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Taught the contemp company tonight ... I have so much inside me .... gotta stop holding back 🙏🏾
Thank you for having me @immabreathe —— —- Only real SOUL HEADS KNOW THIS FEEL
Thank you
@tasiasword —— #FANTASIA @tasiasword @tasiasword 👱🏿 —— #blackboyjoy —— #DAREtoBEdifferent

This weather gon learn that we stays prepared😋
This image has given me life. I can hibernate for the rest of the festive season and I'll be OK 😍 It pretty much sums up everything I'm about... From the books to the sporty socks to the fabulous shoes to fragile flowers to the funky dress to the flawless make-up and my constant playing with wigs. I love it!
#daretobedifferent #daretobeyou #play #reds #festive #poseforthecamera #fun #thusombedu #youdefineyou
Make-up by: @___andilem
Photographer: @city_desire @d.t.studios
Shoes by: @madisonhny

Stunning! #daretobedifferent! Congratulations to the beautiful couple!💕@westside_vonnie @poohsnickens.
#munaluchibride #munaluchibridal #ido #rosegold #couplegoals . . .
Suit designed by Mackenzie from @albalegacy.
Shoes by @deltoroshoesmatt
Bride’s gown by @idesignclothes. 📸 @porterhousela

I just wanna make it VERY clear to everyone that you don’t need glitter on your stretch marks to make them fucking cool or rad or beautiful or worthy to be seen.
Yasssss, technically I would love my whole body to be glizzzzted af at all times but the whole process of showing ourselves to complete strangers on the internet is for us to normalize what bodies look like!!!!!!!! And sometimes art can help us do that!!!
⚡️ stretch marks occur on the body from rapid growth
⚡️ unlike cellulite which mostly occurs in women, stretch marks are not gender exclusive
⚡️ they are also not size exclusive which means thin women to fat women have them
⚡️ they are not a measurement of worth, they are not something to make fun of, they literally just occur when our bodies grow.
If you hate them, ask yourself where that hate comes from?
I personally believe that hate is taught, even with children who are genetically predispositioned to being pessimistic, intense dislike of an AESTHETIC attribute is taught.
Anyways, find your love today!!!!!!
Happy Saturday moonbeams 🌹⚡️🌹
(Go watch my newest YouTube video!!!!!)
#selflove #bodyacceptance #stretchies #stretchmarks #youarebeautiful #endofstory

10 months of recovery✨wUt! here's me eating n' happy. Thank you for letting me take four months away from YouTube to actually pursue recovery and take care of myself. I'm so ready to be back sharing more of my life with you and encourage you through our beautiful self love, recovery journeys. N E W vid up now, youtube: kellyufit🌞tell me in the comments if ya gonna watch or video requests ↓

ONYX Bentley Bentayga GTX 4x4 W12 760bhp with more power comes more aero along with style.This Hallmark car highlights why details and style are so important 🔥🔥🇬🇧🇬🇧#onyxconcept #bentleybentayga #bentley #gtx4x4 #daretobedifferent

Believe and you will be there 👊😉
. . .
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We love waking up to views like this...🏝😍🏝

Op naar het verkleed bal! #daretobedifferent #instafashion

Best show of 2017 @modified_nationals roll on 2018
#daretobedifferent #teamwhitewolf

Do let these rappers influence you to try some shit that have you living like this! #DAREtobedifferent #justsayno #dopefiendlean

These girls though!!! And I get to see them this #friyay 🖤👌🏼💃🏼🙌🏼

Tag a babe who needs to hear this because we're all way too good at criticising ourselves instead of embracing all that we are.
📷: @violadavis @time
Viola Davis is an actress, women empowerment speaker & one of Time 100's most influential people in 2017.

Summing up
1. Aim high, visualize
2. Win trust : be honest
3. See opportunity in problems : be self confident
4. Focus : single goal for decades
5. Dare to be different
6. Take stand but arguments cost time and energy. Choose own fights.
7. Never take 'no' for an answer
8. Autogenic training, self hypnosis, law of attraction.
9. Stamina to work, experiment with ways of work, tolerance for disappointment.
10. Dissatisfaction as driving force.
11. Ideas
12. Promote yourself
13. Enthusiasm and self discipline
14. Efficiency of work : quality work targeting goals.
15. Speed : being fast and being perfect
16. Money matters
17. Tension and relaxation

#DareTobeDifferent #TakeCharge #SeeANeed_MeetANeed #WomanCrush

@Regrann from @diaryofanaijagirl - Impatient with the “clogged” system of the waiting/Emergency room, Dr Ikyaator was determined to make a difference
"I worked in a few ERs in Houston and often I’d get to work and there are 15-20 patients in the waiting room waiting on me,” Ikyaator explains to KUT “There are patients in the ER waiting to be admitted; there are patients who are admitted and can’t get a bed upstairs so they’re taking up space.”
“You just start seeing the repetitiveness of the clogged system where you can’t get patients out of the ER, and you can’t get patients [waiting in] the waiting room inside the ER to get treatment,” she revealed, adding that often she would try and pull waiting room patients aside to begin the work up

Dr. Ikyaator created Life Savers ER to meet the growing medical needs of the Houston community. While not attached to a hospital, the facility is equipped with radiology equipment, an onsite laboratory and pharmacy
The ER prides itself in no waiting lines for labs to be sent or processed or even to be seen by a doctor
Dr. Ikyaator now directs Life Savers Emergency Room where she can be more hands on with her patients and promote the kind of medicine and medical attention she believes is necessary in communities
#DANG #wcw #Beinspired #Medic #OutstandingDoctor #NotJustADr #Doctor #EmergencyMedicine #EmergencyResponse #MedicalEmergency #WalkInEmergency #LifeSavers #MedicallySpeaking #HealthEducators #Black #BlackNigerian #NigerianDoctor #BlackMagic #LeadingLadies #HealthcontentProvider #WomanCrush

Excuse me if you mistake my confidence for arrogance.
#mysaucerunnethover 🥃

Photographer 📸: @davidakello

So motivating🔥

To me, every day is a beginning.
A new day! A new week!
A new shot at life! An opportunity to come out of the gate like a man possessed and attack the day! Without mercy.
Today: I am the aggressor.
I’m on the attack.
So, motivate me, support me or get the fuck out of my way!

Double tap tap if you are with me!👈👈

Chilled vibes with @jennyreynekeart the artist❤❤❤ she gets me and I get her😅#daretobedifferent


Simply shoot me a message on my main Instagram profile (just search for my username ATMCashRoll) and write "Biz" and I'll DM all the information over right away! 👍


2017/2018 - SEASON ONE


Desert Rangers v Dubai City FC

Dubai City FC v Desert Rangers

Coach Jason
Coach Mohamed
GOOD LUCK BOYS!!!! #esmjuniorfootballleague #timetogrind #football #soccer #daretodream #daretobelieve #daretobedifferent #daretodefy #focus #nofear #wearedesertrangersdubai

Taught the contemp company tonight ... I have so much inside me .... gotta stop holding back 🙏🏾
Thank you for having me @immabreathe —— —- Only real SOUL HEADS KNOW THIS FEEL
Thank you
@tasiasword —— #FANTASIA @tasiasword @tasiasword 👱🏿 —— #blackboyjoy —— #DAREtoBEdifferent

No, honey, it is not because you are black...
It is not because you are gay...
It is not because people don't like you...
It is not because you don't have the money...
It is not because you don't have the time...
It is not because you don't know how to do it...
It is not because your website looks bad...
It is not because your business cards have not arrived...
It is not because your kids need you...
It is not because your partner needs you...
It is not even because your parents need you...
It is not because you are single...
It is not because you home educate...
It is not because of your family culture and traditions...
It is not because your background was horrid...
It is not because you_______________ (fill in the blanks)

Honey, it is simply because you have not done the work you know to do, each and every day.

The problem you have, is that you think any of the above 'reasons' are real and so you cop out.
You stop listening to the Divine within and you keep buying into the very reasonable sounding fear... I do that too, sometimes... And then I remember to slap myself upside the head and get back to work, while simultaneously dealing with my internal nonsense... #JustThinkingOutLoud #TheWorkAlwaysWorks
#DivineConnection + #Action + #Clarity = #prosperity #LiveLifeDeliberately

Everyone is so scared of accepting something #different, that they don't appreciate a TRUE ORIGINAL #Art. Thus, being blind to change, and the start of something #new. But remember, that weird shit you stand behind currently, started out as something "Different". Unfortunately, people are programmed to only accept things that they see other relevant people accept. It starts #somewhere, and it starts with #someone.
#challengedminds #beyou #daretobedifferent #influence #keepgoodcompany #artist #hiphop #bewiththosewhorelate

Another successful night with a new friend wanting a different lifestyle. #daretobedifferent

It’s amazing to see how little you will tolerate once you learn to love yourself 💕 you teach people how to treat you by what you accept 👑 #highstandards #sorrynotsorry #selflovegamestrong

Quick cardio session tonight after taking the little puppies out for a quick ride and hike (don't forget to swipe).
#fitbuci #cardio #puppies #sheepadoodle
#oldenglishsheepdog #ifbbpro #onedayatatime #fitmom #fitfurmom #bephenominal #healthyrituals #dreambigger #daretobedifferent

Totally not caring...

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Simply shoot me a DM on my main Instagram profile (search for my username atmcashroll) and write "Biz" and I'll send the information over right away 👊

Yes, please shopcountryroads.com #onlineshopping #fashion #daretobedifferent

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