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3 months ago I was doing so horrible. The past year of my life was honestly the worst. Everything bad that could happen, happened and I was in such an awful position.. On March 6th of this year I decided that I was done. I was done being treated like shit and allowing my life to continue going downhill. I have let go of all of the negativity and have gotten rid of all the toxic people and relationships.. I've never seen myself smile so much. I am happy. I am grateful. I am blessed. I am doing so great without the people I thought I could never live without. I am worth so much and I will never allow anyone to treat me like Im not ever again. :-) #DarlingYoullBeOkay

I wish I was this person again. Last year I was doing so good, I felt good about myself, I had lost weight, and I was overall pretty happy. Now I'm back at square one again with all of it. At least I have this punk with me and Riot and Eve♡ Thank god for animals
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Her attitude kinda savage but her heart is pure gold 💕

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Arkadaki ışıklar..Bunlar hep gülen yüzümüzden..👫#sag #darlingyoullbeokay #love #izmir

I can't wait to get more tattoos 💉
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this is the most important thing for me to remember right now. whenever I feel like I've finally reached the end of my rope, these words come to mind. I have my ups and I have my downs, and they're so unpredictable and sometimes really overwhelming. through everything that I have lost, the one thing that has always stayed by my side is music. if i could turn how listening to music and going to shows makes me feel into a pill, it would be the world's best selling antidepressant. I don't know yet if I truly believe I'll be okay in the long run, especially when nothing is getting any easier, but just as long as I can have those periods of time every now and again where everything stops hurting, I'll take them. whether everything is looking up or everything is falling apart, I have a permanent reminder that I have lived through 100% of my toughest days so far. // #darlingyoullbeokay 🖤

You'll Be Okay.
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قیمت ها در کانال ¶ لینک را در بیو لمس کنید .
با ذخیره نمودن شماره (۰۹۱۹۴۰۷۹۳۰۰ ) جهت کسب اطلاعات جامع با آستین مچـی از طریق واتس آپ و تلگرام در ارتباط باشید. 📋
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It's not important to you but it's important to me.
Today is my 1 year. 1 whole fucking year of being clean. I still get urges & they're stronger than hell, but so am I.
To you that's probably stupid & you're thinking wtf is wrong with her & I'll be honest, a lot is wrong with me. I just learned to handle it in a healthier alternative as opposed to the past.
A scar is so much more than just a white line. A scar means the hurt is over, closed, healed, & done with.
Without the dark, we'd never see the stars.
When the wound closes, close the door on that part of your life & find yourself.
You are not the scars on your body, you are not your past mistakes, your past does not fucking define you & if there's a fuck out there who wants to tell you otherwise then fuck them. You are a strong independent normal individual in the world who mistakes as everyone else.
Don't be afraid to reach out for help.
There is a whole world of people who are willing to connect with you & help with your personal issues.
You may/ may not see it now, but you are loved.
Scars will heal, so will you.
♡ Positive vibes everyone. ♡
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I laid down,
I drank the poison then I passed the fuck out.Now let me tell you 'bout the good life,
I have a million different kinds of fun
when I'm asleep and in a dream that I'm your only one.Can we create something beautiful and destroy it?
Nobody knows I dream about it, this is my imagination.If you come over tonight we can travel through time,
we can sleep on the ceiling and creep under black lights.Oh what a waste of a perfectly good, clean wrist.You were screaming till the police came.this is my imagination.
If every living thing dies alone,
what am I doing here?
If every living thing dies alone,
what am I doing here?
Fuck it!
If it's the end of the world!
you and me should spend the rest of it in love!
this is my imagination.
If every living thing dies alone,
what am I doing here?
If every living thing dies alone,
what am I doing here?
Oh, no.
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My heart is heavy knowing that such an iconic artist has died by suicide. Please, if you ever feel like suicide is the answer, know that you have so many better things waiting for you in life. I know things may be hard and life can suck. But I promise that things get better. You are meant to be here. You are worthy of love. If anyone ever needs to talk about anything, I'm always here to listen. Use this as an opportunity to break the silence and stigma. Hug your friends. Tell your family you love them. You never know what someone is going through. Remember that it's okay not to be okay. It's just a bad day, not a bad life. 💕 #hopefortheday #hftd #itsokaynottobeokay #staystrong #stayalive #youreworthit #smile #holdon #painends #liveyourlife #depression #anxiety #cutting #suicide #darlingyoullbeokay #ipromise #itgetsbetter #youarewanted #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness

I can relate to this very well as I've gone through abuse with my own mother over the years. I can't express how hard it is to explain to people what you are going through without feeling guilty about saying something.
I've gone through years of abuse, dealing with DCF, being in a foster home, etc. it's hard dealing with all this stuff, especially at such a young age. If anyone reading this needs any advice on this topic, you can always DM me and I'll try to respond as quickly as I can.
Remember, the abuse is never your fault. 💕

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It's funny how a single person can effect you so, whether it's a bad effect or a good effect. This is what makes your soul grow.
And darling, you'll always remember them.
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