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Since you guys seemed to appreciate my previous guides I've decided to continue creating a few. This time I tackled the Winged Knight. I decided to make him look as weathered as possible. In the game he felt very battle-worn and experienced (with all those dead bodies around him and so)

1. I started by supergluing the skulls to the base (the one on the front indicates the front of the model, you have to know this when you play the game). After that I applied glue on the base and sprinkled sand over it. I let this dry overnight.

2. Apply Abaddon Black to the entire model
3. Paint Leadbelcher on all the metal parts. Macragge Blue on the cloth and Pallid Wych Flesh on the wings. drybrush the base with Eshen Grey.

4. Wash the entire model with Nuln oil. Wash the bottom part of the cloth, the base and the belt with Agrax Earth Shade.
5. Drybrush the metal with Runefang Steel, the cloth with Macragge Blue and the wings with White Scar. Drybrush the base with Administratum Grey and the skulls with Ushabti Bone.

6. It's kinda finished and should look awesome at this point. But if you, like me, want to make it look more battle-worn carefully paint some watered down Skag Brown to the moving parts of the armour with a very small pencil to make it look rusty/dirty. Add an extra wash of Agrax Earthshade to the blue cloth. And to finish it you can also add some Blood of the Bloodgods to the Blade of the weapon.
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The Titanite Demon is here!! Now, would you like to see progress pictures like some of my previous posts? Or do you just want the finished job? Let me know!!
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I wanted to give you guys a little update for yesterdays post.
First of all I found a way to straighten out the spear. You have to put the spear in hot water and you can bend it the way you want before it cools down. (this can of course also be done with Smough's Hammer,the tips of the arrows of the Silver Knight's and any other parts that are bent). Secondly I finished the base of the model to make it look like Ornstein is standing in ash and I added two skulls to make the model look cooler. So how did I do this.
First I superglued the two little skull to the base. After that I applied regular glue all over the base and sprinkled sand all over it. I let this dry overnight.
I then painted the entire base with Abaddon Black. When this layer was drie I drybrushed the sand with Eshin Grey. And after that I Lightly drybrushed the sand with Administratum Grey. And to finish the Base off I lightly and carefully drybrushed the two little skulls with Ushabti Bone. Done. Let me know what you guys think! Also I'd love to see how you guys painted your miniatures so be sure to tag me in your posts!

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Descending in a hail of lightning, Dragonslayer Ornstein comes to the aid of his ally, Executioner Smough. With his blistering speed and spear capable of sundering the very sky, Ornstein poses the most dangerous of trials for our heroes. Loyal retainer to Lord Gywn, first Lord of Cinder, Ornstein fought alongside the young Lord bringing about the end of the Age of Ancients and beginning the Age of Fire.
Dragonslayer Ornstein is, by far, my favourite boss across the Dark Souls games. I wanted to do this figure justice because of this and found that drybrushing the figure gave it the desired metallic look as well as depth and definition. #darksouls #darksoulstheboardgame #dragonslayerornstein #modelpainting #gwpaints #nerdalert

Executioner Smough, a vicious and gleeful cannibal, accosts our heroes in the Grand Catherdral of Anor Londo. Eager to prove himself worthy to join the ranks of Gywn's knights, Smough guards the hallowed place of the gods with an unrivalled fervour. Often accompanied by the Dragonslayer, who keeps the executioner in check, Smough decimates the land by the heft of his hammer.
Smough is one half of my favourite boss duo in Dark Souls. The figure itself was easy to paint as the colour pallete was one tone. However, I think I achieved an accurate representation of this monstrous man. #darksouls #darksoulstheboardgame #executionersmough #modelpainting #gwpaints #nerdalert

Time to show you guys how I painted Dragonslayer Ornstein of #Darksoulstheboardgame! If you're going to paint it yourself make sure you have enough light (preferably daylight). And go easy on the paints, it's easier to add than to remove. Look up techniques like drybrushing and washing before you start!
1. Apply a basecoat of Abaddon Black
2. Apply retributor armour to the armour and the spear. Carefully apply Mephiston Red to the plume. Drybrush leadbelcher to the blade of the spear and the chainmail. Apply Rhinox Hide to the shaft of the spear.
3. Shade the armour and plume with Reikland Flesh and the chainmail and blade of the spear with Nuln oil.
4. Drybrush and highlight the plume with Evil Sunz Scarlet, the armour with Auric Armour Gold and drybrush the chainmail and blade of the spear with Runefang Steel. Finally paint the gems on the chest Evil Sunz Scarlet. That's it! Good luck!! I'm going to work on the bases of the models later so stay tuned if you want tips for those!

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My paint up of the Dark Souls The Board Game Belfry Gargoyle miniature.
#darksouls #darksoulstheboardgame #videogametoys #miniature #boardgame

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