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Eobard sending Damien to medieval times! On a separate note, many have commented that the Time Sphere is a one-seater, yet is presumably forced to carry two at times. This is true and perhaps the key factor in creating one of the greatest bromances television has ever seen between Damien Darkh and Malcolm Merlyn. Or #Darlyn? Hard to imagine their effortless mind meld and witty banter comes to fruition with out a few trips spent stuck together in what's essentially a Time Vespa. Eobard (typically) wasn't thinking of others when he designed it, however, much like like the discovery of penicillin, it's now one of history's "happy accidents." (Seriously though, you want a gang of baddies, you can't do much better than the amazing McDonough, Barrowman and Miller. So much fun.) 📷ready2prop


Люби так как будто тебя никогда не предавали
И живи так, как будто Земля - это РАЙ ✨💕 #me #darlyn #darlynpleasegiveaway

Bout 1/01/17 #darlyn
#latepost #owambe

princess camp. lunch at a corner booth. shoe shopping. throwing coins in a wish fountain. Vogue ain't got nothin on #DARLYN. (best day ever @clkrame)

Hasta en los momentos más difíciles de eliminación hay que divertirse ✌🏻️🎤 #teamgoyo @lavozteens @davidmicolta #DQ #Sammy #Darlyn #estefani

Fool Bar XL. Zoveel gedanst, zolang staan en geen stem meer over na alles kei hard mee zingen.💕❤👄🙌🏻 met @sophiewildeboer #foolbarxl #douwebob #darlyn #afaslive

Casi listo esperando a mi hijo #Darlyn #Yariell loco por estar contigo ya. 😀😍😍👼🍼

I really like you.
A lot.
I know sometimes I mess up & do things that make it seem like i don't care but trust me...
You're my world.
Ph:// @dimoka_barney
#darlyn #darlynpleasegiveaway #photo


Casi listo esperando a mi hijo #Darlyn #Yariell loco por estar contigo ya. 😀😍😍👼🍼

A mi Díos la gracias.... Mi mejor mejor regalo, mi vida entera te amo amor de Mami #darlyn

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