even the stars need the darkness to shine.
I think we grow the most in the darker seasons of our life. Sometimes we need the darkness to be able to really shine through. .
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BLOG POST // In this new blog post, one of our third year students, Jeremy, talks about one of his darkest seasons and how he got through it. If you're experience a difficult season, this is a must read!

Read it here: http://bssm.net/schoolplanting/2018/03/27/navigating-dark-seasons/
OR click the link in our bio!

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It’s easy when you walk through dark seasons in your life to put up walls and allow anger and resentment to creep in. It’s easy to wallow in your pain and hurt, losing sight of the goodness of God and his bright plans for your life.

What’s hard is dropping the hardness of heart, and smiling up at God, resigning your heart to his goodness. Praising Him in the storm is the hardest GOOD thing to do. And today? I will praise him through the darkness. I will make the choice despite our sadness of heart to trust His goodness for all of us. May God be our strength and may His love flow through us with compassion.
“Let the King of my heart
Be the mountain where I run
The fountain I drink from
Oh-oh, He is my song
Let the King of my heart
Be the shadow where I hide
The ransom for my life
Oh-oh, He is my song
You are good, good, oh-ohh
You are good, good, oh-ohh
You are good, good, oh-oh-ohh
You are good, good, oh-ohh”

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I've been encouraged recently to realize this is true. There may be seasons where we experience greater victory, but no life is lived without trouble. And not only is that okay, it's normal. It's to be expected. I lived a long time with a theology that removed all verses about suffering or persecution. I thought the Christian life had only mountain tops, but no valleys.🤒🤕😇 1 Corinthians 10:13 says our temptations are common or experienced by all humanity. You aren't alone in your struggles. I certainly believe in seeking to find an advantage over my struggles. I also don't advocate glorifying or magnifying the struggle, or to so identify with the struggle that it becomes who I am..... but some seasons, eh? David said his soul was like smoke in bottles. Joseph's soul was laid in iron. ☠🔐⛓ Jesus was a man of sorrow acquainted with grief. I don't think Jesus was depressed - the parties he got invited to wouldn't have stood for a "Debbie-downer," but he was despised and rejected of all men. And he remained true and sinless through it all. That is why he is qualified to be our Lord and Savior! That is why we can go to him and KNOW he has experienced every burden and can lead us through the valley to the other side. And I promise you, whatever thing you face, that you think he hasn't.... ask him. You'll be amazed by the answers he gives!
You don't have to proclaim your cares to the world, but do share them with Jesus. You'll be amazed at what a friend he is!! 😎😍😘✝ ~💛🌱🌻 Jenne

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You could feel the dark harbouring in the Air,
Yet my mind and soul were in eternal tempest and unrest,
The fire of the eternal conspiracy seemed to be endless,
So many vices and distractions under the guillotine of time,
Caught between spheres of duality and spiritual scorn.

As symbols and absurdism burn at the gates of twilight,
At this moment absurdism and madness became my way out of the labyrinth of thoughts,
Bitter transparency seems to reflect the filth of condescending reality,
In a soulless place where the shadows and ashes of the past reign,
I meet you burning and tormented at the end of your road.

Bringing visions from the other side,
You move from soul to soul...city to city... trying to find your darkening gnosis,
Soon your fears and escapism make you your own villain,
The gardens of memory are always tarnished and hidden,
Always fighting a philosophical and psychological war with the unknown.

The shattered mirror of yesterday always staring at you in discontent,
As ancient pictures twist and burn upon the doors of silence,
Why should you be sublime to ignorance and mortal hubris?
Having ascended to such evil heights you want to transcend,
And Thus the Gods were born out of reflection and mental dread.

Armed with the sword of truth and fate you become the Promethean light to those blind,
Not all your saints are housed in places of worship and faith,
After all we are the dark electricity between isolation and the unknown,
In the island of my visions I never loose sight of what is to come. © John Restrepo

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It is always in dark seasons, and through dark deep tears, that we grow the most. Remember that. #whereismymind #lostinmyhead #dark #darkseasons #deep #tears #grow #change #enlightenment #breakaway #fallapart #devastated #letitbe #letitgo

Dark seasons equals lots of candle burning. #autumn #winter #darkseasons #candleburning #solstickan #matches

Been thinking a lot about #ancestors this #samhain carrying a #crown of them with me as we enter into the #darkseasons shining their #light of #wisdom upon me ⚫️🖤⚫️ leather hand painted crown by my friend Hunter at Spirit Door Creations and today at the Whale Gulch Trade Faire

Coffee and Christ. .
We had Lisa Harper speak @rockymcc this morning. Her message was uplifting, encouraging and relatable. .
We all have chapters in our lives that are dark. Things from our past that were truly difficult. Jesus healed the bent woman because she approached him. .
Let us not walk bent in shame from what our previous seasons held. Let’s approach God, let’s ask, go before Him....He can bear the weight and He can heal. He is ready and willing to heal but we have to ask. I know He could have healed me sooner if only I had approached Him. In my doubt and fear I did not go to Him until I needed a miracle. .
Give it to God. He has more grace for us than we will ever have for ourselves.
Luke 13: 10-35

It's time for our SHOWCASE FRIDAY! The dark seasons are coming!🎃👻
Read our new blogpost about our favorite HORROR GAMES!
(link also in bio)
WHAT ABOUT YOU? Write your favorite horror games down below!

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When the view from your window is the grey, faded, wet British 'norm' (hello dark seasons) & all you can think about is colourful places with tropical climates you have to remind yourself what is valuable in life... People you care about & your own growth... Not the spatter of rain, which is actually nourishing the greenery you love so much anyway... We sacrifice one thing for another... Find the balance that is right for you & then be grateful for the grey, to remind you of the priceless things 💚

''Tis the season. 2 Amber Obelisks and an Amber Sphere. I'm very excited to start October off with a class on crystal ball gazing. #iamawitch #balticamber #darkseasons

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