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Creatives your voices matter! Did you hear about what's been going on with H&M and its recent lawsuit against street artist Jason Williams (aka Revok)? Revok's mural was used in an H&M promotional video without his permission or consent. H&M then filed suit for the right to use the mural in its advertisement campaign.

H&M argued that copyright protection does not attach to works of art created illegally. Read the full story over on zarawatsonlaw.com.

Thank you to guest contributor Sean P. Young , Esq. (my fiancé) for writing this week's post.

“The world Is just hungry for REAL” - @jennakutcher (in her response to going viral)
For those of you who haven’t discovered this Business Babe yet, you are welcome.
She’s not only a total business and marketing GENIUS but she is also completely REAL. She shares authentically through her podcast, social media, and from what I’ve heard from those who have met her, she’s just as real in person.
I (@danilivinglife) have been following Jenna for over a year since I discovered her podcast @goaldiggerpodcast I binged listened to the 5 episodes she had out at the time and since then have listened to every one.
I first fell in love with Jenna’s laid-back lifestyle, the fact that she also loved mac + cheese, her marketing advice, and the fact that I could relate on a soul level with her. But As I got to know her more through her podcast and social media, I realized there was SO much more to her. She was an advocate for REAL issues like body positivity and even opening up about her miscarriages.
For those of you who don’t already know, a post that Jenna put up last week went insanely viral. The post was sharing about how her response who a DM she received about how she landed her husband (@kickingitwithkutch ) Her response: ‘I am so much more than my body, so is he, and so are you.’ MIC DROP! Jenna is a total BABE and Gorgeous woman but like she said, she is so much more than that, and so are you! .
Jenna just dropped an episode on @goaldiggerpodcast sharing The Reality of Going Viral. The good, the bad and the ugly (Like reading out some of worst comments she received) It’s worth a listen and trust me… you will fall in love with her just like I did! .
Comment below if you crave REAL women like @jennakutcher that we can look up to, I know we do! .
P.S. SWIPE to see the one that went viral taken by @mrslindseyroman

Morning routine. 🤪🧖🏻‍♀️☕️📰 #PKRtravels #cavehotel #cappadocia #turkey

Happy Friday! Celebrate the end of the week by joining your friends for happy hour at Muddy Waters Oyster Bar! Haven’t been to Muddy Waters yet? This East End gem specializes in fresh oysters, exciting cajun dishes, and inspired drinks. Pictured here is the restaurants’ spring-ready Lavender Bee’s Knees.
Can’t make it to happy hour during the week (4:30 to 6:30pm)? They even serve it up on Saturdays from 11am to 1pm. Whadda a catch! 🎣Photo by @muddywaterspgh

A drawing of my dad @rybwork that I made for his business thank-you’s! More importantly, today is his 21st bday🎂 to the legendary K-Rock, you make me feel like the luckiest daughter in the world everyday!❣️

Work in progress! ⚡️👊🏼 #spaziofitnessmirandola #abs #workout

When you’re already blooming for the weekend 🌸
Have a graceful one!

D is for Details.👌🏼
Есть у меня интересное качество - я могу не замечать что-то значимое вроде здания, которое «правда тут всегда стояло?», но очень внимателен к деталям. Знакомо?

i think it’s about time we introduce ourselves, so i’ll start us off. i’m m. i’ve been using oils for about 2 years now and they are my answer for everything. sick? oils. can’t sleep? oils. bank account empty? oils. murder allegations? oils. •
i read a LOT, am a huge harry potter nerd, am a 7 year old child inside, and hate capital letters (an easy way to tell who wrote each post). i’m also a manager of the alterations department for a bridal studio, so i use oils all day long to help with those bridezillas. if i were an oil i would be ylang ylang or dream catcher. how about you?

stayed tuned for all the business on t...

ready for a weekend of adventure.. 🦋 #seylu @childrensalon

monthly wellness box! hoping to to do an unboxing but couldn't wait to start using some of these oils & the (free!) cleaning supplies!

🎉Gift for you!🎉Tomorrow I turn 32, and I'm kicking off my birthday celebration early by sharing a free online workout and meditation with you. Link in profile to give your body some love and fire up High Energy Sculpt + Body Scan. You guys, there’s so much packed into this 35 minute class. Get ready for a yoga-inspired, heart-pumping workout to tone your entire body—your arms, core, glutes and legs—then finish with a compassion focused meditation to give yourself deep rest.⠀

Also, I can't exactly put into words how meaningful this past year has been for me. Our community just grew to 10k, and I'm grateful for all of you who've shared your stories, joined me on the mat to move and meditate, been open to trying something new, and trusted me to offer some guidance along the way. You've inspired me, filled me up, and made me laugh. You've grounded me and reminded me of my purpose—how can I thank you? No single gesture is accurately representative of the love and gratitude I feel for you. Here’s to another year of doing the deep work and getting curious about whatever’s showing up. I’m so happy to be on this path together. XO #moveandmeditate

One of our local faves @wildthingsjewelryanddecor - a must have to usher in Spring. 🌷🌸🌾💐🌻

You GUYS! It’s #NationalPuppyDay! Not that I really need an excuse to post faces as cute as these...but when a day calls for it...I gotta do it! 😍

Exactly 1 month until we surprise the girls with a Disney trip 💕🎉 The boys will celebrate in their honor with Mickey ears today! #disneyworld #disney #disneybaby

Friday flowers to calm and soothe (me mostly 🤯😆)
#flolines #fridayfaffingcompetition #tv_neatly #abmspring

Dining as if posh😅

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