я тут подумала, что пугать вас интереснее, чем рассказывать о книгах. Поэтому booklover больше мне не подходит. Как-то само собой вышло Ani_booo.
Вроде не длинное, и не раздражающее (для меня). А то, я как-то забыла свой логин.

Если передумаю, вернуться всегда успею. А, если не успею, то посмотрю, кто теперь Ani_booklover 😄

Как Вам мое новое имя?
Пишите в комменты:
· нра 😃
· не нра 😣
· мне пох 😑

P.S. о книгах писать не перестану, надо же где-то высказываться.

From my short story "Dao's Beautiful Beast" link in bio


Okay, call me weird but I made a fan made dark story of blue's clues based on my Photoshop project about 3 years ago, I've never finished the story but it not a bad read, here's the first chapter, warning my writing skills wasn't really good back then so.... yeah 😬 #photoshop
#art #bluesclues #dark #fanfiction #darkstory
Blues’ Betrayal
Chapter 1
“Long Time No See”
After leaving college Steve decided to stop and check up on his brother Joe. Steve left his younger brother in charge of his home and his beloved puppy when he went to college, but whenever Steve tried to call him there was never an answer which worried Steve but he knew he can trust Joe to look after his friends. Steve have been in and out of college for a while and at one point there were rumors spreading that Steve was dead. He eventually returned to college and finished in 2008. When Steve arrived at his old home he felt a little uneasy, and Steve had good reason, his home was vandalized and burned, he had no idea who could have done this or why would anyone do this, but everything was smashed, ripped, or burned even his favorite ‘thinking’ chair was horribly demolished. Steve called 911 and was told the previous owner died in the house fire and before Steve could react the officer told him it was an 87-year-old man. Steve became more confused than upset he informed the officer that the home belong to him and his brother who was housesitting until he was out of college; but the deed was in the old mans’ name, so Joe must have sold the house before the house fire. Steve had no way of contacting Joe, Steve decided to drive to his grandmother’s house and try to find his brother. As Steve was driving he came across a rough, ghetto neighborhood and as he was driving he saw a dog chained to a post outside a man house, Steve observed the dog very closely, it dirty covered in blood and scars, then he stop the car and look even more closely he saw the dog was blue with dark blue spots around it. He got out of the car and slowly walked toward the blue maimed dog and said “Blue?” The dog looked directly at Steve slowly wagged her tail, it certainly was Blue but completely different, “It’s really you."

Dark forrest with cabin, trenes, moon and a little owl tattoo done by Danny at Immortalink #tattoo #tattoos #lineworktattoo #blackandgraytattoo #darktattoo #cabin #forrest #moon #owl#darkstory #darkforrest

Ready for What may Come
Model: @helena.lush
Mua: @avalon_mua
Clothing: @rosiesartwastelanderdesign
Cinemagraph: @originalcin_photography

In the sequel of my book, “the firesouls” a man with the generals soul appears with a blade that consumes souls. After losing Sarah twice and nearly freezing to death and almost dying in battle, lupus faces the General. She has full knowledge that if Sarah isn’t recovered their soul bond will sever and kill her as well. #originalcharacter #characterdesign #art #dark #story #book #kitsune #darkstory

The first three to get both questions right, will be mentioned in the solution! :D
#scary #creepy #scaryfacts #creepyfacts #creepypasta #scarystories #creepystories #fanstories #horror #blackstory #darkstory #blackstories #darkstories #story #stories

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