“suspiria 1977”
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“susie, do you know anything about witches?”
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“suspiria 1977”
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Last year I watched Suspiria and I was underwhelmed but I still enjoyed it. Now that the remake is near, I decided it was high time I gave it a rewatch.
Now, the weird thing is, my criticisms of Suspiria still stand. The audio, the dubbing and most of the acting in general is pretty fucking terrible. Also there's one scene near the end that's laughably bad. And the story is pretty barebones.
But the positives were clearer for me this time. I now see why this film is so loved by many. While my criticisms still stand, I liked it a lot more upon rewatch and might even give it another before I see the remake.
The most obvious thing that Suspiria does absolutely, 100% perfectly is in the visual department. Suspiria is one of the best looking films I've seen in my life. If you could replace the audio, this could easily pass as a modern film with elements that tribute older horror techniques. Each scene is rife with gorgeous cinematography, lighting and framing. And the colour palate is just perfection. A lot of my enjoyment first time around was because of the visuals and I would say the same for this most recent watch, but this time there was more for me to enjoy.
Despite its shortcomings, the film is charming as fuck. Its charm is one that could only stem from a 70s horror flick; both in its simplicity and in excess. The violence was satisfying, especially in the beginning. The colour of the blood was fucking great. I never thought I'd say something like that when complimenting a film but the colour of it was just so endearing. In keeping with the colour sceme, the blood is a vibrant shade of red. It almost looks like paint. The eerie, supernatural atmosphere is another thing I loved about Suspiria. It keeps you on your toes and it's unpredictable in a sense. Add in the lovely Jessica Harper as our guide through this film as well as Goblin's fucking PERFECT score and you've got yourself a hell of a time.
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Day 22 - Color Madness
Inferno OST by Keith Emerson

The film is highly stylized with Argento’s signature use of extreme colors and lighting. The vinyl release from @waxworkrecords matches his style perfectly.
Disc 1: Red and Pink Swirl Vinyl with Gold Splatter
Disc 2: Opaque Blue and Translucent Blue Swirl Vinyl with Gold Splatter

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Packed house tonight @alamophoenix for the stunning 4K screening of the celebrated Argento classic, SUSPIRIA!
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Going back in time to 1977 one year before yours truly was born. It was a most holy occasion. But this movie is unholy! Witches! Posession! Dancing! I will have to hide my virginal eyes...
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About to watch The original Suspiria with my love @birdcagesandparasols at the Alamo Drafthouse. Can’t wait to see the new one soon! #suspiria #darioargento #horror

Now available on our website! 3 gorgeous Dario Argento Vinyl soundtracks! Phenomena, Inferno, and Profondo Rosso! #houseofmysterioussecrets #horrormerchandise #horrorcollector #horrorbusiness #darioargento #italianhorror

One year ago, me in a Q&A with Dario Argento, Udo Kier, and Barbara Magnolfi...and the people in the audience wondering "Who is that girl?". #tbt #throwbackthursday #beyondfest #whoisthatgirl #lalife #ladirector #udokier #darioargento #suspiria

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