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The IVs are out, the cords are gone, the doctors can't believe his progress and we are homeward bound to continue our journey together. This was hard friends. Hardest damn thing in our entire lives. Our hearts were tested, our patience was tested and our strength was tested. But the sun is shining today and we are in the car in our way home. In the end, no matter what, GOD IS GOOD. Thank you prayer warriors. #adventuresinabbyland #teamotto

I don't know how to explain how much I love him. As long as I'm living, my baby he'll be 🙏🏽💙 ~ Il giorno che ho scattato questa stessa foto allattando Nina Flor, mio figlio ha chiesto di partecipare ed io - stupidamente - gli ho detto che più tardi ne avremmo scattata un'altra insieme. Questa foto non gli è andata giù, non per l'abitudinario gesto con lei ma per la mia risposta a lui. Così ieri gli ho proposto di farne una uguale, solo noi due! Gli ho spiegato che lui è - e sempre sarà - il mio bambino, anche quando l'età dirà altro. Gli ho raccontato - ancora una volta - che anche io non sono stata allattata dalla nonna e che seno o biberon non fanno la differenza in quanto ad amore materno. Gli ho sorriso perché lui è la mia felicità e gli ho ribadito che lui va oltre il mio corpo, che gli appartiene pur non avendolo abitato perché riempito dalla sua essenza. Poi gli ho quantificato il mio amore paragonandolo all'oceano, al sole, all'universo intero... proprio come ama fare lui. Aggiungendo l'infinito, il suo preferito. "Perché non c'è niente di più grande, mamãe!" 💙 [Magari poi, un giorno, gli spiego anche che il mio amore va ben oltre... ✨]

I’ve received so many positive comments about my outfits & dresses that I wanted to thank you by teaming up with the Australian brand @isleofwhitelabel so that one lucky winner will get their 'Ava Dress' in any of its available colors and sizes!
To enter:
➮Follow @isleofwhitelabel & @marinacomes
➮Tag 1 friend in the comments below
➮You can enter as many times as you want as long as you're tagging new friends
➮The winner will be randomly selected this Friday and announced on my Stories & also in this caption
➮The contest is open worldwide, to women & men (boys: you can give the dress to your girlfriend if you win!) ♣︎Good luck everybody♣︎
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➵ be you, and the rest comes seamlessly. - a note from my higher self. 🙏🏻
days like today make me so unequivocally grateful for my community of humans. woke up feeling bleh / stressed / basketcase-ish and then spent the day with people who lift me up immensely. slowly but surely, i felt reignited & so much more in my alignment.
topped it all off with a deeply inspiring evening full of good conversation + branding strategy (my fave, as you know if you listened to monday’s @tbbpodcast episode!).
annndddd just so you know... if you’re here, i love you. ❥ #tbbmademedoit #soulonfire

It’s 🌧 rainy and windy outside today and I’m feeling so cozy snuggled up next to Pinky. I’m currently analyzing the weather forecast to figure out how I’m going to take photos if it is supposed to rain all week 🌧🌧🍂 oh the joys of being a blogger once the weather turns on you. Now I’m dreaming about those sunny 😎 fall days from last week. New blog post is up featuring my most candid photos from the week. It’s my weekly series called Along the way posted every Wednesday.

Нам с ребятами посчастливилось не только застать самый красивый период в Риге 🍂🍁 но и стать первыми гостями только что открывшегося Grand Hotel Kempinski Riga @kempinskiriga 😍 расположился он в историческом центре в двух шагах от знаменитой Латвийской Национальной оперы. Все шикарные номера и вид с крыши вы могли наблюдать в сторис первого дня, а так же мастер-класс от шеф-повара в ресторане Amber 🤗 а про все рестораны и интересные места, будет отдельный список, не переключайтесь 😉 #liveriga#airBaltic#Riga#Latvia#rigarestaurantweek#kate_morozova_riga#kempinskiriga

A magical home and a windowsill full of life - recently snapped when we met and photographed the artist Clara Drummond. We discovered a shared love for scented pelargoniums and unruly kitchen gardens ✨🌿✨

I like to surprise homeowners by leaving handfuls of Skittles in their birdbaths after I photograph their homes


When life happens and you have to miss a team beach retreat that you’d been looking forward to for like seriously FOREVER...you get bummed. My heart was satisfied with my decision to changes my plans 100%...However, I missed my tribe sooo much. Then...a few weeks later, I open a package with incredible swag in it and I’m overwhelmed with joy. Spoiled rotten-that is simply not a term I used about my last career. And I’m not grateful because of the gifts y’all (although it’s amazeballs)...but because of the people I get to work with. They are my RF family and I’m so proud of us all. @officialwendylee I love you and thank you so much for this surprise. You made my month (and I really needed a pick me up 😉) #workswag #RFLife #teamLIFE #loveyourjob #tribe #pursuepretty #darlingmovement

Pinterest is my drug of choice & I am happily addicted💡🙋🏻 I've been pinning home & Christmas decor lately 🎉 #guilty
I love browsing for inspiration online [& I mean LOVE] 👏🏼 But i also enjoy sitting down with a notebook & pen and letting the world around me inspire me 🌏 •
So tell me guys.. where do you turn for inspiration? 💫 If it's @pinterest than what have you been pinning lately? 💻📝
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It’s a homemade pizza kinda night. 🍕

What does the fox say? This fox cookie from @Starbucks is almost too cute to eat. Well Charlie does not think so. 🍁 🦊

Spent the day planning my upcoming trip to Scottsdale with my bb @alexandra_nic0le explored Gulf Shores and caught up @callierainey ready to rock with her health business with the babes!! 💕 #todaysfreedom #joyinthejourney

So thankful to have grown up in a town as pretty as this...I know it has played a part in inspiring my personal aesthetic & thus my work. #newburyport #hometown

Makin my way downtown 💥

Every time I walk in, I feel like an extra on the set of “Happy Days”... 🍔🍟😎 #joanieloveschachi #fonz #exactamundo

City or beach towns? Or both? 🏙🏝

Spiced Pumpkin 🎃 sachets have far fewer calories than that Pumpkin Spice Latte you were just thinking about! And, if you purchase $50 or more of PJ Salvage, you get one free (your choice of scent!) ❤️ #abbraccimedspa #pumpkinspiceseason #giftboutique

A snap of our reception set up 😍 Styling by @wild_and_yellow | Photography by @wildandgrace | Florals by @willowandskyflorals | Stationery by @designbycheyney 👍💐

This past weekend was just wonderful and I wish it had never ended. We had both of our families together this weekend and seriously guys it was so fun to be in a big family circle all laughing and hanging out. I told David that I seriously feel so blessed to have his family as my in laws because they are the kindest and most welcoming people I could ever ask for. I told him that I already love his family like I love my own and I can’t wait to be apart of the Hernandez clan! #lifegivingsquares #hookedonhernandez2018

Did you stop by the blog yet to see Amy and Bryce's big day? They mixed classic style with a bright pop of signature color: cobalt blue! 💙 💐 Photo: @tracyautemphotography

Raise your hand if you love seeing your business (and other business as well #communityovercompetition) come alive every day on social media. I do🙋🏻😍But, keeping your business presence on social media is hard work; it takes effort and consistency. It's so difficult to keep up with everything, isn't it? The numerous platforms, stories, posts, boosts, pols, shadow bans, going live, you named it! Things change quickly and, as you know, it's getting cluttered.

With the risk of becoming invisible and be the last one catching up with the latest trend and fall behind, you read, you study, you listen to experts to learn more about it. And, then you try everything on every single social media platform. All good advice that works but, what if ...? Going live on Facebook or a webinar or a speaking gig is not "your thing"? And, what if ...? What works for others doesn't apply to you, your business, drains you and it's not within your genius zone? Will you keep doing it?

I believe that we need to experiment but only with what resonates with us and brings us the fun (a must!). And, it's fundamental that we get out of our comfort zone to know what works for us and what does not (otherwise I wouldn't have posted my whole life!). Then it's all about having an intimate conversation with your genius, follow what makes us feel alive, connected and results: YOUR THING! Own your power, know your worth, declare it and shine on!

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Raise your hand if you wanna come explore castles with me 🙋🏼 it's so fun I'm fun it'll be fun I promise.

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