Such an honour to meet @kingofengland2002 on Sunday. Have followed his career for over 15 years and was gutted when he had to step away from the ring. So happy that he recovered and is just as athletic in the ring as he always was and looking better than ever. Hoping that my wrestling dream see’s me in a match with him one day. #daretodream #wrestlerintraining @revprouk @the_1865

Dare to Dream workshop led by Well Cloth’d’s @ayoleets and #PS111 Art Teacher @gabbygiaconia aka Ms.G. Creating a vision board and allowing yourself to have a visual daily reminder, can only motivate you to pursue your life goals. You’re never too young or too old to cultivate your dreams. #DareToDream 🎨💭

I trust the process ,I thank God for every opportunity,knowledge ,ideas and the amazing people I encounter along my entrepreneurship journey.#womenentrepreuneure #creativemind #pr #accessoriedesigner #daretodream #prattime #daretobedifferent #womeninbusiness

Никому не везёт "просто так"
Я благодарна за все свои "везения" и всегда хочу отплатить сторицей.
#vsco #vscoua #vscotravel #daretodream #инстаграмнедели #redsea #artofvisuals #igrecommend #photooftheday #foundlost #worlderlust #travel #egypt #skysea #heroine

I can honestly say that dreams do come true for those who dare to dream. Thank you to @thejacksons for believing in me and being so gracious in sharing this moment with me 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼. We did this show in Japan as a tribute to celebrate the legacy of their brother Michael Jackson. They, as well as their music, are legendary and one of my biggest influences. I’ll never forget the day I got a random phone call while I was just chillin in my apartment and when I answered I heard a familiar voice say, “Hi this is Jackie Jackson...”. @jackiejackson5 @marlondavidjackson5 @poppa3t @michaeljackson #JPCastillo #music #tico #unitytour #daretodream

Ever since I first decided to do this mermaid thing for real, I saw my fins as being finfolk. But their stunning silicones were a bit out of my budget and time frame for production. Since then I have been constantly fantasizing of realizing my mermaid dreams the way they were meant to be. When I first saw a @finfolkproductions tail in person I was absolutely floored at the attention to every little detail. I joined their exclusive #podsquad and have been blessed to meet a galaxy of beautiful people who love mermaids and making a difference as much as me. I don't interact much because I am a bit shy, but it's indescribably awesome to be a part of their world, even on the fringes and I'm trying to be more social. I can't wait to have a finfolk tail of my own so I can join in the fun and really be a part of the community. Wishing on a star that my ship might come in and I might have a chance to score one of these mermazing new fabrics- I dream of getting one in every size for my @maui.island.mermaids #mermaid #fantaseaphotography- they will make so many #dreamscometrue, including mine!
#finfolkpodsquad #finfolkproductionspodsquad #finfolkproductions #mermaidtreasure #mermaidshavemorefun #mermaidlagoon #mermsidstyle #daretodream #hopes #dreams #fantasy #nostalgic #nevergrowup #wishuponastar #wishuponastarfish #thinkofawonderfulthought #youcanfly #adreamisawishyourheartmakes #shineon #sunshineallday #letgoanddreambig #takeachance

Did my training even though I didn't feel like doing it. 😣
It was a back & biceps day and my pump is horrible.
Been thinking about diet changes, and I'd like to know more about KETO, PALEO, LCHF, LFHC diets, but I don't have time to read about it and get that knowledge. 😳🤦‍♀️
So, if you feel like you wanna help, send me a mesaage and tell me more about any of these, about the adventages and disadvanteges each of them brings. 🙄
Also felt deprived when I thought how many girls are starting to train with personal trainers, but then I realized I'm here to inspire, to train and to experiment on my own self, get to know each and every aspect of fitness, balance between physical and mental side of me & to get strong enough in every way to become a certified fitness trainer! 😻 My focus gets even better when I write it down, and I have a lot of patience in my pockets, and my fingers crossed. 🚶‍♀️🤞🙏
Thanks for your attention, stay bright, stay positive. Stay YOU. 💎💙 #inspiration #fitness #fitnessgirl #fitness #ichoosehappiness #daretodream #focusonyourgoals #gymgirl #fitnessinspiration #fitnessinspo #fitnesslifestyle #dreambig

Today has been AHMAZING!!! My team and I met at the @waldorforlando to do some brainstorming and strategizing for the upcoming @daretodreamconference #2018! We discussed YOU, YOUR needs, YOUR pain points and areas that YOU want to grow in. We hear so many women saying they’re tired of attending events and it turns out to be another social pep rally...WE Hear you and we stand with you. Last year was just PHENOMENAL and we are committed to bringing you an #Encore experience that will #Empower #Inspire and #Equip you to expand your life vision and commit to the lifestyle and mindset shift required to LIVE OUT YOUR BIGGEST DREAM!! It takes hard work.... but we’ll give you the tools, building relationships is 🔑 KEY and we’re here to expand your empowerment circle... BELIEF THAT IT’S POSSIBLE..... is non-negotiable and together we can inspire one another to become the best versions of ourselves and live our BEST LIVES!!!
Join us.....

Wow, the purple flowers are beautiful! #springtime #daretodream #sunnyday

#LeoForTommysAuction | A *SIGNED* copy of ‘Dare to Dream’ by @mrsizzyjudd. “In this Sunday Times Bestseller, Izzy Judd shares the story of her and her husband Harry's fertility journey in this honest and heartfelt memoir.” Kindly donated by @mrs_izzyjudd
Open to the UK only. Please comment your bid amount to place a bid. Auction starts on Monday 23rd April 2018, 8pm on Instagram. First bid must exceed the starting bid where one is given. Bids to be made in £ increments. 🌟 The auction ends for all posts at 10pm on Sunday 29th April 2018. 🌟 Highest bidders will be contacted within 48 hours after the auction ends to arrange payment and delivery. Please make your payments within 48 hours of receiving information otherwise it will be passed to the next highest bidder.
All proceeds to go to Tommys, the Baby Charity in memory of our son, Leo Phoenix and money to be paid direct to our fundraising pages, which will be sent upon winning.
Thank you for taking part, and please, please share!
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