.: there’s this moment, when all of life stands still :.
When the sunlight in your eyes is the same as in your heart.❤️
Pure warmth.
A Radiance so pristine it almost feels untouchable. Yet you feel it.
You feel the powerful light of the sun kiss your heart and you remember, this life— this one precious life, is worth it. .
All of it.
The pure cosmic solar rays bring new codes of light for us to awaken and activate into our highest potential. We see more, feel more, know more.
Look around.: the world the is changing.. more people waking up, rising up, choosing to see a new reality and release themselves from the bondage’s of false perceptions. This is a time of great change where we not only have the ability to gather in community, but we are asking for it, craving it, yearning for it — to be held, seen, witness and reminded of how lovable we are.:
As we dance the spiral Dance of balance poised between a lovers embrace of Sun and Moon, may we remember to savor those moments where time dissolves in the now.
Equinox. A time of transition, and transformation within the cosmos. Here we see the same sun which marks the beginning of change- change as death, destruction of the old and compost for the new in one part of the world, marks the path of new beginning and new life in others.
Two sides reflect different stories; yet each held in the turning of suns light. .
To what will you offer this new time in your life? .
Are you planting seeds or letting the old fall away?
How shall you dedicate your mornings, your sunrises and sunsets? .
Let the light reveal what is needed to see, honor the journey into the dark, and remember that always somewhere there shines the dawning is a new day..will you open your eyes to see it? .
Happy equinox and full moon gateway family. . 🌟🌟🙏🙏 #balimagic

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Toujours Debussy dans mon esprit...
Cette fois-ci en fa majeur...
Lento, dolce rubato

Speaker: Yusha Evans

This was an incredibly powerful story we were part of, we simply want to say, you are not alone
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I've lived a hard life, but I will never let it break me. The hard times only make me more determined to finish my bucket list and learn to love my tribe.

From the darkness I step into the light. But even in darkness I find beauty... music in all its forms guides me and gives me strength. No matter what the music is. ~
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