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When my girl @allimartinez knows which side I root for 😎 #darksideforlife

Feeling fresh. My man Tony always hooking it up and @mikedenisiuk got a nice cut from him too. So many laughs as per usual and Mike got to meet the older brother I never had. 13 years I've been seeing Tony and I'll never go anywhere else😎 #darksideforlife

These last 3-4 weeks have been insanely busy and I'm tired af, but at the same time it feels good to know where you're going and hustle until you get it. I'd insert some meaningful bs quote at this point, but my brain just won't cooperate, so peace out, I'm getting my 4 hours of sleep now 😂🖤 #spiritualaf #nightowl #thesepantsfromchinaweretightaf #whatdotheycountthesedaystogotosleep? #darksideforlife

An incredible insight into the depth of design, character detail and storyline of #Starwars. Well worth a visit if your an avid fan. #theforce #millenniumfalcon #darksideforlife

Never met his father, his mom was assassinated, lost 3 limbs and the love of his life... still, got back up and decided to conquer the galaxy!
#darksideforlife #amputee #diefirstthenquit

May the 4th be with you! "I find your lack of faith disturbing." ❇🌌 #maythe4thbewithyou #starwars #may4th #darksideforlife


In Morocco before the rain came in. Always prepared with my lightsaber umbrella. #darksideforlife #starwars #epcot

Me in my favorite part of Books-A-Million, the Sci-Fi/Fantasy section! Yes, I'm wearing a Kylo Ren t-shirt. #darksideforlife

I was tagged by the lovely and wonderful @pumpkins_and_stories for the #anythingbutbooks tag. Go follow her! (Me: gets tagged in anythingbutbooks. Also me: includes books in picture 😅😂 ▪️Cartoon you still love? Sailor Moon and Cardcaptor Sakura! I watched the terrible English dubs on TV as a kid and have seen them many times with English subs as an adult, and I still love them! A non-anime cartoon I love is Courage the Cowardly Dog 🐶 it's so weird, but I love it. ▪️Favorite song right now? Boombayah by Blackpink is my current summer jam. Can't wait for their comeback!!
▪️What do you do besides reading? I write reviews, bake, and knit! I am also a pretty big gamer. I love RPGs, but right now Overwatch has taken over my life.
▪️Something surprising you like to do? binge-watch Jane Austen movies. I also love to read Jane Austen novels! I'm not all fantasy novels all of the time! ▪️Favorite fandom to learn about? Right now I would say the Sarah J. Maas and Star Wars fandoms. I have loved Star Wars ever since I was a kid and the new movies have captured me even more!
▪️Something you often think about? The Loch Ness monster and whether or not she is real. Why the hell the Library of Alexandria wasn't saved?! And also boring stuff, like where I'll be in the next 5 years. 😆
▪️Something unusual you know how to do? I am literally racking my brains here. Um, I know how to ride a horse and knit (not as the same time unfortunately). 😝
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Check out the dopest printer and My Crew @illformchicago and owner @smerzone he can get you right!!!! #chicago #Illform

here is the newest addition to the start of my sith/dark side sleeve 🖤 #newink #freshink #imperialcrest #darksideforlife #sithlover #starwars #handtattoo

I'm clearly decked out in sith gear, yet get called a Rebel Princess.....not cool Disney barista, not cool. #darkside #darksideforlife #disney #starbucks

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