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“Our perception of beauty has been distorted and we have been made to believe that whiteness or anything close to it reigns supreme, therefore surely anything on the other side of whiteness is wrong and ugly.” - Naomi Grant @lambbofficial .
New post on @metro.co.uk about the recent #colorism debate. Link in bio.
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Black Girls should learn to love each other. You know, we should automatically try and create some type of loving loyal connection when it comes to meeting one another for the first time. We have to try to love each other unconditionally at a first glance. We have been through so much together as a unit, regardless of skin tone or hair type. We just need to support, lead and teach one another. Imagine how powerful we'd be if we'd control our judgments toward each other and we were loyal to each other. YO! We'd be powerful.

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Being a plus sized woman who loves herself and finds happiness in her roundness is taboo. But at this point, I've reached my 23rd year and I've been blessed to live it in this skin. I'm unapologetic in my inspiration of love and life and though it upsets others, I only wish to be happy. So go fuck yourself. (I am in love with my browness and roundness)
Photo/make up: @aleeealeeejandraaaaaa
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You know summer is close when it's "officially" still winter, but it's already nice enough to ditch the big coats

Or wait

Who's messing with the weather 🤤 eh

Photo: @nicolejvoxphotography

«Le cose che perdiamo trovano sempre il modo di tornare da noi, anche se non sempre come noi ce le aspettiamo ».🕸️#photography#photoblackandwhite#darkgirls#rock#metal#emilia#bologna

What if I'm the kindest demon?
Too much pain with little pleasure?
What if I don't know who I am? ✨

“Colorism can affect how you see and feel about yourself, how you treat yourself, and your actual behaviors in various situations. Skin color is associated with self-esteem for some Black women where having a darker skin tone is associated with lower self-worth.”
“Sadly, this occurs in both adults and youth. A study that examined skin color in the lives of 123 African American adolescents (aged 11–19 years) found complexion to be related to self-esteem, but the study also brought additional complexity to the issue.”
“Students who self-reported as “lighter” or “darker” had lower levels of satisfaction with their skin color than did students whose skin color was classified as “somewhere in between.”
Article: “The Association of Black Psychologists ON DARK GIRLS”
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Lorsque tu ne sais pas où tu vas regarde d où tu viens 💫
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