Name: unknown
Nickname: Sturla
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Species: Human
Sexual orientation: Bisexual
Skin: Warm beige, has freckles
Hair Color and texture: Dark/warm brown, soft, loose curls
Eye Color: Chocolate brown
Scars/tattoos: None
Physique: 185cm tall, buff

Job: Thief/Criminal
Mother: unknown
Father: unknown
Sibling(s): North
Relationship status: Single
Attracted to: Outgoing personalities, masculine men, short women

Strengths: Physical strength, multitalented, ambitious, boxing
Weaknesses/Flaws: kleptomaniac, unlucky, easily feel guilty, mental health issues
Fears: To end up in jail for the crimes he has committed
Personality traits: A sweetheart, shy, humorous, snoopy, daydreamer, passionate, hopeless romantic
About: Sturla is a sweet guy. You wouldn’t really expect him to be a criminal. Living in his van, don’t have a lot of money, he does what he gotta do to get that. To get money. He is trying his best to get his dream jobs. Strula dreams to become a pianist and a writer. Has so much passion for so many things. His goals, his hobbies. But the dark side of reality keeps dragging him away from the reality that he wishes to become true. The truth is that Sturla’s life is harsh and sad. But he tries his best to see the positive in everything.

Name: Aurora Bue
Nickname: —
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Species: Human (( shapeshifter mind/control abilities ))
Sexual orientation: Pansexual
Skin: Porcelain, fair, has a beauty spot on her right cheekbone
Hair Color and texture: white blonde, wavy
Eye Color: Light purple
Scars/tattoos: None
Physique: 158cm tall, pear shaped

Job: Artist/Criminal
Mother: Camilla Bue
Father: Peter Bue
Sibling(s): —
Relationship status: Single
Attracted to: Tough and rebellious guys/girls, someone protective
Strengths: Her supernatural powers, quick learner, creativity
Weaknesses/Flaws: Health issues both mentally and physically, troublemaker
Fears: Death, begin unloved
Personality traits: Quiet, charming, mischievous, seductive, cutesy, ironic, nightowl
About: If Aurora hangs out with the wrong people or not is hard to decide. She comes off as a very cutesy and innocent type. Aurora was raised by a strict family, strict both in religion and lifestyle. But Aurora who always been a rebellious person, she never liked to be told what to do with her existence. The young woman gets along with both ‘good’ and ‘bad’ people. She does balance her work as an artist, making art for a living. And her other job... Robbery and theft is the only crime Aurora has been caught for. For now. Having the supernatural powers she has comes in handy.

⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀— Alternate Universes —

* Apocalypse
Jensen has mastered the art of finding the stray traveler or enemy and killing them to sate himself without his group noticing. All they know is that he is /invaluable/. He never seems to sleep (which is great for night watches), he can take a hit, and if there’s a fight you most definitely want him on your side. He’s close to his group and he does his absolute best to protect them, but what happens when a stray doesn’t show up and he starves? What happens when one of his own is hurt and bleeding and he’s hasn’t had blood in too long? What a horrible way to make his secret known.

* Skyrim
A lonely, little-known vampire living in the city of Riften. He makes most of his money gambling (he’s unusually good at it) or by taking out entire bandit encampments all by his lonesome. If you pay him a visit looking for a bow to hire, he might take you up on it, depending on the adventure.

* Fallout 4
As if the commonwealth didn’t have enough of one private detective, there’s another, lesser-known one, in Goodneighbor. This one specializes in things the wasteland can’t even pin on the Institute. Hauntings, possessions, strange deaths, or all of the above, he’ll look into them all, and maybe even give you a believable story to take home. On top of it, there’s stories that he’s been around since before the war. He’s not a ghoul, though, and he looks to be barely in his thirties. Maybe there’s some things best left a secret.

* Avatar: The Last Airbender
A long lost waterbender from the Southern Water Tribe, who left the frozen South Pole as a young man, desperate to make his own way in the world. He studied waterbending all over the world, and even incorporated other bending styles into his own bending before he had an unfortunate run in with a spirit. The spirit cursed him with eternity, which is far too much for any human body and mind to handle. To give him strength, he is cursed with feeding off other’s power and life force, usually directly connected to their bending. An unfortunate side effect of this is that it is incredibly easy to accidentally kill in this way, and it has happened far too often.

[ cont ]

Name: FrankB
Nickname: —
Gender: Male
Age: unknown, young adult
Species: Cyborg
Sexual orientation: Homosexual
Skin: Pale
Hair Color and texture: Dark brown, thick
Eye Color: Left eye is electric blue, right eye is deep brown
Scars/tattoos: Has scars
Physique: 168cm tall, fit

Job: Butler
Mother: unknown
Father: unknown
Sibling(s): unknown
Relationship status: Single
Attracted to: dick?-?-?🤔 Strengths: Good at multitasking, a quick learner, skilled
Weaknesses/Flaws: emotionless, lack of understanding human behavior
Fears: unknown
Personality traits: Neat, analytic, curious, observant
About: Destiny or timing? After a tragic life, a tragic death his dead body ended up in the right hands. Or wrong hands! Depending on your morals. FrankB was a lifeless body until the law of nature was broken and he came back to life. As half human and half machine. Both inside and out. Is he more machine than a human now? A genius is who brought him back to life with her skill and knowledge of insane technology. Her name is Anna Blackwell. But Anna isn’t a guardian angel for bringing him back to life, not at all. After Anna got tired of FrankB’s presence she decided to sell him. As if he was a product. Sounds sketchy. A cyborg as a butler? Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Programmed to do whatever you please. FrankB has no memory of his life before death and is very convinced he is 100% a machine and nothing else, a human looking machine that is created to obey as the butler he is. Anna sent him away to the one who had the highest offer. But she gave away a promise before that. To stay in touch with FrankB’s ‘owner’. For things the cyborg might need or if something ‘odd’ would happen. Whatever that means. But is FrankB really just a skilled machine that happens to be a biological human, or there a possibility that FrankB can regain consciousness and emotions like a human again?

Name: Richard Junior Wick
Nickname: Richie
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Species: Human (( with powers ))
Sexual orientation: He has no fucking idea
Skin: Sickly pale, freckles
Hair Color and texture: Pastel pink with black roots, wavy, thick
Eye Color: Hazel
Scars/tattoos: Both arms covered in tattoos, his left thigh covered by a large tattoo as well
Physique: 170cm tall, lanky

Job: Homicide detective
Mother: Kate Wick
Father: Richard Wick
Sibling(s): Mia Wick
Relationship status: Single
Attracted to: Anyone who would love him back💧

Strengths: How determined he is, his powers, passionate, hardworking
Weaknesses/Flaws: Mental health issues, snappy, self destructive
Fears: To never be able to love someone
Personality traits: Aggressive, humorous, sarcastic, courageous, impulsive, teasing

About: Working as a homicide detective can be very stressful and dangerous. It’s something the person must be mentally and physically prepared for. Richard, or well. Richie, as he insist to be called used to be more clearheaded in the start but as time went by something happened? To put it mildly, less professional. Self destructive, alcoholic. He has often switched partners to work with in cases due to a couple different and obvious reasons. If it weren’t for the friendship Richie had with his boss he would probably be fired. Richie has a special skill. Visions. From dreaming, from touching or looking at an object or a person. A memory of something that happened. It’s helpful when it comes to his job and evidence. But the flaw of this power is that things can slip in even though Richie don’t want to. And sometimes it’s not a vision from the past but the future. He is still learning to understand the skill of his better. As a person, Richie comes off as a fiery personality but also careless. Sometimes showing up at work blasting terrible early 2000’s music and wearing band merch under his so-called snazzy detective coat. He is not afraid to say what’s on his mind and if there’s something he wants he will get it no matter what. Richie can also be a huge asshole and often tell jokes in the most inappropriate timing ever. But he does have a generous and sweet side.

Name: —
Nickname: Jerry
Gender: Male
Age: unknown, young adult
Species: Fallen angel/guardian angel
Sexual orientation: Homosexual
Skin: Fair, freckled
Hair Color and texture: Bright orange, wavy
Eye Color: Pale green
Scars/tattoos: None
Physique: 175cm tall, coltish
Job: Guardian angel
Mother: —
Father: —
Sibling(s): —
Relationship status: Single
Attracted to: Masculine men, honesty
Strengths: Understanding, easy going, his supernatural powers, multi talented
Weaknesses/Flaws: Sensitive, extreme clumsiness™️, mental issues
Fears: Not reaching his goal
Personality traits: Polite, loyal, sympathetic, goofy, clumsy, courageous, weird
About: Unlike the other guardian angels, Jerry has to protect the human he’s linked to in a more physical and personal way. Because he is a fallen angel. He is stuck with the human until their death. And Jerry has been stuck to the ground for a very, very long time. Even though he always did the best he could to help. Is he doing something wrong? Why is he still stuck to the ground? He has no choice but to protect the human, be with the human. But depending on what kind of person he gets linked to. It can be hell. Young adults. Extremely lonely and filled with sorrow are the kind of humans Jerry has been linked to. Why? Jerry isn’t sure. He is cheerful and positive. Polite and has a lot of talents. Seem almost perfect, never sad, never angry or... That’s what he forces himself to be. Him compared to the other guardian angels Jerry can more... Human? He has flaws. Having doubts, maybe trying to be something he isn’t in hope that he can reach his goal.

Name: Xiao Cheng Yuan
Nickname: —
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Species: Human
Sexual orientation: Lesbian

Skin: Slightly sunkissed
Hair Color and texture: Raven black with blue undertones, straight
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Scars/tattoos/piercing: A tattoo of a dragon from her ankle all the way to her hipbone, septum piercing
Physique: 165cm tall, fit, athletic
Job: Assassin
Mother: unknown
Father: unknown
Sibling(s): unknown
Relationship status: Single
Attracted to: Petite women, kind souls

Strengths: Her physical strength, fighting skills, good at reading others
Weaknesses/Flaws: Come off as rude or imitating, hard time to hold on relationships
Fears: Unknown
Personality traits: Confident, blunt, flirty, mischievous, brave
About: Xiao’s life is her job? That’s how it comes off. So young and so little free time from the chaos that follows along the assassin. The young woman tries her best to not slip out from focus once she has a new mission to do. Not wanting to see want happens if she disappoints her bosses. Again. By Xiao’s strong willpower and brutal choices towards her missions portray her as a cold individual only interested in completing her mission by any means necessary, even if it means to hurt someone close to her heart or kill someone innocent in her way. But deep inside. This is not how she wants to live her life. But is there any way out without getting herself killed?

Yoko Torres
Age- 19
Height- 4’9
Weight- 100lbs
Birthday- October 1st
Occupation: Works at Build-a-Bear
Likes: Making others happy, Femboys, older woman/men, crafting, hand making things, dressing up.
Dislikes: Writers block, selfish kids, kids in general (especially kids that are assholes).
Personality/story: Yoko is a young person who lives their life however they want to spend it. Despite their appearance, Yoko can Dom sometimes. But mostly, he’s just not really interested in sex. He rather spend time and get to know someone. They don’t like being underestimated, especially the height and appearance. Yoko is sweet, smart, a little brat at times, and very accepting.
Position: Unknown
Sexuality: Asexual
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{Student Seduction)
Daxton Ryder
Nicknames: Baby doll, Dax, Ri-Ri.
Age- 17
Height- 5’12
Weight- 122lbs
Birthday- May 26th
Occupation: Grocery store clerk after school
Likes: Learning, English class, working, cigarettes once in a while, shibari rope, older women/men
Dislikes: Dairy products, being rejected, other sadistic people, his peers.
Personality/story: Dax is your ‘normal’ high school student. Growing a fascination to a certain teacher. He couldn’t help with these devilish temptations. Dax, himself, is a smart student. He could never act on these feelings. To these.. sadistic temptations.
He works part time as a clerk so he can make money before he enters college. He’s a hard working student and is super good at pulling all nighters. The reason for older people, they seem more willing. Well, in his mind.
Position: Dominant
Sexuality: Unknown
Rp 1:
RP 2: {Tags: #straightroleplay #roleplayaccount #rpaccount #roleplaywithme #openrp #yurirp #yuriroleplay #yurirpaccount #girlxgirl #lesbianrp #lesbians #rp #roleplay #roleplayaccount #literaterp #literateroleplay #yuri #girlgirlrp #rpwithme #darkroleplay #darkrp #adolescentrp}

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