Happy that our Xiao flute singing with buyer at the first day,thanks so much!@pratomoo

67th dizi learning course.Candy and hers teacher.

Candy plays G key dizi for hers friend .
Hers friend is so happy to get this G key flute as present for 1.June.

Ship to Spain.South Korean.Latvia.
Chinese bamboo flute and membrane.
purchase link in bio.

Bass G key dizi flute for Spain player.7 fingers right-handed .ZXL004 model.purchase link in bio.

《高山青》D key dizi practice video for Latvia Player Valters.
he hopes to watch my fingering of this song😊

C key dizi flute for USA Kai.sound test video post on YouTube channel.welcome to listen.

66th dizi learning course taught yesterday..it seems very difficult to Candy.

Milestone for YouTube channel.thanks so much!


Dizi maker master Luo QiBei中国青年笛箫制作师罗启培老师

Try to practice the solo music which Candy is learning.😂
New F key dizi.

Wow.interesting message😊
You made my day.thanks everyone❤
I will share you dizi learning course videos with English subtitle(step by step.total 20 videos)and hundreds Chinese song in sheet music notation .


New F key practice song from Slovakia.
Maybe you know the song name😊

Bass G key dizi flute practice breathing.
Do you know the song name?

Two D key+One C key+Twenty New membrane .ship to USA today.

D key dizi flute for USA player Huong.ZWB008 model (store link in bio)

Prepare another Bass G dizi flute to Spain player.ZXL004 model.
This photo is flutes for USA musician last year.(3 dizis are ZXL004 model)

65th dizi learning course homework.basic double tonguing exercise..Candy practice one hour tonight.

Ship today.happy weekend!

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