You did everything right, and you brought the ring... do you stay even though she said no💁🏽 #rejection #shesaidno #datinglife #urbansexologist #theurbansexologist @theurbansexologist

5 years down , Forever to go!

Papa 🐻

No one else would understand our relationship and no one else in this world would understand me the way you do.
I am thankful for the far we've come, for the mutual choice we make every day to fight & work on us.For the patience & support you show me in my lowest moments.
I am grateful for you, for the man that you are ,your selflessness & constant desire to make me happy is admirable. Your actions & sacrifices are a true statement to that.
I love you babe, for what I am when am with you, for what you're making of me and for the part of me that you bring out.
We've been into many ups and downs , but we've managed & continue to get through with them. Through commitment, sacrifice , trust & respect we continue to grow & mature.
God has always been faithful to us and i know he will fulfill his purpose in us.
I look forward to a happy long life with you & our family

Happy 5th dating anniversary babe
I love you
Mama 🐻
26/05/2018 💕

Women who do THIS never get cheated on. 💋 😍

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What it’s like dating in LA when you’re from Mississippi. I’m gonna start posting all this ridiculous mess I get on dating sites. #dumbass #divebar #datingfails #sotiredofyallsignorance #mississippi #dating #datinginla #beingfrommississippi #hedoesntevenknowhesrude #ignorant #ignorantpeople #southerner #datingapp #datinglife #beingsoutherninla #soutgerngirls

Lasting change, growth, blah blah blah.... Sick of hearing about it?
Sick of us talking about it?
Look. Facing your shit isn't fun. Looking yourself in the mirror and taking responsibility for what you see (inside and out) is no picnic. There's a reason why most people on this planet never change or deal with their shit. It's daunting, and it's not exactly a fun thing to do on a Friday night.
There has to be a damn good reason for you to take the plunge into the pool of change.
Well, here it is:

That's the sexy part of change. When you keep showing up for yourself, keep being real and digging deep, the payoff is huge, and it will last.
Focus on what you want. Dream about it. Journal it. Create a vision board. Get yourself to the point that you want it MORE than you want to stay where you are.
Once you get to that place, you will move heaven and earth to get it. The unsexy parts of change will simply be stepping stones to the payoff.
What do YOU really want?
If you could create a life that would make you giddy with joy, what would that look like? (Val)

Why is this me🤷🏼‍♀️🚫😋
5. Red flags with fast sexy cars. .
6. Red flags with muscles.
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Talking about the #1 excuse you're buried behind when you face making life changes and working on self. ❤
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I don’t coach on sex and relationships because they’re the most fun or because I’m a girl and that’s all we talk about.
Yesterday I was interviewed about recovery from heart break.
We spoke about losing a relationship but it’s the same for any loss.
When I said exploring sexuality is an important part of healing process there was a pause... um, why exactly?
Partly, because our sexual identity takes a beating in a break up and adds to the list of things making us feel miserable and confused.
But more importantly, the work I do with people is to bring them home to themselves in acceptance of their truth- their truth means owning ALL the aspects of who they are.
When we exclude sexuality it’s a massive glaring omission.
I can’t begin to tell you how much cognitive dissonance and suffering occur from us being disconnected to our bodies and sexuality in this way- men and women.
The work I do with people is about so much more than sex.
It’s about so much more than fixing a relationship.
It’s about real deep and lasting empowerment and freedom.
It the deepest work out there is and sometimes I feel like it’s silly even to be called “coaching” because it puts it in a scene full of superficial, sleek marketing and hype.
For some clients, sexuality is their gateway to integration - owning all the parts of themselves including this drive they’ve been told is illogical and dangerous, or inadequate, or deviant, or any of the other BS messages we take on.
For others, it’s a tiny aspect and is more about connecting with their bodies with acceptance, love and pleasure.
I help people feel resilient, joyful, powerful, kind and free.
And I do discovery calls 😉

To be honest, there’s a lot here to like. This guy can express himself and he’s obviously a happy chap. Actually scrap that, this is his only redeeming feature. He’s a terrible driver, wears wife beater singlets and celebrates with the bird. He’s a firm #swipeleft #iswipedleft #middleagedating #middleagetinder #tryingtobepositive #tinderfail #datinglife #datingishard #baddriver #singletlife #boganlife

It’s all about HER 😂

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Ever been in a rough spot and found yourself uber focusing on it? I know how much you want out, It‘s like being in a bad relationship… with yourself. Make it romantic, love yourself enough to find a way to feel better, starting right now! Write down how you WANT to feel.💜🌈

#Love often wears a mask in order to test loyalty#
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