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Artist:Savage Garden
Song:I Want You
UK charts:11
U.S. charts:4
Year Released:1997
Two music videos were released for the song; a low budget version in Australia and a second, higher budget version for America and international markets. The first video, released in 1996, showed the band performing in a room full of disco lights and Darren Hayes singing on the back of a moving vehicle. The second video, released in 1997, features the band in a stylised futuristic warehouse and recording studio. Both videos present Darren Hayes with long black hair. The international version was featured on the band's compilation Truly Madly Completely: The Best of Savage Garden (2005), while the Australian version was not available until the release of the compilation The Singles (2015)
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Springtime in the city always such a relief from winter freeze the snow was more lonely than cold if you know what I mean, Everyone's got an agenda don't stop keep that chin up you'll be alright Can you believe what a year it's been....
Are you still the same?
Has your opinion changed? #savagegarden #darrenhayes #winter #kuwait

Helena, I thought you in particular would get a kick out of this one!!!😂😂😂😂
(credit to DarrenHayesForever- tumblr)
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