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I posted this on my story a few days ago, but I might as well post it on here for a bit too. Here's a compilation of some of my favorite irl videos in Creatures' history starting with the creation of The Hub channel in 2011. The link is on my bio #thecreatures #uberhaxornova #immortalhd #ssohpkc #slyfoxhound #kootra #zeroyalviking #gassymexican #sp00nerism #dextermanning #goldenblackhawk #danznewz #youtube

This is from the most recent update video on his channel. He and liz broke up :( and he talked about how busy he was with making videos. I'm glad to hear how happy he is when doing creature stuff and the comments were really supportive <3 I hope he knows that there will always be people who support him. [#danznewz #danielgidlow]

Jordan Stefani and Dan doing their thing. Fast foodies was A1 and the sudden hail was sure an interesting part. And i just wanna mention how great stef looks with bangs. This group of people are absolute angels whom we do not deserve. They are so supportive of each other and their viewers its amazing. Only 45 more days until I can meet them all and thank them in person for everything. They have raised me up through such tough times amd i have no idea where I would be without the group.
I hope everyone has a good start to their week filled with love and happiness. You are all so amazimgly important. Im sorry i never post, ive just been stressing about graduation, traveling and finding a job. Tomorrow i go in for the second half of applying for a specific job, and do a face to face interview with one of the managers so fingers crossed it goes well.
Please never forget how loved you all are. You are capable of great things. 💖
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k guess we're not going to the beach anymore

#internjoe #danznewz #thecreatures

Dan the Man😊 Anyways, yeah I'm heart broken that The Creatures are over but I would be lying if I said I wasn't extremely proud of them. All I can say is that TheCreatureHub has helped me through many of life's daily struggles and anything that can do that is pretty great. I love past Creatures and will continue to post about my favorites as time goes by. I keep catching myself going to my subscription box to check for a new Creature video out of habit... But yeah. I'm super proud of Dannyboy here and how much heart and soul he has put into and will continue to put into his content. I'm glad that I've rooted for him since the very beginning. As they say, as one door closes, another opens, so I am looking forwards to that new door. Please be kind to one another and strive for positivity. As always, spread the love, lovelies❤
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"I dont Watch Teen Wolf" T-shirts are honestly the best gifts. Camping Videos have already been such a highlight of my week. Stefani with the whole Mooster Rogers had me in tears. Oh hey hey, this is my 100 post today, as well as it being my birthday! This group of people have helped me make it so far in my life and i am incredibly grateful i made it this year. I dont know where i would be without them. So uh big news. Im going to LA in just over two weeks. Even bigger news, I am going to RTX next year, which makes me really hope that they will be there then. I am so happy that i was able to make myself an account earlier in the year and connect with so many of you because of this group. You are all so freaking amazing inside and out. Never let anyone get you down. Love you guys so much! 💛 #thecreatures #thecreaturehub #stefanibabay #artistjoe #danznewz

I miss the snow :( its too hot now ... And when its winter I complain about the snow :L [#thecreatures #thecreaturehub #youtube #DanzNewz #danielgidlow]

hello im going to the beach later so i probably wont post a lot today

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I posted this on my story a few days ago, but I might as well post it on here for a bit too. Here's a compilation of some of my favorite irl videos in Creatures' history starting with the creation of The Hub channel in 2011. The link is on my bio #thecreatures #uberhaxornova #immortalhd #ssohpkc #slyfoxhound #kootra #zeroyalviking #gassymexican #sp00nerism #dextermanning #goldenblackhawk #danznewz #youtube

#tbt, going through my posts on here, I didn't realize how many youtubers I have drawn in the past. I need to draw more 😏😏😏#art #artwork #drawing #pencil #pen #mixedmedia #portrait #gracehelbig #mamriehart #markiplier #hannahhart #danznewz #kootra #thecreaturehub #youtube #youtubers #watercolor #coloredpencil #chicagoartist #throwback #throwbackthursday

Think of any YouTubers or a group of youtubers. These guys, The Creatures. These amazing entertaining People pretty much were my YouTube childhood. My favorite former Members are, Nova, Sp00n, immortal, and Seamus. And as you can see, some of the members left or got kicked out. And it hurts to learn the truth. They had amazing people in the group and they had to leave. The reasons are unbelievable. But now, its over. There is no creatures anymore. I didn't know why because I wasnt keeping up with them. But now I know what happened. It hurts me. My childhood youtubers. Left, kicked and gone. Some I forgot the names or I don't wanna watch their videos anymore. I will always remember how funny these guys were. And best of all. The best of friends they were to each other. But sadly. People come and people go... BTW I don't know their official Instagram.. #Gravestone #Creatures #Deuce #DeuceNinelives #Deuce9Lives #TheCreatures #Nova #Seamus #DanzNewz #Kootra #Immortal #Sp00n #SlyFox #GassyMexican #Ninelives #9Lives

RIP The Creature hub. I've been watching these guys since the beginning, when they just bought their house and were a bunch of good friends hanging out and living a awesome life! It sucks to see after all these years they've disbanded but I know their memory will live on through the hearts of their fans! Goodbye creature hub it's been a lot of fun! (Ps. Sry for my absence, I've been busy but will be back in action starting today)

I made a thing happen. XD #danznewz @danznewz #dab #dabznewz

After 3 years of watching them it really breaks my heart to see that they are finally ending but it's finally time to put the suffering channel to rest

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