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Sepi sunyi ku sendiri.

Gloomy days = bed, hot coco & these ridiculously comfortable sweats

And then you run

If you're not careful, this world will swallow you up.
Model credit - @chizzychang

Totality. #solareclipse

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Canon 6D + 50mm 1.2 + 1/3200 sec + ISO 320
There is so much research and studies done on older people just before they are about to pass away. The things they were most happy about and the things they would do differently. No one ever talks about how they were so grateful they played it safe their entire life and let everyone else's opinions decide how their life would look.
But the excuses we tell ourselves make so much since, right? Like I would totally pursue my passion if I knew the first step to take. I would so just finally do it if I had enough money.
Yet we commit to relationships not knowing what the heck we are doing and we spend money we don't even have.
Look, this is serious. Your 50 year old self is not going to thank you for buying another pair of shoes, the newest trendy outfit, or another concert ticket to watch someone else who did make their dreams a reality.
Your future self is hoping that you right now, give you both a life that when studies and research are done on you, you are the rare example and not the warning for the generation to come.
Stop feeling unready and unworthy. The enemy is unworthy so he likes to whisperer that to you in your ear so that your life isn't as painful to watch.
But when you're smiling, he's hurting.
When you're happy, he's hurting.
When you are passionately living life the way you were designed, the enemy is anxious and frantic and hurting.
So, stop waiting. You aren't missing anything. You were ready the day you were created, your life is just waiting for you to believe that too.


Appreciating everyone's patience with me as I go full force on catching up on editing and emails this week 🙏 u rock.

Sorry I've been a bit quiet these days- with summer starting to wind down and back to school around the corner, I've been making a real effort to soak up these last schedule-less moments with my kiddos, and be as unplugged as I can. Anyone else feel like they need to cram in as many summery activities into these next 2 weeks as possible?? What's on your list- I'd love to know! ☀️

"DO IT".
Model: @eduapodaca
Photo: @anber.ab

Absolute 🏮 Bringing the seriously deep and heavy vibes in this stunning photo of the incredible Stefania! Seriously, the power of film is so under rated these days, as is how amazing Stefania is to work with! There is a reason she is Dita Von Teese's Australian rep!
Model // @stefania_model

Break my heart.

Me a week ago: so grateful and so happy!! Got my shit together!! Yay!!
Me today:
I'm mad busy and I don't know how to handle it so I always look like a sweaty, stressed out, frizzy haired crybaby!! My parking space at the office is under massive trees, and no matter how many times I wash it, I can't escape the white streaks that show up on my black car every day.

If you see a pink haired girl sobbing in a bird shit covered PT Cruiser in the middle of rush hour traffic, say goodbye because it's me dying from the inside out!!! Here is a pic of me pretending to be cool. 🙃

Eye contact is a dangerous, dangerous thing. But lovely. Oh, so lovely.

Want @station22cafe rn



Totality. #solareclipse

We had a great time visiting our next screening venue, Rice University.

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