sun 🇭🇷🏖☀️ #daveeats #davedrinksbeer

Enjoying a banana. Did you know the scientific name for these yellow boizz is ‘musa sapientum’ which means “fruit of the wise men” ? You do now. Bananas are also a great source of potassium and vitamin B6, so eat plenty and get wise kids x #daveeats #fruitybois

Everybody’s favourite non identical twins enjoying the sunshine. #davedrinksbeer #daveeats

Been trying out the ‘existential diet’ lark. The rules: food wise- black coffee and blasting straights only. The attitude- look dark and brooding and speak exclusively in quotes from Sartre and De Beauvoir. “I wish that every human life might be pure transparent freedom”, When the rich wage war it's the poor who die”. See what I mean ? Bugger it.
Ps. Don’t worry kids, I don’t hang around in coats in 25 degree heat. This was taken a few months ago. (May be difficult to make half baked philosophy jokes on a thread where I stuff cake in my gob, but we shall see). #daveeats #daveponders

Love my fans. Was enjoying a peaceful drink, when three of them ambushed yours truly, desperate for a sensational selfie. i nearly fell into the bush when @micaelatr_ jokingly suggeseted DaveEats isn't the best food account in Liverpool. impossible! On a serious note, these three are all amazing- i couldn't wish for better friends to plot the path to Irish reunification with. #daveeats #davedrinksbeer #liverpool #unitedireland

Blueberry Pancakes are always a hit, especially when your whole family is on vacation together, and you need a little reminder of home. #food #foodblogger #daveEATS #foodie #foodporn

2 posts in 2 days, you lucky buggers. Here's a lovely little throwback to St Paddy's Day, which was enjoyed in the company of many a passioinate Irish republican (also the first time i met the fabulous @sarahrdoyle ) and (too) many pints of Ireland's greatest export, the beautiful black exlicir. A pint of plain is your only man, in the words of Flann O'Brien. A vaguely interesting fact for all my wondeful fans: St Patrick's colour was orginally blue- there are various references to blue in Irish mythology ( Flaitheas Éireann is often a woman in blue)- but the eponmous green began to used after the uprsing of 1798. The more you know and all that. Hope you're all well and battling through exam period. Let's hope more Guinesses are in order after the 8th is repealed tomorrow xoxo #daveeats #davedrinks #repealthe8th #smashcatholictheocracy

Have you ever seen a pair of more miserable gits ? The existenial angst was having a field day. we weren't miserable for long though, becuase the food soon arrived and it was outstanding. I had "The Don"; a 'donner' kebab with the most mouthwateringly delectable tzatzikii i ever did try. You've gotta try their cauliflower 5 ways too. Cali in hot sauce will change not just your view on a veg often considered boring, but your entire world. Whats more, it was all totally vegan. Seriously, if you live in Liverpool get down to DTH immediatley, its in Dave's top 10 and that's no mean feat. Hope you've all missed my posts lots. P.S pls follow @markt0898 he's a great comrade and an even better friend xx #daveeats #downthehatch

Realised my last post made me look a bit of a prig (great word. One of my favourites, in fact. Aongside ostentatious, nefarious & nincompoop). I shall keep the political posts to twitter and Facebook, keeping DaveEats a meme that can be enjoyed by all. As way of apology, have this photo of two massive mugs. #daveeats #davedrinks #Tea #yorkshiretea #bigmug

@djoff1cial no other place to be tonight but @curelounge @curethursdays 🔥 @daveeast will be in the building 💪🏽 #daveeats #dj #off1cial #makeitoff1cial @ciroc #ciroc #cirocboyz #cirocboyzboston

Hands down the best sandwich in the city of Brockton (depending on what you like) this babe is called “The Rocky” avail @ Petti’s Market on Belmont St. it’s grilled chx- roasted red pepper- red onion (extra)- provolone & light mayo on a bulkie roll. Tell them i sent you kid you not I live there for lunch. They have 100s Of sandwiches I just can’t get enough of this one. It’s amazeballs #DaveEats

Gelukkig Nieuwjaar from Brugge and the Naylor twins. The beer I'm drinking was as sour the Tory governments 8 years in power. If you do support them, do kindly press the unfollow button. Nothing personal, i'd just rather not have have those who tactically choose to murder the poor supporting this fantastic meme. Love and all the best for 2018,
Dave x
#daveeats #brugges #sourbeers #twins #thepersonalispolitical

All you can eat Korean BBQ with some amazing people

Hope your mornings are blessed by these terribly flattering pictures of me enjoying a sensual moment with a slice of @lihaggles cake.
Dave's food fact: Britain spent 1.9 Billion on cakes in 2016; a 2.5% increase on the previous year. My theory as to why? cake- along with copious amounts of booze- is a great way of blocking out the poisonous, pernicious politics perpetuated by the right.
#daveeats # cake #notamodel #sensual #foodporn #foodfacts

Lisa has been begging me to let her feature on DaveEats for ages- She's my biggest (and quite possibly only) fan. She recognises Daveeats as both an art from and an ironic statement.
In other news, it may be possible I am now responsible for 50% of the world's tea consumption. Morning, noon and night I'm chugging a cuppa. My bloodstream is 70% tea. P.S- I hope you all like my favourite pair of boxers x
#daveeats #leeds #Yorkshire #tea

This steaky chippy guaccy mush pile is heaven on a chopping board and I ate my body weight in it #carneasada #steak #chips #guacamole #mexican #dontcare #daveeats @chicabonitamanly

I am sorry for what I said when I was HUNGRY #hangry #hungry #brooklyn #daveeats #davetravels

Welcome to Dave and Alb's (@alb_toth) fruit finding extravaganza... 12 shops down, lots of pepper prices compared. The L8 supermarket has real cheap aubergines.... hence the thumbs up from me #daveeats #fruit #veg #liverpoolfood #lodgelane

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