Don’t stop until your proud ✨

Girls that wear hats are amazing 👒They bring glamour to the streets. Do you feel like putting a hat on today?
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Hello. I'm Ash. And now you can see my dark side. I'm nervous and depressed. In the past, I suffered from eating disorders (from 12 years old). But I won. Psychologists say that ED is unhealable, but I was able to overcome it. Because I could. Still, I lead a continuous struggle with myself and with the whole world. Don't know what it will lead me to. But a feel very lonely. And it seems that I will never be happy again. I can't breathe. I'm like a mermaid out of water. I want cry but I can't. I think I'm going crazy. So.. will you join me in the darkness?

« Nulle cause n’est perdue s’il y a encore un pauvre fou prêt à se battre pour elle. » #Inkgirl #Metalhead #Pierced #Darklips

Camino al work (? Lalallaa~~ #happy #darklips

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