Soft highlights and she let me cut 2inches of this time. Our aim is to keep her hair healthy as possible putting the integrity first. Which means treatments and salon shampoos and conditioners. She is a top student who always listens to me and it shows 😊
#longhairgoals #darkcopperhair #darkcopperblonde #affinageaustralia #affinagecolor #oleplex #ghdhairdryer

Richened up beautiful Bri. 🧡🖤🧡🖤

#tbt dark copper hair and 2 year anniversary of coming out! #throwbackthursday #comingout #bisexual #lgbt #hair #copperhair #darkcopperhair

✨T R A N S F O R A M A T I O N T U E S D A Y✨ today, this beauty wanted to keep her warm tones but wanted to add some pops of color, add dimension, and refine them. Including the cut, this was a 2 day process & I thank her for being so patient with me ☺️ It was definitely a process for the both of us, but I’m just happy I was able to deliver the result she wanted 🤗

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