its so weird not seeing Rick on twd, I thought it was gonna be boring without him but im actually rly liking it, its the best season we’ve had in awhile

Hi I’m Tahlor and I miss Norman Reedus more than anything. This man is seriously everything. His hugs are amazing & I CANT BELIEVE HE CALLED ME CUTIE AND SAID HE LOVED ME RIGHT BACK TWICEOKAY BYE. @bigbaldhead #normanreedus #daryldixon #thewalkingdead

Any ideas? Daryl has 2 but one near the top of his back... This can’t be a kidney transplant surely? Not know? 🖤 #thewalkingdeadamc #twd #thewalkingdeadedits #michonne #daryldixon

Thank you Norman @bigbaldhead for the Likes today 💓💓

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